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Russia: A Well-Planned Escape is Eventually Thwarted

Updated on May 18, 2018
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Gerry Glenn Jones is a writer of fiction and nonfiction, as well as scripts for theatre and film. This is a factual article.

 Soviet forced labor camp
Soviet forced labor camp | Source

Daring Escape

You've heard of daring escapes from many prisons, jails, and prisoner of war camps around the world. There have even been books and movies written about them. Some of the most notable ones are "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" "Stalag 17," "Cool Hand Luke," "The Great Escape" and "Con Air," to name a few, but one has occurred in Russia that sets the bar higher....or lower depending on the way you look at it.

This daring, well-planned escape took place in broad-open daylight, while others were busy enjoying the sunshine in the fenced enclosure of the exercise yard. The location of this great escape occurred in Magnitogorsk, Russian, an industrial city, located on the eastern side of the extreme southern Ural Mountains.

Convict prison guards at gate of building - Khabarovsk - 1895
Convict prison guards at gate of building - Khabarovsk - 1895 | Source

Freedom Short-Lived

According to reports from the Daily Mail, and the French news agency AFP, reports of this escape were confirmed by the Chelyabinsk Regional Interior Ministry in Russia. According to these reports, the two escapees put together their master plan, and each day was able to dig a little under a fence near a sand pile without detection from staff, while others mingled inside the exercise yard. When they finally had a hole dug large enough for them to crawl under the fence, they made a break for it, without detection.

Once outside the enclosure, the two fugitives headed straight for a Jaguar dealership, where they told a woman they were there to buy a new car, but told her they had no, or little money. The woman, who did not show any fear, took the two into custody and delivered them to a local police station.

Children's Playground - similar to the one where the escape was made
Children's Playground - similar to the one where the escape was made | Source

Escapees Returned to Playground

By this time their brazen escape had been discovered and police were already looking for them. No arrests were made in this incident, but the director of the kindergarten was fired. The escapees turned out to be two 5 years old boys, who had planned and orchestrated this daring daylight escape.


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