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Save the future of Earth

Updated on February 15, 2013

Our Earth

Earth is the only known planet in our universe which has most favorable condition for life. It is full of oxygen, water, and other necessary minerals which are essential for a living. To protect the earth from hazardous gases and ultra-violet radiations, it has a blanket in the form of ‘ozone layer’. But unfortunately, future of our earth does not look so promising, this ozone layer is depleting and becoming very thin due to global warming, which is a cause of worry for us and especially for our future generation. If it continues to fade away like the current situation, there would be a very destructive impact on the living conditions and environment.

Our earth will get surrounded with toxic gases and living here would be quite difficult for the survivors. These gases will pollute the air, water and hence we will have less oxygen for us to breathe. Only few places on the earth may left suitable for living, but that would only be for some more couple of years. The main reason behind depletion of ‘ozone layer’ is lack of green fields. We are cutting more and more trees for the sake of our new roads, tall buildings and occupying all the space that was meant for nature. Less number of trees and greenery means less oxygen left for us to have proper and clean breathing. Now asthma and breathe relating diseases are spreading more than earlier days due to lack of fresh air. We are creating a mess for our elderly life and for our future generations by cutting trees and wasting water.

Our Future Earth

Expected Future of our Earth
Expected Future of our Earth

Save Earth

Stop Global Warming
Stop Global Warming
Save Earth ; Grow Trees
Save Earth ; Grow Trees
Spread Word and Save Earth
Spread Word and Save Earth

Save Earth

As per many surveys, water level is going down minute by minute. With in few years, there will be a time when water will be in so scarce that there may be fights just for the sake of water. Our future generation may not be able to see as many water resources as we are seeing today. For them, it might be a precious resource which we used to waste just like anything. Then water resources, beautiful lakes and rivers would be just a matter of stories and pictures – a thing of past and history.

That time, we may feel guilty when we will tell them that there was so much water in the past that we could bath and swim for hours, washed our cars with a hose pipe and wasted it for many unknown reasons. We can not tell them that we were unaware about the preciousness of water as we all are educated and warned many times and know the value of this precious resource. But still, we treat all these natural resources as nothing and continue to waste them without thinking for the coming generations.

There is a famous quote and it seems that some day, it may become true and then we will understand the real value of nature than money:

"Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money." ~Cree Indian Proverb

With the lack of water, there would be so many diseases and problems for the coming generation, mainly there will be skin diseases, kidney problems and the whole world will stink with less water. Already there is a decrease in rainfall levels since some years and water level in some rivers has gone very low. All this will also affect unemployment, lack of electricity, and overall it will make the conditions worst for living and our earth will not remain a favorable place to live.

‘Go Green, don’t waste Water and Save Earth’


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