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Rick Perry his words come back to haunt him.

Updated on October 21, 2014
Gov. Rick Perry
Gov. Rick Perry | Source

Rick Perry to be booked

Texans await the booking of Rick Perry on felony indictment. The Governor will have his team of attorney's defending him.

The media and conservatives will rally behind him. The media to report and the conservative to support.

Rick Perry calls indictment abuse of power

What Happened?

Rick Perry threatened to veto funding for a public corruptions unit that would be over looked by the democratic D.A.; after she was arrested for drinking and driving. He then decided she needed to go.

When she refused to resign, he made good on his promise to veto. He was then told that he would be charged with on count of abuse of official capacity and one count of coercion of a public servant. Simply put, blackmail. Either she quit or he would veto. Using his power, giving an ultimatum.


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