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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: Southside Isd School Board Elections Biggest Losers 2013

Updated on June 3, 2015
Norberto "Robert" Chavez
Norberto "Robert" Chavez
Frank Henry Cannon
Frank Henry Cannon
Loren Martin aka. Loren Glen Brewer, Loren Adock Brewer, Loren Glenn Martin.
Loren Martin aka. Loren Glen Brewer, Loren Adock Brewer, Loren Glenn Martin.

Is it o.k. for the children to lose out in order for the candidates to keep campaign promises?

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Out of fear of retribution members of the district filed for retirement or looked for jobs elsewhere for fear of being singled out for supporting the opposition. Others just had no desire to work under the "team" because of the problems that the district experienced under Mr. Brewer's time as board president.

Odd men out.

The board had two board members that were on the board for the right reasons. Mr. Raul Martinez and Mr. Craig Knapp; their voting history showed their dedication to the districts children and staff. The "team" majority has ruled and any fall out has been due to the activities of the "team".

When things go wrong, some will say it's the devil's work, others will say that "God never gives us more than we can handle" and it's merely a test of strength and commitment. The people of the Southside ISD community spent days trying to sort things out as to what happened. All that could be said, was that the voters spoke and elected a group of individuals with a history of corruption and underhanded dealings. If that was what the community wanted, then they certainly got it.

No matter what the reason, the biggest losers in the election for Southside ISD have been the innocent children who have paid the price for what has become of the district. While the candidates, Brewer, Chavez and Luna complained about the education the students were getting, of the Class of 2013, 297 high school seniors a total of 295 walked the stage on graduation night. The credit went first and foremost to the students for their hard work, then to the Superintendent, Dr. Juan Jasso, the educators and the previous board, Ms. Salazar, Ms. Lopez, Mr. Knapp, Mr. Martinez, who had and have served on the board for multiple terms.

While Mr. Brewer was on the board, the district was constantly getting media coverage and not for the great accomplishments, but for the destruction and turmoil that went on in the district.

Enough time passed that the members of the districts community had forgotten or they simply became complacent because all was going well.

The "team" fought a dirty fight and didn't hesitate to pull any punches making promises and lying to the community to get a vote.

What could the district expect from this new board of 5; Ms. Mendelsohn's "team". Mr. Brewer, Mr. Luna (resigned- 4 months into term), Mr. Chavez, Mr. Cannon, Mr. Wood and Ms. Guzman voted in unison. As their promised agenda was quite full. They promised the community many things:

  • To get rid of the superintendent (was one of the first motions after being sworn in) see related hub.
  • To get rid of Aramark Food Service Provider. see related hub.
  • To get rid of the schools attorneys and hire another law firm (Mr. Lou Rosenberg came to mind since he represents Ms. Mendelsohn and the ESD#6 board and attended their oath of office ceremony- he was quickly put on the Southside payroll.
  • To get rid of the Southside ISD police department and replace them with protection from the Constables Office. (No more security on site- what happens if student brings a gun to school? Who will un-arm them? ) see related hub.
  • To grant Ms. Guzman's lawsuit; they did not give her the $860,000 that she was suing the district for; they did give her $120,000.00. see related hub.
  • To get rid of Mr. Ballardo and Mr. Young (Mr. Ballardo resigned shortly after election)
  • To give pay raises to the employees (whether the budget allows or not) see related hub.
  • Hire and fire (will have a total of employees leaving the district in a follow up story)
  • Mr. Brewer's "child" Pre-K for everyone. He fought for this when he sat on the Southside ISD School board and was voted down due to lack of funds to provide Pre-K to everyone. (Funding a program with not enough funds, would break the district and the program would not be able to sustain itself, so funding would have to be taken from other programs) see related hub.
  • To get rid of the Agriculture program (vendetta against major supporter the Agriculture Program)
  • Shake up Athletic Department (get rid of Head Coach/Athletic Director and put friends in those positions.) see related hubs.
  • Intimidate fellow board members, Mr. Knapp and Mr. Martinez (try to get them to resign). see pending hub.

And so much more.

Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn Campaign manager, former ESD#6 Board President
Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn Campaign manager, former ESD#6 Board President

What's so funny?

When there is no moral value, it is easy to see why anyone would think that taking something as important as a child's education and squandering away the funds, security and all things in place to see that the children get a good education would be funny. The poll on this site shows the mentality and morality of those that support the "team'. When they believe that it is o.k. for the children to lose out in order for the campaign promises to be kept; then there is a serious moral and accountability issue.

Who will rule the roost?

Mr. Brewer was elected the new Board President, Mr. Chavez the Vice-President and his brother-in-law Mr. Cannon as board secretary. For those of us that have followed the actions of these individuals with the ESD#6 and other school board elections, it really doesn't matter who holds what position, because it is clear that Ms. Mendelsohn who ran their campaigns and controls what they do or have done on the ESD#6 board, was up to her neck in the Southside ISD activities; as she was and has been in attendance at every meeting, openly giving them pointers and direction.

Mr. Brewer has been board president in name only as all documents that have come out of the district are signed by the VP- Mr. Chavez.

A marker -
Southside ISD, 1460 Martinez Losoya Road, San Antonio, TX 78221, USA
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