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Rights and Wrongs: The Case to Get rid of the United Nations

Updated on December 11, 2015

Human Rights Day 2015

Dismantle It

The world is quick to use the term “human rights,” especially on the day, December 10 where it is internationally recognized. It acknowledges the United Nations’ “dedication” to freedoms around the world. This is totally untrue. The UN is responsible for the wars and misery that plague the world. The countries that harbor , promote, sponsor, and support terrorism Saudi Arabia and Iran, ought to be demolished. It is because of the altruistic agenda of the UN that such countries can continue with their butchery. That is where you start with “human rights.” The true rights and the redundancy individual rights represent the profound sense that a person can do whatever they wish as long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others. On the same day as that other marginal, alleged advocate for rights, the Nobel Prizes, activists the world over have honed in on attacking the violations on various peoples. But if these folks actually wanted to call for rights to be touched in the places around the Earth which exploit humans, the UN ought to be dismantled. In areas like the aforementioned Iran where women experience barbarism such as public stonings.

The end of the UN
The end of the UN | Source

Fruits, Blossoms, and Roots

What ought to take place is the leveling of this place in whatever way the United States armed forces decide to go on the offensive. Because this country is the number threat with Saudi Arabia against America, the US government ought to be bold and unwavering in its resolve to protect the rights of its citizens. By destroying the enemy's capacity to make war, America would send a clear message that it would not fall. For all the Wahhabism that indoctrinates radicals, the state of Saudi Arabia ought to be decimated.

The savages ought to be taught a lesson in the realization of property rights. There ought to be no clash in any of these rights, as such because they all pertain to the freedom of activity in society. To bring America’s top two enemies to their knees would bolster the sensibility of America’s moral rectitude. The “human rights” which would be involved in crushing Iran and Saudi Arabia would pave the way for other cultures in distant countries to experience the fruits of liberty. Only the advocacy of reason can allow peace, cooperation, and mutual respect to blossom. Rationality brought to the rungs of discourse and activity in lands that house dictatorships and slave pens ought to take root. By cancelling out the foes which foster the terrorism and the jihadist bastards which storm magazine offices, cartoon drawing contests, concert halls, theatres, and office Christmas parties (to name but a few scenes of irrational carnage) the United States would be the leader it purports itself to be. Instead of the paper tiger whose swagger and hubris fail, the confidence and egoism which it ought to exhibit would prove to be too much for any miscreant seeking Jannah and can be granted their wish.

What should be done about the UN

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RIghts for All

Who's right here?
Who's right here? | Source

The Shining City

All of the sex trafficking, beheadings, gassings, and other atrocities which take place in regions of the globe with little to no recognition of rights would end with the swift dismissal of these savage regimes. In addition to eliminating despotism with the likes of Iran and Saudi Arabia, the US should renounce its membership with the UN. That act would bring about the major shift in how the West views itself. Ironically, the states which stand for radicalism, dictatorial rule, and the abuse of force receive nurturing by the UN. The very countries that commit these terrors can look to the UN for a aid. And it is too much like right for the UN to not declare itself a morally bankrupt institution. For its inadequacy and unwillingness to make moral decisions against the despicable totalitarians, the UN has achieved the lowly status of an inept thug. That it would continue to this day to deny its role in the rise of supporting bloody massacres is abhorrent. What separates the UN from a rational, life-promoting organization is its lack of ethical fiber. Its members bandy about notions of freedom and rights when in reality, the UN funds regimes which make these ideals difficult if not impossible. While its leaders stress about villages being terrorized and utter brutality, they fail to mention that the root cause of these acts is in fact themselves. To turn and look away as Bashar al-Assad gassed his own people, or Putin continues to see Russians starve to death, or the Saudi King and the Iranian Supreme Leader who go on with the mutilation of women, the UN has done just the opposite of what it claims to be doing. If the protection of individual rights means anything to anyone in positions of authority such as UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, then he and others within the ranks would seek to abolish the organization. A trail of corpses is all that the UN has to show for itself in its 70 years of existence. Its neutral stance in the world of chaos, murder, theft, rape, and mayhem ought to prove to its own members that its corruption should end.

On a day that ought to be reserved for the reverence of rights, the UN continues to embolden the enemies of the West. The process for doing away with the UN would involve little effort, actually. All the rational countries would have to do is withdraw their support from it. As each nation takes away its place at the assembly, the head of the UN would discover that it is high-time for a breaking up of an agency of death. Only a brute or an altruist would contend that the UN is an advocate for peace and tranquility. Actually, the UN stands for nothing but the continuance of blood shed throughout the world. It has committed irredeemable evil after evil decade in and decade out. Who will hold it accountable? With America’s stature in the world, as the noblest country in human history, it ought to set the example. As the “shining city on the hill,” America would display its self-esteem and assertiveness in the face of irrationality. Rather than sitting back and watching an organization bolster its enemies, the US ought to deny anymore association with the UN. Once America demonstrates its commitment to its own values, the other nations would drop off one by one. So, as far as rights are considered, humans possess property and just happen to by individuals. There’s no clash in this.

With Reason and Conscience

Rights of individual humans
Rights of individual humans | Source


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