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Sander's Deceit, Trump's Purge

Updated on February 22, 2020

Bad Actors All Around

Nothing like having unclean hands and motives in the U.S. presidential election with those trying to be the next President of the United States. Russia must be doing something right.

Bernie Sanders, a far-left socialist, who wants to turn much of the U.S. government into a Nordic-like socialist nation (think Sweden, Norway etc.) where the tax rate of 30-45% provides money for free healthcare, medications, free tuition, free this and that, also is deceitful.

A month ago, Sanders was briefed by U.S. Intelligence that the Russians were using social media to promote his presidential candidacy. Just like they do the same for Trump. Why, you ask?

Russian is sowing discord and fake news to gullible Americans too blind to see through their beliefs and greed. Knowing many Americans dislike the word association with socialism, they promote it and at the same time promote Trump, who is in Putin's pocket out of personal greed.

Sanders did not disclose that he knew this four weeks ago because he knew it would hurt his campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire. Of course, he claims it was a non-public briefing and yet, the Washington Post revealed the leak came from Trump's campaign and Trump brought it up. No doubt it was a smear on his campaign since Sanders is leading, but Sanders persona reveals he is no more truthful than Trump. Both withhold the truth to gain personal benefit. Russia did boost Sanders in 2016 in order that Clinton would not win.

As for Trump's purge, we have a crazy in the WH that acts like a Stalin in retribution and his demand of loyalty above all to himself. He has assigned the task to a former bodybuilder that Trump is fond of to investigate the American intelligence agency for those who are loyal to Trump and those who are not. This snake, who has no experience in government will determine who will stay and who will not according to Trump's will. It is a purge! Just like Stalin, Putin, and so many others have done to remove those that oppose.

Further, he has appointed another non-experienced person, Richard Grenell, in a dual role of Ambassador to Germany and National Intelligence based on his loyalty. Trump calls the intelligence about Russian meddling in promoting Trump as disinformation and does not think its true. This is all deja vu of 2016 and ignoring all the facts found out since then. Trump is emboldened since the impeachment failed and is targeting those that are not "yes" men and women to his policies.

Russia wants Americans to think the democracy no longer works through the voting process through the discord in America. Trump, by denying Russian interference, is helping it happen. Russia loves it.


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