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Weapons of Mass Destruction: Proof That Syria's Chemical Weapons Came From IRAQ

Updated on February 7, 2013

Stockpiles of Chemical Weapons in Syria


Syria Under Scrutiny


Syrian Rebel Fighters

The World is Watching Syria

As fighting continues in Syria, the latest news comes that massive stockpiles of chemical weapons are dangerously close to where government forces are attacking rebel fighters. It has been estimated that 20,000 civilians have died so far in this civil war.

Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi has said: "These weapons are meant to be used only and strictly in the event of external aggression against the Syrian Arab people."

He has gone on record to say: "Any stocks of WMD or any unconventional weapons that the Syrian Arab Republic possesses would never, would never be used against civilians or against the Syrian people."

The greatest concern in the international community is that these chemical weapons fall into the hands of terrorists and will be used against the U.S. or Israel.

According to this CBS news report, Syria has "the largest operation stockpile of chemical weapons in the world."

CBS also reports "besides biological agents such as anthrax, Syria is believed to have hundreds of tons worth of chemical weapons ranging from paralyzing nerve agents like Sarin and VX to old-fashioned blister agents like mustard gas."

Where did they get such a large stockpile?

Excellent question, which is answered in the 2007 YouTube video below by General Georges Sada, former Iraqi National Security Advisor and retired general officer of the Iraqi Air Force.

At 1:09 in the video General Georges Sada says they had weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. At 1:40 - 2:30 in the video, General Georges Sada says the weapons of mass destruction were moved from Iraq to Syria.

Sorry liberals, but you can no longer say there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. You weren't there. General Georges Sada was. End of story.

Former Iraqi General Georges Sada

Don't Be Misinformed

Please do not be misinformed. The weapons of mass destruction that President Bush sought out in IRAQ were simply moved. General Georges Sada - a man who clearly knows the intelligence for the area - shares this in the above video.

Any political figure that continues to "blame Bush" and say there were no WMD's now must be silent on this issue, since the world can clearly see these chemical weapons dangerously close to a civil war.

The truth on this matter has now been made clear. It is time to move on when the discussion turns to Weapons of Mass Destruction. They have been found. Case closed.

President Bush acted in the best interest of this country, based on the intelligence he had, and it turned out to be correct. Iraq did have weapons of mass destruction.


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    • Rabadi profile image

      2 years ago from New York

      Wow, very interesting article!