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Scriptural Sophy

Updated on August 10, 2018
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I've united god into devil & all opposites to make them their nomenclature's definitions so understanding me require defining words.

How The Beat Goes On

Scriptures say God’s word will not return to him void but accomplishes what he wills it. To know what those words mean we must first comprehend the working of God’s words. To accomplish that we must understand how a generator’s energy works between it and the appliances it runs.

God’s Word Returns

An electric generator produces what’s called negative energy because it leaves the source and arriving at the appliance energy is positive for being received. Leaving the appliance it becomes negative again even if goes through other appliance where it arrives positive. Thus, the energy is negative by departing a source and positive by arriving at a source, even if only back to the generator. God is the negative source sending it as a positive message to human receivers.

God's messages are sent to woman although their meanings ARE NOT to be understood until they get passed through others until reaching the one meant to understand it. Although it gets altered and distorted being passed through different people it is all the plan. The reason? There’s a specific individual and a set time for the interpretation to be released to human and that’s just before the world terminates.


Sonny and Cher - The Beat Goes On

Human and woman are minds unable to comprehend all things being incomplete man like tadpoles are incomplete frogs. That uncomprehending state causes ignorance, selfish, greed and self-satisfying intentions for producing karma, our schoolmaster, to teach all life-forces the emotional consequences of every conceivable action being guided by judgmental adjectives cause. That brings the reincarnating of our life-forces into the scenario for experiencing every possible earthen experience as both the givers and receivers. Also like tadpoles becoming frogs, at a predetermined time woman graduate into man.

Those graduating woman are the last of their life-force’s incarnating sequence in what I call a timeline. That happens just before the world’s end that the Christ calls ten virgins in a parable representing ten percent of civilization’s end time population. The Christ called the process born again suggesting they are chosen to become enlightened as the tadpoles turning into frogs is symbolical of.

Those woman who become man, with man meaning minds able to comprehend all things, are God preventing the word from becoming void. Each timelines is composed of nine percent of the world’s human population, a multitude of every element the earth is composed of and a multitude of every life type on earth. That is why man are to have dominion (ability to exceed) powers over the earth and everything hereon; one has to have been a thing to exceed its abilities.

That is why the messiah said the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, before something can be remembered it has to have once been something you once knew or have experienced. That is why god’s word does not return to him void, it is all something we foreknew and experienced.

The hub shows Negative and Positive is relative and all things are in cycles.

Can you accept the premise?

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