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Run Arnold Run

Updated on March 25, 2012

Arnold for Vice President!!


A Wonderful Idea

I think that it is time this country and its citizens pay tribute to a naturalized citizen that 1) Was successful in his own country 2) Migrated and followed the rules of our Country 3) Has been a very successful business man and Head of state. I know California got pinched but California was going to get pinch in World Trade anyways. 4) He has paid his taxes. 5) He embraced the left side of the aisle especially being married to a Kennedy. Arnold I have a perfect purple heart for you!!!

I can think of no better counter measure to the yawn factor of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign than "The Terminator". Arnold is the Virtue man of Naturalization and no one but Arnold could put the feisty back into the GOP. He has paid his dues and a few other peoples as well. And by this, we would send the message to all immigrants we love naturalization. I think Romney should pick Arnold because executive branch gets executive powers. Arnold has the broad demographic appeal to both young citizens and "would be naturalized citizens".

On this I can assure you I heard Arnold speak once about why he became a Republican and he said, "Less government.". And that is a good enough reason for me to vote for him plus he has that Ronald Reagan Movie Star factor with a successful business background and and blue collar roots. Nothing would make me want to vote Republican more than Arnold being on the ticket for vice president.

Arnold for Vice President

Would you vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger to be Vice President?

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Mitt And Arnold

Would you vote for Mitt and Arnold regardless of your political affiliation?

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FUN in DsyFUNctional Government

I would have to say that the marriage of Mitt Romeny and Arnold Schwarzenegger seems like the fun would be back in the dysfunction of United States Politics. It is awful when all of us are suffering outside of Washington and then get slapped down by our elected officials complaints how difficult we are to represent. I want the next leader of the free world and his apprentice, Arnold, to be able to say, "We love our jobs representing the America people." and her allies.

Seriously people, Arnold is the best front man I have seen and he does have that certain something about him that makes him very appealing as a VP ticket. Arnold has that stage presence and humility. He is our guy; a naturalized successful citizen, businessman and state's man. And he would enjoy his job.

Arnold for Vice President!!!!!

Presidential Attitudes towards Citizens

When a president complains about his job is he complaining about his people?

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Fun in The White House

Do you think you would enjoy having Arnold as Vice President?

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Feasibility of Arnold taking the VP Nomination

Do you think Arnold would accept the VP nomination if offered?

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In Closing

In Closing I would like to state that whomever gets the GOP nomination has the right to pick whoever they choose for a running mate. I just think whomever gets it should pick Arnold. I think it would close Obama right out. Nothing against the Obama's but he looks a little weary.

So if your reading Mitt give Arnold a call. I think you're a match and Arnold if you are reading we all love you like you are the naturalized son of the USA. We know Vice President is a big job for you Arnold but we think you are ready.

Feedback, Comments and Surveys

 Readers please provide Feedback, Commenst and andswer Surveys.  They are important for my existence so I can share such Wonderful Ideas with as Arnold for VP


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for the comment. I've been reading your old articles today as well. Executive priviledges have expanded quite a bit over the last decade beyond what I thought was capable. Arnold is a naturalized citizen and it is only VP. Rules would have to change for him to be president unless fully vetted.

    • sean kinn profile image

      sean kinn 6 years ago from Key West and Budapest

      Didn't know the "citizen" thing could be avoided by selecting Arnold as Vice President. That's an interesting thought. :-)