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Saudi Arabia: a lesson for Iraq

Updated on June 26, 2011

One Arabian Peninsula that is enjoying peace and economic stability is Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is home to the two important places for Islam and Muslims—the Mecca and Medina. Saudi Arabia is also ruled by a monarchy. Political stability was made by assuring peace treaties and neutral zones in its border. It was also through constant efforts of the royal family to cleanse the city of heretic interpretation of the Qur’an and Islamic practices.

Tomb of Muhammad in Medina
Tomb of Muhammad in Medina | Source

But most of all and probably what has the biggest impact is the alliance of Saudi Arabia and the United States. It even initiated the efforts to help the Arab; particularly the Palestinians make peace with Israelis. The alliance also serves as the economic backbone, since the country is rich in petrol; Its economy relies on the constantly rising oil prices to keep its country stable. And one of its patron and loyal customer is the US.

If Iraq would want to enjoy the same prosperity and economic stability that Saudi Arabia is enjoying, then it might want to do some ‘heretic cleansing’ of its own. Extremists group and the presence of the al-Qaida network are not helping to bring forth peace to its people. The presence of the United States could be deemed as an advantage rather than an encroachment on the territory or an attack to Islam. The US could limit its political influence in the country to promote peace talks and hopefully the war in Iraq would subside.


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