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The Education System Is Failing Us.

Updated on August 13, 2017

First Off

To start off, I'm not encouraging anyone to start paying less attention to their academics/education. This article is just to give hope to children who don't cope as well in school as others. There IS hope!

To some of you it might seem outrageous, and even stupid to say that the education system is flawed. I mean, how else are you going to educate your child in the first place? Well, it turns out that the education system is not that reliable at all. In fact, in terms of success, and being happy in what you're doing, i'd say that it's doing more harm than good. In fact, lots of the successful people we know of have taken the risk to drop out of school to pursue their dreams, and ignore what the system has taught them.

But let's not get too carried away, lets continue with the article, shall we?


We Are Taught That Mistakes Are Bad

School sub-consciously teaches you that mistakes are bad,and you shouldn't make mistakes. We need to make mistakes in order to learn. For example, think of something you're really good at, or a big life lesson you've learnt from experience. How did you learn it? From experience. What do you need to to in order to gain experience and learn? Make mistakes. Now school teaches you that you should never make mistakes, Mistakes are a sin, And that if you make mistakes, you should be punished for it. How are we ever gonna learn like this? Does this not sound a bit like how robots work?

Although it might not even be their intention, it does happen.You shouldn't be punished or looked down on for asking questions or being a slower learner in general.

teacher's pets...
teacher's pets... | Source

Defines Children According To Their Marks.

I remember, when i was in school and i would get a bad report, how ashamed people use to make me feel. They'd call me lazy, stupid, undedicated, etc. I went into a stage of my life where I would stress constantly because of the situation, since I never really was the type of kid to just conform. I started feeling bad for this, and thinking my life is going no where.

Children should never be judged for their grades, whether they're good or bad, as this says almost nothing about the child. One of my favorite sayings by Albert Einstein is "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will live it's whole life thinking that it is stupid." Basically, what he means is that everyone different abilities, different talents, and different weaknesses, it's what makes us unique. But if you expect everyone to be able to do this one thing (eg. school), the people that struggle with it will think that they are stupid and don't have any potential.


Not All Children Are The Same

School puts a random group of different kids together in one class, based on how old they are. Then, they expect them all to learn at the same pace and to all conform. It's actually crazy that this system still exists! Isn't it obvious that people have different abilities and interests, and not everyone is going to learn at the same speed?

For example, I was diagnosed in grade 8 (although you could say I've showed signs of it my whole life) with severe "ADHD", i don't know whether it's an actual disorder or what not to be honest, and i don't actually know if i believe in it, but i think it's actually an advantage over other people to have this 'disorder' in some cases. I find my mind is more active and creative, and although i'll hardly pay attention to subjects that don't intrigue me, it actually helps me in lots of situations and making me think of ideas. Of course, there are some downsides to it, such as examining someone's face instead of listening to them, but, you know, i'm working on it everyday. Of course some kids will do well at school too, because they've got good intellectual intelligence. And that's obviously very helpful!

"Already told you ma'am, i'm becoming a pro skater"
"Already told you ma'am, i'm becoming a pro skater" | Source

It Is Failing. Miserably.

Period. It is failing, simply put. And it's not surprising that it's failing, it is such a corrupt, unstable, poor system with so many problems, and even corruption. Many people have achieved success with other means to pursue their passions and dreams. Here are a few famous ones: Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, David Karp, Aretha Franklin, etc. You know how they managed? Because they believed in themselves, and they knew what their duty was in life, and they knew what they wanted, and they did it. They also knew how to do it and that they had to work hard to get it. Sure, not everyone can be the next best rapper, actor or whatever it is you want to be, but you can still be a success as long as you put in the right input.

Koi Fresco: The Truth About Public Education.


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