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Sex, Abortion, Perversion, Contraception, and Politics in America

Updated on October 16, 2014

Rape OK IF They are Christian Girls, Right?

The Islamic State is taking over a large swath of the Middle East in their attempt to create the new Caliphate which will be, according to their beliefs, both Islamic and a State - a direct contradiction of the words of the U.S. President, Barack Hussein Obama who said in a speech that ISIL is neither Islamic nor a state. What is actually behind the ideology? Why is it important to President Obama to run protection for Islam but at the same time turn a blind eye to those Christians being raped, beheaded, slaughtered in the name of Islam? Where is the story from the media recognizing what is going on here? One cable news network has been covering this, Fox, but it is no where to be seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and barely if ever on CNN or MSNBC.

Starving Child In Biafra

Where is the Media Photo?

Motivating the American public into action against something terrible requires and effort from and including the general media in America. The term, "Low Information Voter" coined by radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh appropriately identifies most Americans source and interest in what is news. People magazine is more likely found on a coffee table than the Wall Street Journal I am sure. The "LIV" can tell you who is marrying whom and just about everything about hair color to shoe size on an actress or jive dancing rap star, but ask them who was known as the Father of the country - referring to America - and no one knows. Ask who the Vice President is and no one has a clue - but ask if Beyonce' put a finger in it, and everyone knows.

In the 1960's there was a terrible situation in Africa involving drought, starvation, infectious diseases, war and basically what is still going on in parts of Africa. But a photographer snapped a photo of a starving Biafran child with a distended belly due to lack of food - and the tears flowed almost as fast as the money and the political support to do "something" for the poor in Africa. It was one picture that was used over and over - and the "starving kids in Biafra" became common knowledge even among young school children. I know, I was one of them. It was a common refrain from parents to clean your plate and be happy you had something on your plate - unlike those "starving kids in Biafra."

UNICEF grabbed hold of the idea as it needed more people to put quarters and dollars in those little collection boxes at Halloween - so they came out with another kid, this time looking sad, a little dried snot and flies in their cute little face. Did it work? Sure it did - as the tears flowed so did the money and support to provide for these children and their families in Africa and around the world. The pictures and later video of the flies seemed to be pretty effective so it was used over and over - particularly on Saturday morning during cartoons - so an entire generation grew up contributing to save the children and send money to help.

Christians are being slaughtered, beheaded, raped, and ravaged.

Should President Obama continue to defend Islam and the beheading and rape of young Christian girls?

See results

Developing the Narrative for the Left

In the situations mentioned above it has all been about reaching the point of crisis and then putting a face on it to get the American people, and all their generosity and caring for others to get involved and be moved to action physically and monetarily. The major TV networks generally work in concert to deliver the information in such a way that consensus is made fairly quickly. With the generally accepted liberal bent within the management of these media giants the ideology of the left is portrayed as the only right thing to do. Anyone who would speak against the direction provided is marginalized, demonized or excused as a wing-nut not worthy of comment.

But was a whole story ever really offered? We don't know. We do know that later a cable news network came out that changed the way we received news forever. All the sudden, news, TV news, was on a 24 hour cycle along with weather. If it happened anywhere in the world, moments later there was a reporter on site and they were telling us what was going on - tornado, hurricane, flood, coup, war, whatever it was, CNN was there reporting about it. No longer would Charles Cronkite own the news. Newspapers felt their first real competition and people began getting more information than they had ever gotten in the past - often with a somewhat different perspective.

Then the Internet was invented by Al Gore and again, the whole world became available in moments instead of only at 6pm and only on 3 channels. (Just kidding about Al Gore, he said it, I really am just kidding.) But even with new faces, CNN was at its roots still somewhat of a liberal or left leaning organization later being dubbed the Clinton News Network. Then something else happened in the media. Something else huge. AM radio had just about bitten the dust and along came one individual with good backing and a great presentation. Rush Limbaugh, previously a disk jockey spinning disks for rock stations and later a PR person for baseball team - jumps into the national scene after stints on the radio as a personality. And Rush had plenty of personality - and opinion - which differed greatly with almost all of the news media in the country. He came out strong as a conservative - just about the time the House came up with the Contract with America and the republicans took over the House and Senate saving a failed presidency for Bill Clinton providing the best two years of his presidency even if he did defame the office, lose his law license and deflower an intern in the Oval Office. It wasn't until after that did the hottest new cable news network hit the airwaves offering a fresh voice - and offering to have both sides of any subject at least be represented. Because both sides are generally represented, it was made to be so far right the rest of the media tends to refer to it as white trash TV. But whatever they want to say about Fox, it beats out all the others in the same genre and time slots on a regular basis.

Buy my birth control
Buy my birth control

Sex Costs Money

  • In the U.S. Public expenditures for family planning services totaled $2.37 billion in FY 2010
  • When inflation is taken into account, public funding for family planning client services increased 31% from FY 1980 to FY 2010

Sex is Good, Sex is Right, Sex in ANY form should be Condoned. (and paid for)

How have we gotten to the point where the hippies of the '60's and drug induced thought processes of the '70s have moved the young people of the 2010s to believe that sex, in any way, is good and should not only be condoned but encouraged and paid for by the government. In testimony before Congress, one particularly snarky voice was being offered up as how ALL women felt about sex. It wasn't just a fluke of science or nature that young women were demanding that their contraceptives be paid for by all tax payers in the country. The average cost of the "pill" runs about $9 a month. Of course if you aren't having sex, you don't need the pill but that argument has been met with cacophonous uproars about how much sex a woman wants to have is up to her. But I guess, paying $9 a month so she can have that sex is asking too much of her, particularly since most health departments, particularly near college campuses, hand out condoms for males for free.

But it isn't just rampant, continuous, sex - it is sx with everyone and everything that fits that is demanded to be accepted. Norms mean absolutely nothing anymore because what you see as normal or moral will not fit into the discussion, you wing-nut!. If someone wants to have sex with someone of the same sex it used to be called homosexuality, then it was gay or lesbian sex. Now, if it is considered anything other than just sex, it had to be a bigot that stated what was. There are movements that we accept other kinds of pleasures some people find and these are gaining momentum too - from incest to bestiality there is no end people will go to satisfying sexual pleasures. With the abhorrence of any kind of moral code, there is no condemnation of any kind of action. The only action that MUST be allowed and demanded to be paid for beyond contraception is abortion. After all, even if we do pay for the contraception, why would anyone be held responsible for not taking them? They must have a back door...abortion.


Sex is OK in ANY Fashion, Even Rape...but Abortion?

I have tried to do the calculation as to why we aren't seeing outrage in America over what is going on in Iraq and Syria. Why are there no clamoring voices screaming at the tops of their lungs that what is happening there should not be happening. Back to the low information voters, the president's position on Islam and the news media - and what just may be needed to be understood to get this off the back page.

We know for a fact that ISIS/ISIL has slaughtered thousands of people as they took over territory abandoned by Obama when he didn't fight for a contingent force to be left in Iraq. He argues that an agreement on status of forces which protects out troops during a time of war from being arrested in the host country for killing or injuring someone. He didn't fight for one when it was offered. It wasn't convenient and didn't fit his ideology and his campaign commitments to get out of Iraq. But guess what, we are operating today with the exact status of forces agreement he was offered that has not been ratified by the Iraqi Parliament before leaving Iraq. But because of his demand to get out of Iraq, we have had tens of thousands slaughtered by ISIS and the blood is on is hands. He wasn't brought to action at all until the dam that could flood our embassy was taken and later thousands of refugees had fled to a mountain where our inept leader dropped water and food after thousands more had died, yet he was reluctant and slow to act and show any kind of leadership from the front.

What else is going on that isn't happening? You see these ISIS thugs believe in a new Islamic Caliphate and that they are the ones to bring it forward. So what is one of the ways they do this - beyond beheading, beating, taxing, slaughtering people - they RAPE THE WOMEN. Wait, not just women, young women too, wait not just young women, children as young as 3 years old. They make them sex slaves. They force them to have sex and intend to spread their vile seed and impregnate these women so to extend their numbers through their children by these young Christian women. And why is there no rally, hue and cry from the American Feminists? It is just sex after all. The men just want to have sex -and sex, all sex is good.

When Sex Isn't OK?

Expanding Their Caliphate

As these scumbags slither across the sands of Northern Iraq where thousands of Americans gave the ultimate sacrifice to provide potential, freedom and a future as well as billions in American treasure - they are raping young girls, as young as 6-7 years old, mutilating 3-year old children, placing them into slavery, yes slavery and impregnating them with their vile seed. This may be the straw that makes the left wake up. They do not allow abortions. They do not pay for any kind of birth control. Women are chattel. Women have no rights and even the mutilation of the young girls genitalia is so they cannot find pleasure in sex. What a fluke of nature. But I am confident, until the left sees the right photo in the news, nothing will be done. Nothing will motivate the unswerving left because it is only seen as these people having sex. But maybe if the right message hits them, they will in fact move.

No Abortions


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    • Abby Campbell profile image

      Dr Abby Campbell 

      3 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Interesting article... one that tells it like it should be. The sad thing is that most people turn their head to the reality and truthfulness to it all. :-(


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