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Sewage From Trump's White House Swamp

Updated on August 22, 2018
The First Couple back in 2005-6
The First Couple back in 2005-6

Donald Trump once vowed to clean up the political swamp in Washington, D.C., yet he remains inept in cleaning up his own White House swamp. In fact, if it were not the fact that he is the President of the United States, many think he would be indicted along with his attorney, Cohen, in an obvious conspiracy to impact the 2016 election.

Of course, it is no shock that President Trump contorts, twists, the truth into his own fake news. Even his close supporters claim there are "many truths" to a single charge or event. Of course, it is no shock he is a liar of monumental proportions and few actually believe what he says. Of course, it is no shock he directed Cohen to pay-off a porn star and secret lover in separate "hush money" to prevent the bad press just befor the 2016 election in October. Trump is really just a sleazy guy who cheats on his wife, pays off critics, impersonates critics as he has done prior to him getting lucky in the 2016 election. Of course, we are not shocked when he states that Paul Manafort is a great guy after eight felony counts of tax evasion and fraud. Then, to threaten to "pardon" the guy to absolve him of any guilt stigma.

Sex, Lies, and Videotape

This POTUS brought into the public domain his past sexual escapades with a porn star and a Playboy Bunny. His skeletons from the closet swamp may be his downfall. He brought so many lies about just about all things that the truth is buried, which is why Mueller is taking his time finding the scum. And, there is actually video of Trump, before his presidency, degrading women in the vilest manner and outright lying to reporters about knowing about the payment to keep both quiet while he is POTUS.

No Collusion

Like a horse with blinders, Trump uses his stupid rallies to boost his ego and pretends the smoking gun directed at his head is not there. It is true, there has been no collusion yet found between Trump's election and the Russians. But, if Cohen does know something and can prove it that Trump knew of the meeting in Trump tower with his son and Russians. It was just before or during the meeting the mysterious call arrived with a blocked out number. Many think it was President Trump, but all they need to do is get the AT&T records to see. But, would it really be a shock if we did find out that President Trump knew of the meeting before it happened? It would not be a shocker to find out that it was Trump who set it up, because he loves Russians.

Why Russians?

Back in 2013, he and his team nearly had a contract signed in Moscow to build a Trump Tower there. They had selected a site, they had secured Russia's largest construction firm to build it. Everything but Putin. Putin, at the time, was having his own international issues and either was not interested then or simply said "Nyet". He did allow the Miss Universe to be held there, which made millions for Trump. Although Trump claims not much had been agreed to regarding the tower, the Russians involved clearly say otherwise. Donald's wife was the person who went out looking for a building site.

The Trump Tower in Moscow remains President Trump's missed opportunity and explains why he refuses to drag the Russians into the swamp and worships Putin. In the back of his mind, he knows in 2020, he may not get re-elected and will try once again for the Moscow Tower, this time, with Putin's blessing.


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