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Sex Offenders and Sexual Predators in Your Neighboorhood: Here's How To Find Them!

Updated on August 20, 2011

How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?

For anyone who knows me, that answer is simple. I don't know who my neighbors are. Unfortunately though, I've had some horrific ones.One was an abusive boyfriend who beat his girlfriend nightly, another a dealer who filled the hallways with the smell of marijuana and had a constant in and out of "less than desirables." And finally, a murderer.

However, I must admit that even though I have experienced the hell of horrible neighbors, nothing would test my limits than to know I have a sexual predator, a pedophile living next door. I recently did a search to find out if, and if so, where they were. I live in a small town and really did ot expect any findings.But, to my surprise, there is two. TWO! Not only are they in my neighborhood but they are close, too close for my comfort.

How To Find Out

Okay folks, I'm not saying we should all check to see where they live, gather a group and do a public hanging. Rehabilitation is low, reoccurance is high, especially with so many for our officials to "watch over." There is an estimated 700,000 registered sexual offenders in the USA alone. With that high of offenders, why not be a bit more aware and possibly preventing it from happening to you or the ones you love. We have control over so little, why not make yourself have some.

To retrieve information about Predatory Offenders in a selected area, you can:

Go to your States Department of Corrections Website. Here it will tell you who they are, the crime commited and where they live. Most with photos of offender.Not every state discloses every registered offenders information as it depends on the severity of the crime. But it is a good place to find out who is in your immediate area.

Go to your local Police Station and complete an information request form. Unfortunatley all states websites are not designed to amke this search simple. However, these are public files and you have a right to see them. Going to the Police Station or to the Court House (public records office) and requesting the information will give you up to date information.

The U.S. Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Website is a very good source of information. They offer a cooperative effort between Jurisdictions hosting public sex offender registries and the federal government. I personally recommend this site if you are looking for a certain individual that may have left your state.

Family Watch Dog website is also a great way to monitor the offenders in your area. It's free and will alert you when someone moves into your area.

There are reputable websites such as National Alert Registry to name one, but don't be fooled. Many websites are scams. You should not have to pay money to find this information.

As always, keep yourself informed and keep yourself safe!



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