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Rishi Sunak and His Giveaway Budget.

Updated on March 12, 2020

Chancellor: Rishi Sunak

Not Long in The Job.

Sajid Javid resigned as Chancellor about a disagreement he had with Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. Rishi Sunak, a man in his late 30s, was dropped into the job, with only a small window to write the new budget.

Rishi Sunak is the young rising star of the Tory party, and who knows where his rise will take him (or not - as the case may be). Right now Mr Sunak, ensconced at No 11 Downing Street, has the fate of the nation in his hands, financially speaking.

The budget was announced yesterday, together with pictures of Mr Sunak stood outside No 11, red budget box in hand. This budget is regarded by many, as a giveaway budget for the people, much like a Labour budget.

John McDonnell outgoing Shadow Chancellor for Labour said Mr Sunak's allowance of 12 billion to be spent on Covid19 (Coronavirus) was welcome. However, when it was put to Mr McDonnell, that this budget was similar to what he would have done, by Emily Maitliss, he wasn't so sure.

Mr Sunak has allowed 18 billion to be spent on other projects like for example, infrastructure, roads, railways, etc. This budget to quote many is supposed to be the most generous budget for both people and the economy in 30 years.

One Labour leadership contender, Lisa Nandy, has broadly agreed, with Mr Sunak's budget.

Former Chancellor Sajid Javid, carping from the backbenches, was critical of the budget. Critical for it being just about throwing money at everything, without a thought. Boris' predecessor, Theresa May, was also on her feet in parliament, adding caution about this budget.

It is good that Mr Sunak appears to be reversing 10 years of Conservative austerity. However, with all the wonderful promises of investment contained in this budget, to help the poorest in our communities, will it deliver? History and historians will certainly be the judges of Mr Sunak and his budget.

Historians will also be asking, why did the Tories initiate austerity in the first place then, only to undo it now? The mantra is given for this, is that the outgoing Gordon Brown government left the nation in a mess financially. So these austerity measures which have hit the poorest the hardest in our society, were necessary, to balance the books.

Many Tories are saying in light of Mr Sunak's budget, austerity is over. The books are balanced and its time to invest in a broken land, to level up, according to Boris' mantra, the regions and nations of the UK.

Rishi Sunak: Bio.

1) Was Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

2) Given the job of Chancellor after Sajid Javid's departure.

3) He is the elected MP for Richmond.

4) Mr Sunak's father was a doctor in the NHS.

5) His mother ran her own pharmacy.

6) Elected as an MP in 2015 and re-elected in 2017.

7) Parents according to Mr Sunak's website struggled to send him to best places of education.

8) Mr Sunak attended Winchester College, Oxford University and Stanford University.

9) Married to Ashata with two daughters, Krishna and Anoushka.

10) Mr Sunak's budget has been hailed as the most giveaway budget in 30 years.


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