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The Russian Collusion The Influence That never Happened

Updated on August 1, 2019
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M. D. Jackson is a college psychology professor, author, family counselor, and mother of nine adult children.

Election Night 2016

The 2016 election will go down in history as one of the most stunning upsets in history of the United States. People were crying in the streets. Stunned news anchors made comments of despair, and Republicans rejoiced. My husband and I were on our feet watching results come in, staring and pacing. Would we have another Clinton in office to sell out the country and increase their own wealth? Would a determined Trump with a checkered relationship past manage to pull off the greatest defeat in history? If Trump was elected are we going to global war? As the night coverage continued, I was shocked again and again as states fell to Trump. Watching Trump that night I believe he might have been just as shocked. What happened? Did the Russian collusion destroy Hilary? Did Hilary’s actions destroy Hilary? I have heard the debates, seen all the angles and I’m here to tell you what really happened that night and why.


You look across this country people are fed up with Washington.This 2016 Election was the American people saying, enough already with the corruption in Washington and it's both parties.

— Ted Cruz

FBI Director James Comey

This story starts with Russian collusion. At a pivotal moment in the campaign for Presidency, FBI Director James Comey made a statement about Hilary Clinton’s illegally used and hacked email server. Comey stated that although Hilary probably violated federal law, the FBI would not be seeking prosecution. It was an odd statement, spoken out of turn by a man who actually was on Hilary’s side of the election. It was a failed attempt at exoneration in the public eye. The repercussions of that statement would echo injustice through the minds of Americans. If white privilege is real then Hilary Clinton is the poster child. She walked free.

James Comey on Hilary Clinton's Email Scandal

Video Tanks Trump

Around the same time a video was released of Donald Trump having a private conversation stating in reference to women “Grab them by the -----“. This statement set off a fire storm of allegations, protests, and general condemnation towards Donald Trump. The billionaire philanderer was in trouble. Average Americans were left to decide if they were for someone who broke the law or for a man who may not have a moral fiber in his body. Watching this situation play out was worse than an 80’s soap opera.

Trump Election night 2016


Those people who want Hillary Clinton elected president, so that we could have our first woman president, seem to have learned absolutely nothing from the current disaster of choosing a president on the basis of demographics and symbolism.

— Thomas Sowell

Russian Collusion Takes Hold

In the middle of the election was “Russian Collusion”. What was never clearly defined was what the Russians did, if anything. It is assumed that the Russians were the ones who hacked Hilary Clinton’s email server and released her emails. It is also assumed that the Russians manipulated social media in favor of Donald Trump. I remember the 2016 election coverage on social media it was severely slanted… left. Most people will not admit that they actually saw more negative ads and reporting about Donald Trump than they did Hilary Clinton. My personal twitter feed was full of anti-Trump stories. Trump was not supported by the Republican Party. The Republicans tried every trick in the book to get Trump thrown out. Getting Trump off the Republican ticket was the only agreeable point between the Democrats and Republicans

Final Election Night Results


What Happened Election Night?

What happened election night? Out of the 320 million people in the United States, 90 million people sat out the election. CNN reported a 20 year low in voter turnout (CNN, 2016). Democrats didn’t lose because their base voted for Trump, instead some of both parties didn’t vote at all. Some people sat it out because they were not enthusiastic about either candidate while others sat it out because they thought Hilary would be a slam dunk. Hilary lost because of complacency not Russian interference. Trump did not inspire Democrats to switch sides.

People stood their political ground during the election. I watched people fight to the death on Facebook and Twitter without either side willing to budge. People stuck to their ideology. Russian collusion played absolutely no part in Donald Trump’s win. Not one of my Democrat friends voted for Trump. Democrats were adamantly vocal about being against Trump. However, I do know people who sat the election out because they had little confidence in either party. In the grand scheme of Russian Collusion it played out to be a fizzled attempt.

Hilary Forced to Concede


Russian Collusion Fall Out

Since the election Americans have not had a day of peace from Russian collusion. Today, most Americans do not trust the United States government to monitor its own people after all the “investigations”. There have been so many investigations of the investigation, and ties to everyone that Americans are basically just sick of hearing about it. It stands to reason that if the Russian collusion didn’t change the mind of Democrats by making them rush to the poles for Trump. In fact any Russian involvement had little effect on the election if any effect at all. That is assuming there was any such interference in the election.

The main stream media has beat the Russia collusion story into the ground without any evidence that an action by Russians affected the election at all. So hell bent on proving Trumps involvement, the media never asked if it even mattered that Russia interfered in the election. To this day I have yet to hear one democrat who said they voted for Trump because of Hilary’s email scandal. The problem is that even if Russia released Hilary’s emails, Hilary was the one breaking the law. The release of the emails just alerted Americans to Hilary's true guilt. The Russians didn’t lie, they simply told the truth, yet we see the Democrats outrage over the truth. Instead of focusing on the crime of using a private server, the media focused on the person(s) who may have exposed the crime.

Democrats in their failure, refusing to believe they lost the election honestly, have clung to the Russian collusion narrative as an excuse. The Democrats refusal to accept their mistakes has led to outrageous policy ideas and the birth of anti-American politicians who have no business on the political stage. Ideas such as massive gun control, late term abortion, open boarders, and free everything are turning voters off. Long time democrats are having a tough time seeing themselves in the list of over privileged candidates some of whom have had 40 years in other offices to clean up the countries problems.


What is Happening Now?

Since the election, the behavior of the Democrats has spurred multiple movements such as #blexit and #walkaway that encourage people to leave the party and vote Republican. Minorities are seeing through the pandering political landscape. For the first time in history the awakening is holding politicians accountable for the damage to our country. Most Americans are moderates. They want to be able to pay their bills, live a decent life, and eventually retire with enough money to do a little traveling. Americans don’t want to be embroiled in controversy and feel anxiety over the direction of the country. Americans don’t want to worry that the gun collectors or the tax collectors are coming to the door. As we close the door on Russian collusion, it is important to realize that it had little to do with the election outcome. Maybe people will sit this one out as well but, I don’t think so.

© 2019 MD Jackson MSIOP


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