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Riding Clean: The Test of 'Freeway' Rick Ross

Updated on September 20, 2016

Charge it to the Game

As just another man driving while Black (DWB), Rick Donnell Ross popularly known as "Freeway" Rick Ross once again encountered the law. Being arrested on suspicion to commit a crime, he was found with $100,000 cash.

His alleged snitching to get out of a life sentence and serving at least 13 years behind bars notwithstanding, his role as a standup guy ought to be acknowledged.

Ross has asserted his opposition to the current drug laws on the books which incarcerate thousands of inmates based on victimless "crimes." He is the posterboy for the messy, disastrous Drug War which only perpetuates the injustice of denying adult, consenting individuals to manufacture, distribute, and consume a desired product. Ross represents the dealer turned legitimate hustler.

Supposedly, his speaking engagements and books extol the virtues (honesty, integrity) of the drug game as well as the vices (irresponsibility, deceit). His goal ought to be to spur the legalization every drug including his former forte: crack cocaine.

For all the years that he was locked up, would it make sense to involve himself in illicit activities? The money he claimed, is completely legitimate. If it is, then the only option for law enforcement is to pursue actual crimes. With six figures worth of money in his vehicle, Ross shouldn't have to answer for the source of the funds.

One might surmise that a man in his second act in life would have enough sense not to fall into the trap of what marred much of his past. His experiences ought to guide his decisions to remain above board. It's either that or the dealer turned public speaker might turn back to dealer once again. But that's unlikely. Ross possesses too much intelligence to go down like that. May he be just as smart when comes to the next time the law crosses his path.

The Man Himself



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