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Shame Shame On The Repubilican Party

Updated on June 6, 2016

Donald Trump is a disgrace to our nation and the America people and should be made to quit . Why are Republicans endorsing him after seeing humiliate others like a spoil child.

Now Trump is attacking a Federal judge who is overseeing a fraud suit against him at Trump University. Trump accuse the judge because of his Mexico heritage, the judge was born in America.

On CNN Donald Trump stated that Mexico immigrant works: are bringing drugs and crimes to this country and raping women.

In January 2016 Trump refuse to attend the debate putting together a veteran benefit, where he lied and said that he raised six million dollars in a few hours for disable Veterans across America. Did Trump Lie about the million dollars he collected and what happen to the money? He get caught in one lie after another and the Republican refuse to see his true colors.

There are no words that can justify the actions of Donald Trump, he is a time bomb just waiting to happen. Paul Ryan the speaker of the House should be shame of himself along with other Republicans, who are endorsing Donald Trump as president of the United States. Donald Trump have insulted Republicans, Immigrants from Mexico, Muslims, Blacks, Latino's, women and journalist who he call "sleazy" and dishonest.. Is the White race exempt?

It's time for Trump followers to realize that Don Trump is lying to you just like he did the Veteran's who fought in wars to protect our country.

With Donald Trump as president the Death of the Republicans Party is near.


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