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How has the generations changed over the last decades?

Updated on June 17, 2017

The American Pride

When we turn on the news we are always hearing about the economy and social injustices. Police brutality is on the rise. Racism, sexism, and economic status are all issues we seem to face today. We seem to have become progressive on some issues. Let's go ahead and explore the decades. Learn about some interesting facts and events that took place.

Oh how times have changed....
Oh how times have changed....

The 50's

Men were the ones who were supposed to bring home the bread. Ladies were housewives, who cooked, cleaned, and took care of the children. Rarely, did a women wear jeans back then. Now there are stay at home dads. It is common for moms to work. We have more ladies that now hold the house down.

T.V has evolved in many ways. Married couples on sitcoms would sleep in different beds. For example, I love Lucy. There was no connecting your old school T.V to the Internet back then.

Rosa Parks is a known historical figure in the early 50's. She is known for standing up for her race. She was told she could not sit with the whites on a bus. She was arrested for not giving up her seat. After protests, her arrest became unconstitutional.

Elvis Presley became a star. His controversial dance moves appalled some people. In the early 50's networks would not show him below the pelvis area. His dance moves were considered provocative.


The 60's

The start of a gruesome war. The Vietnam war took place in 1967.

The birth of the hippie culture is formed. This was a group of people who took drugs and smoked a lot of weed. Many were against the war that took place. They shared similar political views. These people were environmentalists. They wanted to protect the earth from pollutants and other harm. Some hippies ran away to live in the nature.

A very known concert of the time (Woodstock) took place. It was a 3 day music festival. People were openly taking drugs in public. It seemed the police were more tolerant to it at that time.

John F Kennedy (president) promises to end discrimination. He was unsuccessful on his journey. John Kennedy was assassinated. He was surrounded by people and security when he was shot.

Martin Luther King gives his inspiring "I had a dream" speech. Delivering his speech in front of over 150,000 people at a rally in Washington, D.C.

In 1968 Martin Luther King is assassinated.

How far have we really come?

Overall, do you think America has progressed forwards or backwords?

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Left- Richard Nixon.   Right-Elvis Aaron Presley
Left- Richard Nixon. Right-Elvis Aaron Presley

The 70's

A treaty was signed to stop the production of nuclear weapons from developing. Nuclear powerful countries signed to agree they would be responsible with the weapons.

Punk rock is the music of choice. British bands were popular in this genre.

Rock star Elvis meets Richard Nixon. Pop Culture and Politics collide. Elvis was a huge supporter of the president.

Hippies were still big in the 70's. A lot of teens were using marijuana on a daily basis. There culture seemed to be more accepted in the 70's

The first gay pride parade takes place.

The gay liberation movement acts to stop the shame that society put on the LGBT community. This continued into the 80's.

President Nixon says gays are born that way. In his statement he said he doesn't want to pass laws that could influence kids it is acceptable. Later he states that he doesn't mind the peoples right to choose to be gay. His stance on the lgbt community seemed to be more conservative. Though, that was not totally clear. No laws in favor of the community were passed when Nixon was president.

Richard Nixon's infamous scandal took place, Watergate. His team was accused of recording his opponents and cover ups.

The first mainstream rap song " Rappers Delight" comes out. It paves the way for rap music.

United States of America


Total Crime Statistics From 1970 to 1990

Total Amount of Crimes Committed That Year


The 80's

The crack epidemic rises. Tons of arrests were made because of people buying and selling crack/cocaine.

President Ronald Reagan announced a war on drugs in the U.S.A.

MTV launches its channel.

Madonna becomes known for her raunchy controversial music videos. The video "Like a Prayer" is a mix of sex and religion. The pope spoke out against the video.

A rise in the LGBT community. The 1980's became more tolerant and accepting for people to come out.

The number of people with AID's in America was increasing in the 80's.

President Bill Clinton
President Bill Clinton

90's Babies

Bill Clinton becomes president and signs a bill saying people can not bankrupt student debt.

The Internet is now widely available. Google becomes a search engine. WiFi was not available,yet.

Gary, Indiana ,a small city in Indiana, is dubbed Murder capital of the year.

Rodney King is assaulted by four white police officers. Those officers were charged and acquitted. Riots and protest reeked havoc on the streets of L.A.

The Monica Lewinsky scandal comes to light in 1998. Clinton admits he had affair with the former intern.

Black Lives Matter Protest
Black Lives Matter Protest


Obama makes it a law that every American has to have insurance or will be penalized. He created the affordable care act.

Black Lives Matter protests the killings of unarmed black men by police officers.

Several states legalize recreational marijuana use.

The LGBT community is now widely accepted.

Donald Trump takes office. He signs a order banning people from some Muslim countries from coming into the united states.

Donald Trump makes good on his word by sending in ICE agents to raid more houses.


  • LGBT rights are better off now then were whenwere started. Federal law now allows for marriage equality.
  • Women are treated more equally in the workforce.
  • Race issues still exist today.
  • Marijuana is no longer a taboo. Researchers suggest that marijuana has a lot of medical benefits. More states are starting to legalize it.
  • We have a controversial president in office. Before Trump there was other president's who were thought to be extreme on issues.
  • There is less restrictions on T.V than there was back in the day.
  • Whether it is protesting a war or injustices, it seems that people throughout the decades stood by their beliefs. Even now people will take to the streets to fight for their rights. Exercising freedom of speech has become a American tradition and value.

America United

Will Americans be able to find common ground?

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© 2017 Jeanna


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    • Jeanna218 profile image

      Jeanna 10 months ago from Griffith Indiana

      Thank you for your insight and feedback

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 10 months ago from Toronto, Canada

      We'll find Peace, one way, or another. The point (in my opinion) is to find Peace while still alive, otherwise we'll just rest in Peace.

      We have certainly come a long way from when we were beating our chests with our fists in the front of our caves but we still have a way to go. Many lessons need to be learned. We still need to overcome tribalism, nationalism, greed, the chase for profit at any cost, etc.

      I am an optimist though. I understand that change takes a long time. Especially social change ... it takes decades. It takes people to come together, to organise and to fight for it. The status-quo always tries to hold on to the past and that must be overcome as well, constantly.

      Good article, thanks for putting it together.

      All the best to everyone!