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Swine Flu Now Ebola!

Updated on September 2, 2014

Confidence In Your Good Health is the Solution

This is one of the biggest opportunities this century to show what we are capable of and also what our governments are capable of!

The governments are promoting a culture of fear and Ebola is one of their newest prodigies. Ignorance of the real facts helps them to go down this route and cause mahem in society. The only reason this works is that people are becoming robots to the system and so called "nanny state" and are not asking questions. A more apt title might now be "wicked stepmother" state rather than nanny, although I wouldnt want to associate stepmothers in general with the wickedness and evil of our so called governments!

Apparently somewhere in the region of 360 people died worldwide from the so called Swine Flu. It was not a pandemic - a lot of these were people with other illnesses and long standing conditions. I will give a link at the bottom of this article to more facts and figures and an excellent video put on line by a doctor.

How can you stand away from these fears and get real? As I said "fear" is the biggest enemy. It is a well known fact that it lowers your immune system as any state of dis-ease is immediately imaging from your emotional state of uneasyness to your physical state. As with the Law of Attraction on money and abundance so with health. As you think so you attract. You are responsible for what you think, feel and produce in your own system.

It is in the governments interest at these changing times to have a compliant population never doubt how much they have their own agendas in mind,]

Waking up now and taking back control is imperative. In the first years of this new century new laws were passed which enable the governments to completely control everyones lives to severe degrees including enforcement of vacination and isolation given certain criteria. Do not doubt that there may be other reasons for that sudden arrival of a new strain of flu a couple of years ago.. If you were keeping up with the real news items you would have seen that it arrived in Mexico where there was much uprising and out of control behaviour that the government and the police had been unable to defuse. Was this a coincidence?

After getting yourselves better informed on actual Ebola figures and where it came from begin a good health routine in both mind and body. ( I will attempt to find the video link I watched recently from a reporter who had been informed by a combined group from different research labs that blew the whistle on the virus being made and released on purpose).

Keep a good supply of vitamin C high dose tablets in house. A remedy I have used and passed onto hundreds of people over the years is 3,000 mg (3 grams) of vitamin C taken at the first onset of any flu or virus symptoms boosts your immune system. After 3 hours take another 3,000 mg (3 grams) and another after the next 3 hours. Total maximum dose for one day being 9,000 mg (9 grams). Carry on for three days and if symptoms have subsided then carry on with 1,000 mg (1 gram) a day for how ever long you would like to boost your symptom. This dose has never given me or anyone I have recommended it to any harm and has reduced and in many cases for me completely stopped the infection or virus in its tracks. When using this method you quite often notice coming upto the three hour gap from the first dose that the symptoms are returning so you are ready for the next dose but after a few doses the symptoms have gone.

The key at anytime of having flu or not is catching the very first symptoms, that slight tickle in your throat, the slight feeling that you are underpar. If you catch it when the symptoms have taken hold more still use the same dosage and at least you will be reducing the symptoms drastically. Being awake and more conscious of your own body and your feelings and intuition are paramount now and will be even more so for us as we go forward in the next few years.

Let the sun's rays shine on your body


Since the insistence of covering up from the suns rays there are many many people who are now deficient in vitamin D. Check this out and begin to eat more vitamin D rich foods. A natural diet of fresh live foods in a simple health giving diet are your salvation.

To show how fear takes hold and changes everything including the power of the immune system and all other systems in our own body I will tell you a story which had a huge impact on my understanding of this. Many years ago I was attending a lecture and workshop by a very well known guru figure in the self development world. I had not chosen to do the Firewalking Workshop but arrived for the next days workshop interested in how it had gone and what peoples experiences were the day before. To my horror I was met by two of the participants crawling towards their chairs who had been burnt on their feet the night before. This had never happened before in the history of these particular fire walking events. Needless to say their injuries were bad as far as walking was concerned but had only needed normal first aid. But why had it happened, I began asking those present what had happened and when. It took a lot of questions to find out the whole story. The preparation had gone really well, everyone becoming totally integrated with the knowledge that they could indeed control their bodies in every way. They would have been chanting the mantra to themselves as they stepped onto the white hot coals "cool green grass" or something to that effect. But what I found out was that the discipline in keeping this group separate from others using the building had been lapse in the final stages. The coals had been prepared and people were getting read to step onto them when a couple of other people entered the area who were not in the firewalking group. They had walked in on the group by accident. Their fear at what they realised was about to happen entered the room mingling with the auras of those who had been mediculously prepared. Some in the group were severely affected by this and their positive energy was affected so much that their feet were burnt! Lessons to be learnt here by those in charge on discipline and boundaries but also by those who were burnt.

Build your own positive energy field of health and life and do not mix and listen to those who are in fear or promoting fear. The fact is you can walk on white hot coals and not be burned but you can also walk on them if unprepared and not aware of your control over your body and be burned. This was the same as the Swine flu virus, did we allow it to become a world pandemic or did we stop it in its tracks? Many more people were awake when they tried the Swine flu pandemic and it didnt work! Remember this when you see/hear/read about Ebola.



Jane Burgermeister Camelot video 8th September '09

Eating healthy live food


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    • ii3rittles profile image

      ii3rittles 6 years ago

      I had swine flu and lived so HA! (lol) All jokes aside, swine flu was created by the US government to invoke fear into people's hearts so they could trick them into getting shots. Its all part of a plan they have to get us all micro chipped in the future! Don't give into the fear!

    • profile image

      Srikanthoms 8 years ago

      Swine flu scare shuts Google office in Hyderabad:Google India has had to shut down one of its offices in Hyderabad after one of the employees was confirmed to be suffering from the Related Articles