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Orlando Preparing for Riots at Casey Anthony Murder Trial

Updated on May 10, 2011

Orlando Mayor, Buddy Dyer, explained how he planned to keep the neighborhoods in the downtown area safe from the massive crowds gathered for the Casey Anthony trial. The Mayor intends to increase security, and rightfully so.

If you remember the events that took place prior to Casey Anthony's arrest in 2008, then you remember the angry crowds in front of George and Cindy Anthony's home, frantic telephone calls to the police, web cameras in trees, strange-looking bounty hunters and the Anthony's hammering "Do Not Trespass" signs all over their property. Three years later, not much has changed; people act crazy when the name "Casey Anthony" appears in a news headline.

Those who believe Casey Anthony murdered her child can't fathom the possibility of Casey Anthony getting away with murder. And parents, particularly mothers, of young children, cannot even imagine waiting 31 minutes, let alone 31 days, to report their child missing. And it's high emotions like these that make increased security a priority at the Casey Anthony murder trial. So, it's totally understandable that the Mayor wants to prepare for Casey Anthony protests that could easily turn into riots. But does the Mayor have a hidden agenda ($$$) or is his main priority to protect the citizens of Orlando? Only he can tell us. According to Mayor Dyer, the Council slapped together "temporary use permits for the media to build broadcast locations. There are a couple of vacant lots across from the courthouse, fortunately, for production areas. But you know, it will cost a little bit." Yeah, huh? Enough said.

Let's be blunt: This case has drawn out every loon in the state of Florida. The presence of the media seems to do something peculiar to both Casey Anthony supporters and those who wish to see her put to death. Hopefully, the Mayor does not underestimate the security needed for a case with this type of media exposure.


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    • profile image

      Andrea 6 years ago

      I feel sorry for George and Cindy...they are innocent victims like their grandaughter.I just started a facebook site-WILL NOT BUY ANY BOOK ON THE ANTHONY CASE

      I will not support Casey in her need to capitalize on this case so please pass this on to others.If we do not buy then a book dealer will not sign the deal.

    • profile image

      dreamangel 6 years ago

      i have followed this case since day 1 and i think Casey is the one that murdered CAYLEE but we AREN'T THE ONES TO JUDGE CASEY GOD WILL JUDGE HER BUT Casey seems to think this is all about her Please Everyone lets remember this is about this Beautiful Baby Caylee Anthony!!!!! I say leave George And Cindy alone they are griving grandparents and their daughter Casey is probably going to get the DEATH PENATLY, WHICH IF SHE DID DO THIS WHICH EVERYONE SEEMS TO THINK SHE DID THEN SHE NEEDS PUNISHED FOR HER ACTIONS Any mother that has a missing child or that drownes in the pool would call 911 not be out partying then say oh my kid is missing how can i save my ASS and blame someone else . And my finial words are R.I.P Caylee you are in a safe place now sorry you had to go be with god in such a terrible way. remember there are people that love you and hoping the person that done this to you will get the fullist punishment for hurting you .

    • profile image

      Dawnbells 6 years ago

      Is this a test of public opinion and reactions to the Casey Anthony syndrome ?

    • profile image

      david garcia 6 years ago

      The crowds should be kept away from the Anthony home. The anger is understandable but there has to be some control on the crowds. I would not want to be on this jury. If they find this girl "insane", which she isn't, oh boy. All hell is going to break loose. But I don't see this cold hearted "mother" getting off. No way. The duct tape, her partying while her daughter was missing, 31 days that she did nothing, no concern apparently for her missing child. No way. If she's found not guilty, which I seriously doubt, it will be the biggest travesty of justice since O.J. Simpson for butchering two people.

    • profile image

      Deb 6 years ago

      I agree, stay away from the Anthony home. They have been through enough.

    • profile image

      clare 6 years ago

      most of us realize casey killed her daughter;but please people what gives you the right to show up at her parents home and cause them more stress and pain.Pray pray pray for all of them all you stone throwing sinners.God and casey knows what happen to little caylee. And he has caylee on his lap with the angels singing to her.George and Cindy I will pray that you will one day be with you little grandaughter and see her smile.Casey stop all of this now and tell what happen on that day and then ask God ,your parents,Lee,and little Caylee for forgiveness.

    • Attani profile image

      Attani 6 years ago from Silicon Valley

      Casey doesn't lie because she's guilty; she's been lying since before Caylee was born. This is an extremely dysfunctional family. And the whole family lies. The brother's answer to "Did you lie?" was "Maybe". I don't know if Casey is guilty or not because so far there has been no proof beyond reasonable doubt. What people, including tv commentators, are going on is Casey's demeanor. Technically, the drowning story could be true. Keep in mind the family is very screwed up. The father is controling. Look at the car ownership issue; neither Casey nor her brother were "allowed" to actually own the car even though they each paid for and drove it. They weren't allowed that responsibility. They're just too old to be treated that way. It's weird. There's so much going on in that family that isn't normal. None of them act normal. I don't think we'll ever know everything that happened.

    • futonfraggle profile image

      futonfraggle 6 years ago

      It was difficult to watch Cindy on the stand. While she was describing everything Casey told her (about Jeff Hopkins, Juliet Lewis (hello, Natural Born Killers), Tampa, Zanny, anticipating the meeting between Jeff Hopkins' mom and Zachary at Christmas, all of it -- Cindy still (in my opinion) cannot believe these stories are fabricated. She told most of these stories as if they were matter of fact. Every now and then she'd slip in a "she told me..." But most of the time it was "Well, Casey was at work..." or "Zanny was watching Caylee, and the girls all got together to go to the park."

      It just boggles my mind. I also thought it was interested when Cindy asked the judge to remove to photo of Caylee because it made her cry. You know the jury had to be thinking, "Good point! Why isn't the baby's mother crying?"

      I also wonder if Cindy has accepted Caylee's death. As of last summer (2010!!!), she still believed Caylee was alive. At least this letter makes it seem that way:

    • profile image

      Mia 6 years ago

      I made a HUGE mistake. I meant to say that Baez, Casey's defense attorney gags me as much as Casey does. I mistakenly said Cindy. My heart goes out to Cindy and George. That awful daughter lying about them. If I were them, I would disown her. I think that is what they are about to do, and I wish George and Cindy the best!

    • profile image

      Mia 6 years ago

      Casey HAS to be guilty, that's why she lies so much. And that Baez attorney gags me slmost as much as Cindy; That Casey deserves the death penalty if she did put that tape on that poor little girl while she was alive, which it seems she did. Well, then if that's true may she rot in hell, she is an evil devil.

    • amymarie_5 profile image

      amymarie_5 6 years ago from Chicago IL

      People need to leave her family alone. There's no doubt in my mind that Casey committed this crime but her parents are victims in this whole thing. Their only crime is that they have a sociopath for a daughter.

    • profile image

      Blond Bomber 6 years ago


      People who have kept up with this case for the last three years have never seen Casey Anthony shed a single tear for her Daughter, Caylee. Not one single tear for Beautiful Baby Caylee!

      Mr. Grund, previous boyfriend of Casey Anthony said “This is not the Casey I knew and loved back then. This person is someone I no longer know. Cindy and Casey quickly attempted to pin the death of Caylee on him.

      I’m sure if Caylee was alive today she would say “This is not the Mother I once knew and loved back then. This person is someone I no longer know. She held me down; duct taped my head and mouth taking away my breath, chloroformed and murdered me.

      How could my only “Sunshine,” defended her?

      Only, since this Jury selection begins did we see Casey’s false tears come into play. These tears were not for Baby Caylee, but for poor pitiful me!

      Casey has blamed everyone she could possible think of for the death of her child, when she knowingly murdered her! Casey will now blame her Loving Daddy of abusing her in order to place any doubt she can in the minds of the jurors. She is going to blame Cindy too.

      We all know there are flaws in the Judicial System and plenty room for improvements; however, it looks as though someone would get smart enough to fix it!

      Instead of letting the Prosecution and Defense pick the Juror’s, why not let the State pick the entire Jury. I don’t see the need to question prospective jurors as to how they would vote. That seems to be a violation of their rights? After all, the Jurors are not the criminals. It looks to me as though in selecting a jury it would be best if the selections would be based on people who have heard of the case instead of the ones who knew nothing of the case. That makes absolutely no sense!

      The Defense is going to pick Jurors who have never heard of the case. Well great for the Defense, but where in the #ell does the justice for the victim come into play by a splitting the jurors which leave a possible chance to set a murderer free.

      The State wants a Fare and Impartial Jury, yet, there’s nothing fare about concealing a vital piece of information from the Jurors which is relevant to this case. The new Juror's would never know that Casey Anthony from day one has never shed a single tear for the last three years for Baby Caylee, her own child.

      Baez professes Casey Anthony’s innocence and her beauty. Let me be the first to tell you she is neither! Baby Caylee was beautiful and Casey could not stand the competition of her own child.

      Recall the person who gave the Defense ideas on how to pick their juror’s. It appears Baez informed Casey of ways to entice the Jury with various pout tie lips, acting sad and pathetic, People of Florida, don’t worry about getting your life jackets on at this time. Since Casey Anthony is going to open the flood gates of tears they will all be dry!