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Senator Chuck Schumer’s Crying of Tears - On Account - Of The Temporary Muslim Ban....

Updated on February 2, 2017

Schumer Senator Chuck Schumer’s Crying Tears - On Account - Of The Temporary Muslim....

There are many of my friends who are not going to like what I have to say in this particular blog, because, as it is my wont, I write freely from the objective confines/prism of my Traditional Christianity, and free from the fetters of venal, Political Correctness, that is malignantly, plaguing our modern social and political discourse. To that enlightened end, I saw yesterday that New York’s Senator Schumer were literally crying tears because of President Trump’s Executive Order that temporarily bans Muslim immigrants from seven Muslim countries.

It is far from me to opine on someone else’s emotional state - but there are questions that beg themselves because of the tearful outbursts of New York’s senior Democratic Senator. There were many Jews, especially those who were employed at Cantor Fitzgerald, who died at the hands of Muslim terrorists during 911 -- say it with me… did anyone saw Senator Schumer shed any public tears then? Hundreds were killed, respectively, in France and Belgium, due to Muslim terrorism - once again, did the good Senator shed any tears publicly then too for our cousins across the pond? In our own country again, Muslim terrorists murdered scores of American citizens in Miami, Boston, and in San Bernardino… did Senator Schumer let go of the monsoon of tears he shed because President Trump’s Executive Order for those American citizens that were murdered? Do I need to discuss the literal dozens of thwarted terrorist acts...?

I personally find it laughable when I see certain politicians spewing tears, or feigning outrage, when said politicians believe in murdering babies via Abortion and that those same politicians - Senator Schumer included - have championed legislation to carve out a murderous exception to the Hippocratic Oath to no harm, so as to enable doctors to murder babies, even babies in their ninth month of Life. Incidentally, the same questions I am asking of Senator Schumer I am also asking of Hollywood elites and many of the Democrats who are marching at the various airports around this country. By the way, does anyone thinks that the vain-glorious of Hollywood, who are vociferous on this issue, are going to volunteer to house any of these would-be immigrants?

Learned men and women who watched Senator Schumer shed his copious tears must ask: was this display of emotions… a chronic case of the ‘Stockholm Syndrome,’ or moreover, borne of identity politics, which is a cancerous symptom of the deservedly, maligned, Political Correctness? What is wrong with a temporary ban to secure the homeland? I wonder if the French, the Germans, Belgium, and the British, to a lesser extent, are not having angst over the Trojan Horse of immigrants that are roaming free in Europe... many of whom did not receive the proper vetting. It was a few weeks ago, the outgoing Homeland Security head, along with many in our Intelligence services, who served under President Obama, said that many Muslim sleeper cells are here… with the FBI vigilantly, I hope, keeping tabs on them.

Like President Trump or not - did he not run on such a platform and won… and please do not tell me about the popular vote because the Electoral College has been part of our Constitution for hundred-of-years, for weal or woe. In the coming days, we are going to hear about the famous Ellis Island and Emma Lazarus' ‘Colossus’ poem… the latter that speaks about immigrants: …send your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…. O how I wished that the ideals of Emma Lazarus’ poem were speaking of an era/epoch void of that perverse strain of Islam and its converts that are hell-bent on slaughtering apostates, which is virtually all of us. The truth be told that if those who believe and practice murderous jihad had the chance to murder anyone of us who is deemed an apostate… Senator Schumer would be ahead of the queue because of his Jewish heritage….

I have used Van Morrison’s song - Take It Where You Find It - about the dreams and benisons of America’s Democracy. Drill down into the hyperlink and enjoy.


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    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 13 months ago

      Schumer is a phony who brings nothing to the table except lies and deliberate distortion. He ought to be ashamed of himself.

    • erorantes profile image

      Ana Maria Orantes 13 months ago from Miami Florida

      I like your writing. Some people cry for joy or because the pay is equal to the work done. To pass your hub. You need to have three pictures. Your paragraphs are in order. If you can insert some pictures in each paragraph; it will look organized. You need to check your grammar and the words ; you used. Some words are not allow in hub pages. In other sites people do not care; you can use any words. Good luck with your article. You are an observer man. Me too.