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Russian Jet Downed By Turkey.

Updated on November 24, 2015

Russian Sukhoi Jet.

Russian Jet In Flight.
Russian Jet In Flight. | Source

Sukhoi - 24 Brought To The Ground.

There have been recent and frequent tensions between Turkey and Russia over Russian planes apparently flying into Turkish airspace and being warned off by Turkish jets. However this time around it seems the Russian fighter a Sukhoi - 24 (Su - 24) bit off more than it could chew when it apparently ignored ten warnings given to it. According to the Dogan News Agency in Turkey the Russian plane was shot down by two Turkish F - 16s shadowing it.

The Russians for their part say the plane was flying over Syria no where near the Turkish border or inside Turkish air space. Turkey has said it has the right to defend its air space and many now in the media are describing this as a dangerous moment which could escalate an already tense theatre of war where different air forces representing different sides already fly.

Russia has been been bombing Turkish speaking tribes in Syria who oppose Assad and the Russian pilots ejected and their where abouts at this time are not known. However Turkish speaking tribes have apparently captured and shot the Russian pilots.

President Obama has intervened and said the Turks like any nation have the right to defend their territory however the Turks and Russians need to calm the situation down he went on. The Russians have compared the Turkish bringing down of their jet to terrorism and said the Sukhoi - 24 was brought down by ground fire rather than the Turkish F - 16s.

Turkey has released footage of the Russian jet being tracked in its air space with evidence to prove the Russian jet ignored the many warnings given to it while once again the Russians deny this.

Many of the leading British newspapers carried this story as have many of the British news networks like the BBC and Sky.

Footage apparently filmed by the Turkish speaking rebels shows the jet coming down in a ball of flames with shouts of 'Allah Akbah' in the background.

Anonymous Declare Cyber War On IS.

Emblem Of On Line Anarchist Group Anonymous.
Emblem Of On Line Anarchist Group Anonymous. | Source

British Minister Congratulates Anonymous.

A British security minister has gone out of his way to make his views known on the subject of Anonymous launching a cyber war On Islamic State. John Hayes who by his own admission has been likened to James Bond said he welcomed the anarchists group cyber attack on Islamic State websites or at least sites linked to IS.

20,000 sites were spammed and taken off line by Anonymous and John Hayes stated that the internet is full of Jihadi blurb and that any group of what ever political view who is tackling this monstrous ideology has to be congratulated.

It has been reckoned though that some of the websites spammed and taken off line were innocent Arabic websites. Anonymous as an Anarchist group have launched cyber campaigns against such targets as Israeli websites and KKK websites in the past. Their members wear Guy Fawkes masks and their announcer who appears on their videos also wears this mask which has become a symbol of struggle against austerity for example.

Islamic State hit back saying it would seek revenge against Anonymous probably via the internet as IS themselves have proved to be fairly savvy people when it comes to progaganda on the internet.

To many people though both Anonymous and Islamic State are different sides of the same coin that is they both wear masks or cover their face when making propaganda messages via video and are regarded as terrorists though as yet Anonymous unlike Islamic State have not as far as is known resorted to violence.


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