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Security Issues in Yemen are Getting More Attention Under the War

Updated on November 19, 2015
Scales of Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen - 2015
Scales of Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen - 2015 | Source

Current Security Issues in Yemen

Having a daily routine that includes bombardments and airstrikes is something very usual in different cities comprising my country, Yemen. If you would spend your day without having such events, you should expect something wrong and you should also be afraid. This state of fear would emerge from expecting something worse than the typical bombardments and airstrikes at large.

Yemeni People—in the whole country without any exceptions—are terribly afraid of the current war and seriously thinking about its catastrophic aftermaths. They steadily anticipate death from the land or the air at everywhere and at all times. People sometimes have no clues or clear explanations about the real causes of the war, the real warring parties on land and on air, and the expected time for ending all of that. Major large cities in the country lack of security because of having fierce confrontations between different political and military powers existing there which steering by diverse regional powers. This multiplicity in internal and external powers creates daily bloody events under the current war which makes living in a large city a very dangerous issue for innocent civilians. Accordingly, millions of Yemeni civilians have been unwillingly displaced from their homes in these large cities. They instead have resided in their villages or in other nearby countries such as Djibouti, Sudan, and even the Gulf States including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia itself.

Lack of security is one of the main and most important reasons that push people in my city to abandon it and to search for safer places to live in. Those people are majorly women, children, and senile persons. Other categories of people —such as matured and young individuals—forcefully had to stay in their cities under the fights, airstrikes, and bombardments. They hardly try to secure the necessary sources of fund for their families and children who have been left behind in their villages or even abroad.

A Displaced Family in Yemen
A Displaced Family in Yemen | Source

Yemenis and Security Issues

Through my daily discourses with diverse people at my work, my quarter, the grocery store, the public transportation, the mosque, or other places in the city, it is obvious to say that people do not need to have nutritive food, pure water, new clothes, electricity, or plentiful fuel; all they need now is to have security and nothing more. Their expressions while discoursing greatly insist on firstly having security on the country and on having a peaceful future for their families. We should keep in our minds that life of displacement during wars is a very painful thing especially if this person—either a woman of a man—was forced to quit and leave her/his only job, to abandon her/his city, to live in a tent or a refugees’ camp, or to be separated from her/his family.

I sometimes remember the tragic events of World War I and II which caused calamitous havoc, displacement, deaths, and insecurity in the whole world. I then sadly asked myself, what would be the situations here if the war would last for a long time in Yemen and who would really pay the price?

Camps of Displaced Families in Yemen
Camps of Displaced Families in Yemen | Source

Do you think that Security should be the first concern amid Yemenis during the current war in Yemen?

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