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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: Southside Isd Special Meeting- May 28, 2013; 2015 Who Will Keep Them Accountable

Updated on June 17, 2015
Dr. Juan Antonio Jasso
Dr. Juan Antonio Jasso

First Agenda of the Day

Second Agenda of the Day

The Southside ISD -board members "team" filed for yet another "special" school board meeting.

The agenda was put out at the beginning of the day, which fell suit with their campaign promise to get rid of the superintendent.


History has shown that Mr. Brewer and his "team" on the board; when he previously served did the same thing to then superintendent Mard Herrick. Replacing him with interim superintendent Fidel del Barrio. The Interim superintendent then hired Mr. Chavez, who currently sits on the board to work at his personal cattle company. Mr. Brewer was censured shortly after and replaced by board president Lisa Salazar. Mr. Del Barrio was not hired as the superintendent- as there was bad press out due to the goings on of the board and the interim superintendent which lead to his resignation, leaving the district Asst. Superintendent to oversee operations until Dr. Juan Jasso was hired by the district.

Records showed that Mr. Brewer voted unanimously with the board to hire Dr. Juan Jasso and also showed that Mr. Brewer voted to give Dr. Juan Jasso his pay raise and contract extensions as well; during his previous tenure as member of the board.

What changed in Mr. Brewer's opinion against Dr. Juan Jasso's abilities? Only Mr. Brewer and his "team" knew for sure.

Many possibilities were brought to light by the community.

  • A grudge by Mr. Cannon, his wife was a former and disgruntled employee of the district who left to work elsewhere and removing their children from the district.
  • A grudge by Mr. Cannon, whose mother-in-law was removed from her duties within in the district and relocated.
  • A grudge by Ms. Guzman, who was still suing the district and held Dr. Juan Jasso accountable for her being dismissed from her employment and was still looking to gain $860,000.
  • A grudge by Ms. Mendelsoh, the largest supporter, backer and campaign manager for these individuals. The school board sued Ms. Mendelsohn and the ESD6 and she has not been very happy since.

And the list goes on......


These candidates sent out text messages to get people to get to the polls to vote so they could "get rid of the superintendent". Mr. Luna spoke to employees/community members of the district and told them that they needed to vote to get the "three jotos- Jasso,Young and Ballardo" out of the district.

This hateful and amoral campaigning at the Southside ISD election brought out the worst of voters and continues to be at the detriment of the children; their safety, education and overall well being.


Is there something unethical here?

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Holding Them Accountable

The "team" of five has grown to seven since they took control of Southside ISD. Five of them are up for re-election/election.

Southside ISD Elections 2015:

  • Early Voting: April 27, 2015- May 5, 2015: Vote anywhere there is a "vote here" sign.
  • Election Day: May 9, 2015: Vote in your precinct.

The only way to hold them accountable, vote and make it count.

Revised Agenda

Mr. Brewer, changed the agenda at closing of day. Added to the meeting that there would be a discussion and action regarding the Guest Speaker at the commencement exercise which was to take place within 3 days.

History did not show where Southside ISD school board had ever voted on any decisions regarding the High School Graduation ceremony. So why did they now? Who did Mr. Brewer have in mind as a guest speaker? Could be a friend or relative?

This topic was more in line with day to day operations of the district and not something that falls under the school board; prompting research: (under board trustees). The sole role of a board member is to oversee policy, planning (ex. expansion of schools, etc) and evaluations. Board members are restricted from the management of day to day activities which fall under the role of the superintendent to oversee.

The Team spoke:

Mr. Brewer was absent from the meeting (he was working and living in Alice, TX), Mr. Chavez being the vice-president with the help of the schools attorney ran the school board meeting. Mr. Luna stayed long enough to have his vote counted to allow Mr. Chavez's son and Mr. Cannon's nephew to be a speaker at the commencement exercise for Southside ISD and left the meeting while in closed session to discuss the superintendents contract and evaluation.

Mr. Martinez and Mr. Knapp brought valid questions to the ethics of their actions and even scommented that if anything they should abstain from the vote for Mr. Chavez' son being a speaker, not surprisingly- neither of the four could see anything wrong with it. The item was then discussed in closed session, where upon their return, they voted exactly how they intended to and as Mr. Cannon, said prior to the closed session, "I don't care, I'll openingly vote for my nephew cause I'm proud of his accomplishments." The nephew was a graduate of Southside ISD and recently graduated from college.

The board took no action on the superintendents portion of the agenda.

Southside ISD

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Southside ISD Administrative Offices and Serveral Campuses


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