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Sex, Lies, and Selfishness

Updated on December 7, 2014

By: Wayne Brown

Has America lost its ability to produce true leaders and heroes? Have we finally become so corrupt that we are just like so many of the other countries that populated the world? Have our industries, unions, and special interest groups finally become so self-centered that the rest of America does not matter anymore? Maybe we are just like we have always been but somehow I don’t think so. I think little by little we have slid off the road of honesty and good intent and in the process lost sight of the centerline of decency.

The Founding Fathers seemed to be pretty decent folks possibly educated above the fold but still trustworthy enough that the future citizens of this great land were willing to trust them with all they had. These men felt the burden of that trust and they worked to delivery a Declaration of Independence, A Bill of Rights, and a Constitution which was befitting of a people who had risked their all to come to this land and were willing to risk the rest to fight for liberty and freedom. These men felt that emotion and it can only be construed of one of patriotism.

Somewhere along the road, our leadership has begun to falter. Oh, I am not here to attempt to name every slimy Congressman and Senator who has lied and stolen from America for they are far too numerous to list. On the other hand, the office of the President is the one high office in this land that should be the baseline, it should be the reference, it should be the law, that it will stand as the shining example of leadership, honesty, dedication, patriotism, and whatever is right by the American people. The only agenda a President need have when he comes to office is to be the watchdog that all that is signed into law, all money that is spent, all policies which are made, are in the best interest of the American people. Anything less than that, anything that smacks of partisan politics, that drips with self-interest, has no place in or around the office of the President. When you become President of this country, you give up your partisan politics, you give up your self-interest, and you deal in the “the will of the people” and what is right and good for America.

George Washington was a reluctant President hesitant to take the reins of power for fear that he would be inadequate to fulfill the “will of the people” yet ever cognizant that it was the first and foremost consideration. Here was a man who could have easily declared himself “King” and created another anarchy in America but he was too much of a man to even consider such treason with his fellow Americans. He served America in giving it birth, defending that birth, and then as President making sure the “will of the people was kept in the forefront.

Abraham Lincoln led this country through probably the worst times of all…civil war. Lincoln never lost sight of the value of this country as a union and he worked toward that goal incessantly because he knew that was what was best for all the people of America. His writing and presentation of the Emancipation Proclamation showed his deep love of all mankind regardless of color greed. When the war was over, he was the first to want those states of the south to rejoin the union. This man was a true American and a great President.

We endured Franklin Roosevelt and his “New Deal” politics and as a country learned much about the science of deficit spending in the federal budget. Roosevelt carried on a plan for twelve years that had apparently failed to do what he said it would do within the first eight. The New Deal was much akin to Obama’s emergency spending stimulus package and like it, the administration just keeps coming back to the well for more deficit spending. In both cases, Americans were desperate for a solution and did not fight the idiocy associated with such policies. We went along with Franklin D and ended up in debt and now with Obama we will incur the largest debt in the history of this country.

Harry Truman was a fighter. He lived by the term “the buck stops here” and he meant it. Harry paid the vast majority of all his travel costs as President and asked for nothing from the people. When he fulfilled his term in office, he and wife Bess got in their car and drove home to Missouri at their own expense. This was indeed a man who had come to Washington to serve the people and he was willing to invest his personal finances to do so without complaint.

Lyndon Johnson exposed us to his idealistic “Great Society” which was chocked full of liberal spending ideas primarily pointed at broadening the Democratic voting base which was beginning to shrink after the passing of JFK and the liberal shift in the party as Johnson took office. Johnson pulled stunts and lied to the American people in order to gain the approval he needed from Congress to wage war in Vietnam. He allowed his largest supporter, Brown & Root Construction Company to have a field day in southeast Asia building deep-water harbors and long concrete runways for our bombers, fighters, and cargo aircraft. He placed so many paranoid shackles on our military that the thought of “winning” the war was only a laughing matter. He had the audacity to go on television and cry before the American public over all those American “boys”, as he liked to call them, who were dying in this hell in the jungles. Then he turned around and asked us to send even more of our troops. He and wife, Lady Bird, held significant interest in Conex Corporation which grew to become a household word in Vietnam. Flying Tiger Airlines, another of Johnson’s investments, flourished during the Vietnam Era hauling troops back and forth between the USA and Southeast Asia. Between Vietnam and the “Great Society”, Johnson leveraged much of the financial future of America.

Jimmy Carter was truly amazing. Here is a former USA Navy officer who did not seem to have a clue with regard to “Socialism” or any of the other labels associated with communal existence. Carter came to office to help the little people. Social programs ran rampant throughout America with the federal government picking up the tab on every corner. He took the debt that we buried in Vietnam and Johnson’s Great Society and expanded it with his social leanings. The bravest thing Jimmy Carter did while in office was to single-handed whip a rabbit with a boat paddle who was frantically swimming in the water in the hopes that Carter might just give him a ride back to shore…so much for social consciousness.

Richard Nixon really perfected the art of lying for us. With regard to Watergate, there is the familiar taunt, “it was not the crime, it was the cover up” that sank Nixon’s boat. Nixon showed us the more sinister aspects of the Presidency with his attempts to cover his tracks and have this scandal swept under the rug. We can also thank him for helping to carry out the Communist goals of getting Red China recognized and added to the United Nations as a voting country. Nixon reaped the glory of establishing an open relationship and discussion with China but behind the scenes the American public paid a high price as did most of the world.

Ronald Reagan is one of the few Presidents in history who has come into the office and stood up to the other agencies of government in the name of the American people. He made it clear to those in Congress that he intended to lower out of control spending in the country, to lower taxes, improve the economy, and get America moving in the right direction again. Reagan was tough and he didn’t give a damn what anybody else thought of him nor did he care whether or not a particular direction might or might not be good for his political survival as opposed to what it did for the American people. This was likely the first President that showed us how powerful our economy could actually be if you took the chains of government off of it, lowered taxes, and let the economy go. Reagan restored a lot of faith in government back to American citizens who had faltered in prior years.

William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton rode into town on someone else’s surfboard and he rode their wave of success until everyone thought it was his. He taught us how to date ugly women and further expanded the science of lying. His entire service to America can be summed up in his statement, “it depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is. And like Johnson, he attempted to move the American public on television by standing there waving that finger and saying, “I did not have sex with that woman.” Clinton became a hero to the youth of America with his loose morals, slick demeanor, and sax-a-phone blowing talent. Here was the man who worked hard to get America to bite the poison apple of government run healthcare. Luckily, he failed. In the end, his administration did little or nothing except serve out its time in office. Oh, sorry, I forgot about the home finance legislation that created a large part of the financial collapse of 2008.

George W. Bush has been attacked by just about every major liberal organization and political rag in this nation and the world. He faced some really tough choices on his watch, decisions that should have been dealt with on Bill Clinton’s watch but he passed on it. Clinton had Osama Bin Laden in his grasp and let him go if you remember that incident. Bush dealt with 9-11 and the aftermath. He wrestled with the issues out of Hurricane Katrina, most of which, were related to a portion of the population of New Orleans who did not heed warnings to evacuate in light of one of the largest hurricanes to ever hit America. They elected to sit there in a city that is below sea level and ride out the storm only to turn an accusing finger at the government as the primary cause of their problems. Bush dealt with Saddam Hussein, an issue his father should have resolved on his watch but was too much of a Boy Scout to pursue. Bush has been called just about every name in the book and the vast majority of it has been assigned by the liberal left who feel that personal attacks are far more effective than doing the good work that Americans deserve in their elected officials.

Now, we find ourselves saddled with one of the biggest liberals who has ever sat in the Oval Office. He has managed to ram government-run healthcare down the throats of a public, who as a majority, did not want it. History will prove, if history can last that long, that this program will be far more detrimental to America’s financial health and absolutely devastating to the quality of healthcare in this country. Obama will beat the drum of globalization and then justify it by either playing on or creating an “emergency” that justifies a move in that direction. For the first time, America has a President who is a proponent of one government rule in the world. If this does not terrify you beyond your wildest dreams then I suggest that terrorism will not be an issue for you in the coming years. This Presidency, this administration, this Congress, will go down in history as possibly the blow that finally brought America to its knees and left it at a level of mediocrity never before seen since our independence as a nation was declared.

God Help America and God Bless America!

© Copyright WBrown2010. All Rights Reserved.


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