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Your Life, Your Death, Your Choice?

Updated on April 12, 2024

What's with the Self-Appointed Righteousness?

There's been countless questions and debates about right to life, when it's OK to die, and when it's not OK to die. The multitude of hypocritical justifications of nearly all responses to this issue leaves one wondering why so many people seem to feel an actual need to inflict their opinions and beliefs on others? ..why those whose opinions differ from ours, are so often considered reprobates? ..and why the 'finger-pointers' justify their attitudes of self appointed righteousness with such vengeance?

Are We Casting Stones?

Regarding the ongoing debate about the right to life.. Ok, it's a given that a fetus is destined to become a person within a matter of months.. and that a fetus is in the beginning stages of human life. The debate begins with that short statement, since many, especially Christians believe that human life begins at conception, and consider abortion the equivalent of murder. But our personal opinion really doesn't matter, since the Bible states very clearly that we are not judges of one another. We have no God given right to cast stones.. and those in disagreement should read and re-read John 8:7. The fact is, that God gave us freedom of this choice, as well as most other life choices, a long, long, long time before mankind inflicted his own 'laws' upon himself. So drop the stones folks. If you really do believe, then you know the judgment is His.

It's called Hypocrisy..

It's difficult to understand, appreciate, and agree with a society that allows freedom to choose termination of life at the beginning, yet frowns on allowing freedom to choose termination of life at the end. Surely there are no more social or complex reasons for allowing one choice over the other. Moreover, the very word allow, especially in conjunction with choices regarding our own bodies, is clearly indicative of a judgmental society severely lacking in personal freedoms.

Based on fact, if a fetus weren't alive, there'd be no need to prevent it from being born, taking breath, and becoming what our law would then declare a person.. One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist, or even a religious fanatic to figure that out. Our society has declared that the choice to prevent the fetus from breathing, that is, aborting/killing it, is legal. Simply put, via law, our society considers abortion to be OK because one should have the right to choose in regard to their own bodies... right?

With that in mind though, why would the same society disallow that same person the right of choice in regard to their bodies at the end of their own lives? Remember the Dr. Kevorkian scandal? You know, that terrible man who assisted terminally ill people to die according to their choice. Shouldn't we seriously question the logic regarding the real differences between chosen abortion and chosen euthanasia?

Hmm... so lets put this into perspective. It's perfectly acceptable to choose termination of life at the beginning, before offering one an opportunity to breathe on his//her own. It's not OK to choose to terminate life at the end.. when one is old, sick, and ready.

WOW.. Seems like a prime definition of good ole American hypocrisy!


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