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Senseless Killings (Trayvon Martin, an example)

Updated on October 1, 2012
Official: Charges coming in Trayvon Martin death
Official: Charges coming in Trayvon Martin death | Source

Why Did It Take So Long?

"Official: Charges coming in Trayvon Martin death" ... finally, and, about time; however, watch it is just a slap on the hand kind of charge! This is just another tragic ending, to some (I will not name), of a young life, taken too soon. Something needs to give. Now, the need for the same attention shown here, need to be taken in Chicago; and other places ... serious effort, to catch, and punish, anyone (regardless of race; or, even, if they are the police, taking the law into their own hands, or overstepping their authority), very severely ... to stop all these senseless killings! This Country is moving backwards! This Country is heading in the direction of becoming a blood bath; if it has not become one, already. I will, now, sit back, to await the announcement, at 6 p.m. (Florida Time, I guess) to see if Trayvon Martin, will, finally, get the justice that he, and his family, deserves; and Zimmerman, the punishment, that he, allegedly, brought upon himself. On the part of the 911 Tape that we, the public, were allowed to hear; the 911 operator had, even, asked Zimmerman to stop following this child. We, the public, do not know what else is on that tape; besides the voice, thought to be Trayvon's, horrible screams. Of course, as I pointed out, in some of my other articles ... it is not up to any of us, the public, to judge, or come to the final conclusion of Zimmerman's guilt, or innocence; Zimmerman is presumed innocent, until proven guilty. And, like anyone, he should have his day in court; and be judged by the selected jury, of his peers, if there is one, or by the Judge, overseeing this case. For now, we just have to wait. Rest in Peace, Trayvon.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My story continued; after charges were filed ...

Wow! I had to take some time to calm myself down, and to reflect upon on how this Prosecutor came to the decision of only filing a Second Degree Murder Charge, against Zimmerman. Zimmerman, himself, admitted that he took it upon himself to follow Trayvon; and still did so, after he was told to stop following him. This appears premeditated to me. He, even, had a gun, took it out; and, obviously, had the safety off. Premeditated, again, to me. If he had the safety off, of the gun; it only appears that he meant to use it. Again, premeditated to me. So, why wasn't he charged with First Degree Murder? I still say that the charges were watered down; even, if it was only by one degree. There should have been more than one charge; in my opinion. Granted, again, we, the public, do not have all of the information, of this case; however, still I have to question this decision. Anyway, according to an article that I read; after this charged was announced; Trayvon's parents are satisfied, that he was, finally, arrested. And, I guess this is what should matter. Now, we must wait for the next Chapter ...


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    • NigelSr profile image

      Sharon Pharms 6 years ago from Illinois

      Mmmm ... First, this is my opinion; as I am positive that I mentioned in my article. Secondly, everyone is entitled to their opinion; even, all the other hubbers who wrote opinions about this matter. And, third, obviously, you appear to lack in your 'spelling' of words; I suggest that you use a dictionary, next time, or a spelling checker (of some kind). Finally, are you related to Zimmerman, or something; or, is it that you just share in his belief, and, in his choice, of the way that he chooses to deal with individuals, or his, obvious thrill, in hunting down, and killing people ... especially, children (of any race)?

      P.S. Oh, and again (just in case you still are not clear), all of my statements are my opinion. Now, who eat a "bowl of stupid, each day?"

    • Neil Horton profile image

      Larry Horton 6 years ago from Greenwood, Arkansas

      If you prefer to live in a country where you are guilty until proven innocent such as Mexico or Iran, they I highly suggest you move there since your hub clearly proves that you do not care about Due Process. You do not have one single clue as to Zimmerman's guilt or innocense do you? If you do then please let the Florida Supreme Court know so that way they dont have to waste all that money.... I am amazed at just how many rush to judgement. It must be that bowl of stupid they eat each day.