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Roti - Kapda - Makan - No More. Now it is Bijli - Pani - Sadak.

Updated on February 22, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Roti - The Rich & Poor Eat - With a difference in preparation and quality.

Rich or Poor must Wear - But there is difference in Quality.

The Poorest of the Poor Live here.

The Rich Sleep on something much better than this

1947 to 2010 is 63 years Budget.

How much money has the Govt spent during the past 63 years.

According to our Yog Raj Ramdev who keeps repeating over the Astha TV channel it is over 3 lack crores and he says if that much money is spent it must have been over 3 crores for each village in India.He further asks his audience if they see that much money being spent in their village.Whatever he says goes undisputed or misrepresented as I have done perhaps.The point I am trying to say is,the phrase ROTI KAPADA MAKAN is no more in Vogue.

People have solved to some extent this problem themselves with the help of our country's great Industrialists.India's economic history can be broadly divided into three eras, beginning with the pre-colonial period lasting up to the 18th century. The advent of British colonization started the colonial period in the early 19th century, which ended with Independence in 1947. The third period stretches from independence in 1947 until now may be up to 2008 the number of Industries put up by every section of manufacture is Awesome indeed.The credit goes to TATA's & BIRLA'S and many such sons of India who have taken up the problem of the poor and given them ROTI KAPADA & MAKAN.However the rural people of India still live in Zinc Sheet Covered as walls and roofs in an area smaller than a bath room in the city's middle class family.How much of our economic aid of US$1724 billion up to year 2005 is used for providing every facility to just one model village in the whole country.


1 - Bijli - Electric Power Generation which was not allowed by any Private Industries for over 50 years.Except Gujarat all states are power starved.Gujarat was able to overcome due to the fact that a Single Man Stood like a Gaint for 15 years as Chief Minister.All other States had Congress party Chief Ministers who had their Picnic and gave another man a chance or continued with his money power not bothering on Electric Power generation.Only the Chief Minister of Gujarat did what he had to do.

2 - Pani - Water we have plenty of it in Bottles sold in every shop in any street in whole of India but not in our Homes.Rural people drink mud water in Rajastan and in many villages it is just not available which is good for human consumption.Govt of India has its hands washed off saying its the Problem of the States to provide water.If private company's can provide water in whole of India in Bottles,why not Govt of any state provide water for school children in Bottles freely.Our Children have to carry even drinking water to schools along with their lunch,even many schools do not provide safe drinking water to children.Govt of India is not bothered to make all homes being built made to instal Rain Water Harvesting mandatory,it is the state Govt monopoly.

3 - Sadak - Roads we do have roads in city's where our leaders stay and go about not in other places.The condition of Roads is so bad that our vehicles travel at 10 KM per hour in most places.We try to go Zig Zag in many places confusing other travelers on road and people who walk on these roads as there are no side walks in most places in many places in city let alone in our rural areas who use mud roads with their feet is used to that comfort in their field work on their farms.Now its P P P roads that have come up only in few areas as it serves the purpose of people interested in few roads.A streach of 140 Kilometers called as express 6 lane highway is under construction since 10 years that too by a private party who is struggling to finish it but our former Prime Minister who allowed him to start the work when he was the Chief Minister of the State is against this project for his own self interest.

BiJli - Power

Water Bottles everywhere and anywhere.

Show such roads in Bangalore a Global Investers Place.


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      Surabhi Kaura 7 years ago

      I agree with you. One can't say 'Roti, Kapda aur Makaan.' It is now 'Bijli, Pani, Sadak.' Today in India, the expenditures are at its peak. As the population is increasing, so are the expenditures increasing and the middle class families are not able to fulfill their necessities. The whole scenario has changed. We are spending 1/3 of our export by importing oil only. Your article is nicely explained.


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