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Shiny Objects And Pulling The Wool

Updated on December 11, 2014

Tis the season...

Back in the day, but not really that long ago, we had a smooth talker aspire to the office of the Chief Executive Officer of our powerful nation. I won't call him the President of the United states because he hasn't ever really filled those shoes since he sold vast quantities of his snake oil. Yes, there are words like "hope" and "change" and he sold the public everything but that and they bit not once but twice.

So here we are 6 years later and the gravy train has been snatched away from the Democratic Party after they have saddled us with a national debt that is 70% larger than it was when Obama, their master, assumed an office he was never, and never will be, experienced enough to assume. So now just before it's time to scurry back into their holes for about 3 decades the "shiny object syndrome" is being pulled out of the Obama Christmas bag as bad news pours down upon both them and the American public.

We should be putting shiny objects on our Yuletide trees rather than having them dangled in our faces by the likes of Dianne Feinstein and her ilk. In reality though we, the American taxpayer, should expect this classless act having had to endure it since Obama took office. Look over here and not over there is their modus operandi

Now To The Heart Of The Matter...

The question is why did it take 7 years for a bogus, partisan report to be released purporting atrocities by the CIA that were used to obtain that information necessary to prosecute the War on Terrorism? Let me be clear. The reason was purely political and Dianne Feinstein herself freely admitted that she released it because the Democrats were about to have their committee chairmanships snatched away. Considering the lives of the people, both CIA and military, will be put in jeopardy by this careless disregard for their safety under the guise of political correctness this is a despicable act of letting power get in the way of sound judgment.

This is no more than a rehash of old business that was settled years ago. Now they roll it out once more as a distraction and a sick one at that. They would rather try to focus on useless shiny objects than the election results of this past month when they got the door shown to them because of their lack of governance. Seems that relevance isn't in their focus because they'd rather focus on anything else but their screwing up this country for the past 6+ years.

Was it just a coincidence that Feinstein and her tribe released their report on the same day Grubergate was taking center stage on Capitol Hill? The American public has been "tortured" by Obamacare since it was passed using a string of lies that would make Pinocchio blush.

Chuckles to Chuckie Schumer and outgoing Senator Tom Harkin, one of the Obamacare political architects for stepping up to the plate and fessing up to the train wreck we see unravelling concerning this piece of trash legislation loaded with taxes but light on individual health care issues. But lets rehash supposed "torture" as their signature piece of legislation continues to come apart at the seams and become even more unpopular than it was when they rammed it down the public's throat. Better to look at Feinstein's shiny object is it?

Then there is the issue of the fake unemployment figures that keep getting waved around as a recovery. Smoke and mirrors will always be smoke and mirrors. There is a "real unemployment rate" Virginia and it actually counts both the underemployed and those who have given up looking for work. I've written about this before and it exceeds 10% on the low side of the equation. They don't want you looking over there that snapshot because Obama and his minions have had 6 years to deal with an issue that normally takes just a couple of years to resolve. Taking a hard gander at that means more negative smoke signals in the Democratic camp. We've had a "do nothing" Senate for 6 years of which Dianne Feinstein got paid to partake in.

And I'll be darned if the IRS scandal hasn't gone away despite Obama's "not a smidgeon of corruption" claim. Seems that Lois Lerner's emails suddenly have been recovered! I'm thinking the new Congress is about to get down to the bottom of the scandal barrel and there will be a smoking gun discovered in the White House. Stay tuned because they'd rather you focus on "water boarding" a bunch of terrorists who deserved more than the CIA was legally capable of doing to them.

Probably also slipping under the radar is the FACT that the nation's national debt just topped $18 trillion which is an increase of 70% since Obama and his wise sages took over the reins of the nation's economy. I repeated that here so the sheer gravity of that happening might finally sink in with some readers. Now they're haggling over a 1,603 page Omnibus bill soaring over $1.1 trillion which is another record of spending carelessly.

These professional pick pockets can claim quite an achievement there but just don't look and the media ignored their job again in reporting reality and not Democratic fantasy. The national debt stood at 10 trillion dollars which was accumulated between George Washington and George W. Bush. The other 8 trillion is attributable to the mismanagement of Barack Hussein Obama and a do nothing US Senate operating on NO budget what-so-ever.

So Merry Christmas my fellow citizens! Lets concentrate on looking at the shiny objects on our Christmas trees this year and not the nonsense we see occurring over and over again year after year from these elected talking heads who think they are representing us when it is clear they represent only themselves. We need to watch the stewards of our tax dollars like a hawk and let them know that we're watching them. I predicted it will take three to four election cycles to take out the trash and I seem to be on target.

Aw go ahead and share the information as we begin to enter the New Year.

As Always,

The Frog Prince


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      I always look forward to your photos and the messages attached. So right on with the content! I think the CIA methods were a diversion for the public. What is happening as we get wrapped up in the news of the day? People are easily led to captivity.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 3 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      3 days, I guess T4HOTA doesn't wish to share about his transformation. Odd, people who make dramatic changes in their world view usually like to share details of that testimony but maybe he's just busy.

      So Frog, what do you think? Was the terrorist water boarded 200 times?

      Maybe T4HOTA would be surprised to learn the truth.

      It's been reported that it was 183 times in one month, not 200!

      But wait, T4HOTA, if he was here, probably would say, "what's the difference? that's a lot of torture!" .........NOT!!!! Would you believe only 5 times? That is the truth. A U.S. official with knowledge of the interrogation program revealed that the much-cited figure (from the NY times) represents the number of times water was poured onto Mohammed's face (183 not 200)-- not the number of times the CIA applied the simulated-drowning technique on the terror suspect. According to a 2007 Red Cross report, he was subjected a total of "five sessions of ill-treatment."

      "The water was poured 183 times -- there were 183 pours," the official explained, adding that "each pour was a matter of seconds."

      After his "torturous ordeal" the CIA moved him to the new facility near Bucharest, code-named “Britelite”. They gave him permission to design a vacuum cleaner, with the aid of blueprints from the internet. The architect of the World Trade Center attacks apparently also enjoyed the Harry Potter books. Britelite had a debriefing room where Mohammed held what he liked to call “office hours,” lecturing his captors about his childhood, his family and his path to jihad and al-Qa’ida. Tea and biscuits were served at these occasions. Sounds like he wasn't suffering severe long term debilitating consequences of torture. Maybe because water boarding isn't actual torture? nawwwwww.

      The Times and dozens of other outlets wrote that the CIA also waterboarded senior Al Qaeda member Abu Zubaydah 83 times, but Zubayda himself, a close associate of Usama bin Laden, told the Red Cross he was waterboarded no more than 10 times.

      It appears that T4HOTA may want to rethink his world view again. Going from a champion of conservative principles to swallowing left wing lies and propaganda just isn't becoming on anyone. Come on back T4HOTA, we'll forgive you! It's amazing how just a little objective investigation of statements reveals lies and truths - try that sometime.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 3 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      I've read your comments from three years ago. Compared to now they appear schizophrenic, a completely opposite attitude. I am curious what could make a person do a 180 like that. I mean originally did you blindly choose to be conservative? (because conservatives are known for becoming conservative based on pure reasoning of the facts, Krauthammer for example, even Ronald Reagan) and later discover you were duped and chose to become a liberal, or just abandoned all philosophies (embracing the NYT doesn't exactly jive with that scenario).

      And by the way if the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was warterboarded 200 times it must not have been torture for I don't know anyone who can survive 200 episodes of torture.

    • T4HOTA profile image

      T4HOTA 3 years ago

      How many times were you waterboarded in training? Once? A few times? How about alomst 200 times, as was the case with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed? Jerald Ogrisseg, former head of Psychological Services for the Air Force SERE School has stated in testimony before the U.S. Senate's Committee on Armed Services that there are fundamental differences between SERE training and what occurs in real world settings. What you experienced cannot directly compare to what the victims of waterboarding experienced:

      As for disparaging the NYT, I'd trust the established historical newspaper of record before media outlets such as The Blaze, AM talk radio, or Fox news, which have been proven to mislead their audiences so much that they were less accurate about news than people who had not tuned in to any news.

      Good job attacking the source rather than the content. I anticipated as much, which is why I included a link to the report that the articles drew their material from; a source of the source if you will.

      It's sad. A few years ago I used to be a fan of yours, Jim. I was once a radical conservative as well and it's cringe-worthy to see what kind of mentality I once subscribed to. History will look upon this era as a black spot that will mar American history text books. Thankfully history is not on the side of such a mentality and it will fade away into obscurity as that type of mentality inevitably does.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 3 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      Yeah, the New York Times, the nation’s supposed “newspaper of record” recently suffered a monumental embarrassment.

      On December 13, The New York Times added the following correction to a story about a protest march:

      An earlier version of this article misidentified, on second reference, the person who was shot in Ferguson, Mo. It was Michael Brown, not Darren Wilson. An earlier version of this article also referred incorrectly to the shooting of Trayvon Martin. He was killed by a civilian, not by a police officer. In addition, an earlier version of this correction misspelled Trayvon Martin’s given name as Travyon.

      Other than that, presumably, the story was accurate.

      If they can get it wrong on these two highest profile stories of the year, um like why read it.

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 3 years ago from Arlington, TX

      Definitely not determined by you T4HOTA. You're out there in space somewhere. I'm thinking he overdosed on tripe tsad. Using the NY Times as a reliable source proves he's so far to the left he might fall off the face of the earth. I was water boarded myself in SERE training. Maybe I should sue the federal government? BS

    • T4HOTA profile image

      T4HOTA 3 years ago

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 3 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      There is no proof that more 3 were water boarded which is not torture or even the congress (let alone the DOJ itself) who approved it would be subject to one is being prosecuted.

      You assert that all prisoners "(20% of which have been deemed as innocent, yet they were tortured nonetheless)." were tortured? That statement by you alone confirms anything u say beyond it is pure tripe.

      If you understood anything about this you'd know that the fear of being water boarded or the threat of enhanced method use is actually what gets the reliable information, not the act itself which isn't torture anyway. The interrogators were experts, who are you with your misinformed opinions to judge them without their input?

    • T4HOTA profile image

      T4HOTA 3 years ago

      Determined by whom? John Yoo? The Bush administration ordered a memo that would state that EITs are not torture.

      There are precedents for the following being considered torture; all of which were stated to have happened via the senate report:


      -"Rectal rehydration" aka another form of rape

      -Stress positions

      -Sleep deprivation

      Interviewing only the interrogator is akin to only interviewing the perpetrator of a crime. Where are the interviews for the people who were tortured (or EIT'ed if you wish to call a rose by another name)?

      It's interesting how you claim that I base my argument on emotion, yet you evoke 9/11 and refer to the perpetrators as "animals." That is an appeal to emotion in the attempt to legitimize atrocities committed in the name of the people who lost their lives that day. Have you considered or remembered the scores of thousands of innocents in the Middle East who have lost their lives due to America's response to 9/11? How about the thousands of soldiers who perished in Iraq due to lies from our own government?

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 3 years ago from Arlington, TX

      It has previously been determined that EITs are NOT torture. Get your facts straight and we can take it from there. Those animals slaughtered 3,000 innocent Americans in case you have forgotten. Many of us have not. The actual interrogator was just interviewed about the waterboarding. Keep your eyes and ears open and try to read widely on the FACTS, not your emotions.

    • T4HOTA profile image

      T4HOTA 3 years ago

      What endangers the lives of people is the fact that the atrocities have been committed against prisoners held by the U.S. (20% of which have been deemed as innocent, yet they were tortured nonetheless).

      It doesn't matter whether it's a democratic or republican government; all government and military officials that condoned and/or partook in these human rights violations must be held to account under international law and the law of basic human morality.

      Torture has been proven throughout history time and time again to produce inaccurate and un-actionable intelligence (think of the Inquisition or the Salem Witch Trials). John Brennan stated that the "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" (aka torture) did not correlate with any intelligence that may have saved lives. In addition, John McCain has stated numerous times about the loathsome nature of the torture program done by the U.S. and how information produced from torture cannot be considered valid. When McCain was being tortured by the North Vietnamese, one of the questions he was asked was the name of the men in his squad. His response was to give them the names of the Green Bay Packers offensive linemen. Veteran interrogators have also stated that torture simply does not work, but their advice was discarded.

      One of the crimes that Japanese POWs were executed for in WWII was for torturing Allied servicemen. One of their torture techniques was referred to as "Water Torture" aka Waterboarding.

      Torturing prisoners gives groups like AQ and the IS additional recruitment propaganda and they can now twist their logic into legitimizing their torture of American captives.

      The U.S. claimed to be a beacon of morality and human rights and used that claim to intervene, invade, and topple foreign governments. Can the U.S. still make that claim in light of things such as the torture program and the drone program? Too many innocents have suffered at the hands of the Red, White, and Blue.

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 3 years ago from south Florida

      Just read that ISIS recently has beheaded children ... and some folks are disturbed by water boarding???

      Just keep on reminding them, Jim.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 3 years ago

      You have given a most accurate state of the union speech. It is refreshing to hear the truth after 6 years and counting of continuous lies. As for releasing this bogus CIA report, I call it treason. The thugs from Chicago have taken over America. Two more year of this may be the straw that breaks the nation's back. Up, useful, interesting and wesome!

    • profile image

      rosebud 3 years ago

      Diversions are protocol for Obama and his administration.

      Change the subject if you don't like what's being said.

    • profile image

      Stu 3 years ago

      Shiny objects are all over the place:

      (1) The head-fake Yoho Amendment making amnesty illegal, that everyone knew Harry Reid would never even submit for a vote in the Senate; and even in the House, the Yoho Amendment was replaced with an alternative that explicitly permits amnesty.

      (2) A true unemployment rate of 25%, not 6%; the underemployed and those who've given up looking are not counted.

      (3) Inflation of close 10%, not 2%; energy and food are not counted.

      (4) National debt over $100 trillion, not $18 trillion; federal entitlement liabilities and implied/express housing agency bailout liabilities are not counted.

      (5) An upcoming "mea culpa" on torture, which is nothing more than a plan to incite Islamic terror on US soil so Obama can declare marshal law and suspend the 2016 elections (kings like long terms in office). That unguarded southern border will come in handy for Obama.

      Shiny objects abound. Maybe we need a Shiny Object Czar.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 3 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      Merry Christmas "The Frog Prince" Hope your Christmas stocking is full of joy and if there is anything to the Christmas lore that bad children will get a lump of coal in their stocking a warning, from KY, for the man-child Pres. Obama's Christmas stockings......coaaaaallll aboard!

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 3 years ago from US

      I personally don't care what they do to these evil terrorist captives and I doubt if anyone with ones killed in the 911 do either! But if we want to be humane we should just zap them plus whoever innocent in their vicinity may be; with an Obama drone. We get no information that way but neither can he let them go after putting them on vacation at Gitmo! There is no excuse for anyone not seeing through these people by now!

    • profile image

      Brenda Durham 3 years ago

      Another good article, Frog Prince! I have no argument with it, only agreement. I love your reference of "Let me be clear". ha. And the very clear picture of Obama with his lying ways. And I wish you a very very merry, Blessed, Christmas!