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Scandalmania: Our Tax Dollars Not at Work

Updated on May 12, 2014

Ringers of Mass Deception

This Picture SPEAKS volumes!
This Picture SPEAKS volumes!
Proof Positive: Tax Dollar not being used properly.
Proof Positive: Tax Dollar not being used properly.
Tea Party(GOP)'s ideal pursuits, wrong answers!
Tea Party(GOP)'s ideal pursuits, wrong answers! | Source
Truth Hurts No Matter How You Try To Spin it
Truth Hurts No Matter How You Try To Spin it | Source

The Tea Party Reincarnant

Although most conservative GOP candidates and elected officials prior to 2009, did have some intentions of doing somethings that were for the greater good of American society as a whole. But since the Obama administration came into office and with it the hellish spawn of the then conservative GOP a.k.a. Tea Party began immediately sucking all of the air and common decency out of every room it enters.

This Tea Party is merely a misguided and hateful child that didn't get things it's way, (i.e. their 2012 Presidential Candidate didn't win and the re-election of the country's first African American President) and it has been having a temper tantrum every since.

With amount of time and energy that they, Tea Party (GOP) have wasted on issues long since forgotten by the people of this country and the media in general. So called scandals that never really materialized into anything remotely close to tarnishing the Obama administration, but to distract the public from the issues that we're all wanting to see address by the US Congress as a whole. Policies to create jobs, the correcting of the once downward spiraling economy, and Immigration reform. Not to go BACKWARDS to re-fight issues that have been settled since the early 1960's.

There has never in American History been a sitting US President to face this much blatant and somewhat hateful obstructionism as President Obama has had to do. They have fought him every step of the way but he has prevailed anyway, passing healthcare reform, some 50 straight months of private sector jobs created and the real kicker the national unemployment rate at 6.3%. the lowest rate it has been since 2008.

Let's Get These Facts Out There

This is a travesty to American Taxpayers!
This is a travesty to American Taxpayers! | Source

Hidden GOP Facts

I'll guess that by not having offsets it raised the debt.
I'll guess that by not having offsets it raised the debt. | Source
a quick reminder of false GOP perspectives.
a quick reminder of false GOP perspectives. | Source
Positive Changes for the greater good, despite their obstructionists ways.
Positive Changes for the greater good, despite their obstructionists ways. | Source

GOP Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

At face value the GOP tries to deny this administration any credit for doing things that they would do anyway, like extending long term benefits to the unemployed when President G. W. Bush did it five times without offsets to pay for it. Or blame President Obama for the soaring national deficit, when in fact his predecessor came into office with a budget surplus of $280 Billion and left an $11,000,000,000,000 (TRILLION) dollar deficit.

Quickly squandering that surplus like it was merely pocket change in the nation's budget. With two wars, the doughnut hole in the Prescription Drug Plan and other financial missteps to blowup the debt. Yet the policies set forth under Obama have been the fastest deficit reduction since WWII.

How quickly the Tea Party (GOP) forgets the things they supported before the Obama Administration came into office. Things like Infrastructure Spending which he proposed and they quickly killed it in Congress. Other things they liked before he came out in support of; things like the Dream Act, Deficit Spending, & Cap and Trade but since he liked those ideas they're now all of a sudden bad for the country.

Don't get me started on GOP's U.S. Congressional Leadership in the House or the Senate, because it seems to me that they wake up each morning with little Tea Party birdies singing in their collective ears on how to obstruct the President at every turn. It also seems to me that the American people should be able to see through their charades and tell them to do the jobs that they were elected to do. And stop throwing the will of the people under the bus on issues that we all hold dear, (i.e. universal background check, raising the minimum wage, and immigration reform among others) when the numbers are there to show that it's what they're supposed to be doing anyways.


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