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Shishapedia - Which Brand?

Updated on December 11, 2011

Shishapedia – Which brand of shisha molasses?

Depending on what is popular in your Country and the price you are willing to spend there are so many different shisha brands available; and all of which have several flavours to indulge in. Over the years the number of different companies making molasses has sky rocketed and the differences between brands are often very vast. For example mint, one of the most common flavours can be very rich and sweet with one brand, and very strong and tickly on your throat with another. Today different brands are coming up with more and more ingenious flavours; long evolved are the days of smoking apple, grape or mint. Now there are exciting new flavours on the market such as Blueberry Muffin or Tequila Sunrise or even a Code 69.

The truth is the choice is vast; and along with many brands popping up that are both reputable and worth investing in, there are many brands out there which are fakes. The notorious Al Fakher which is made in Ajman (U.A.E.) is today plagued with a fake copy world round called El Fakher. Yes only letter difference. This fake comes in very similar packaging and is made down the road in Dubai (U.A.E.) but if you land one of these boxes you will be disappointed.

I have compiled a list below of some of the most common and popular brands around. There are many positive and many negatives as well. My list is no way near complete but I will update as more brands come across my radar! Most brands will sell you molasses in a variety of different sizes, including 100grams, 250grams and kilo bags. I recommend always trying a small bag first just to be sure you are happy with a brand before investing in their bigger quantities.

Abed Elkader
This is a very average brand that I would avoid if possible. The quality of flavours and the taste is really not up to par with other brands. Please avoid.

Acid Starbuzz
This is a sub-brand by Starbuzz, a key player in the shisha tobacco industry. Starbuzz made a partnership with Acid Cigars for these flavours and the flavours they have come out with are great. If you are a fan of Starbuzz give it a go. The flavour names like Starbuzz are not always very descriptive, but I recommend blue, purple and gold. Price is a little high, but it’s worth a go if you enjoy your shisha. Smoke quality is great and the flavours you get are also perfect.

This is a good low to medium range of tobacco that is a good starter. It gives a strong buzz and smokes fairly well. You do sometimes get a strong aftertaste but on the whole it is not a bad brand at all.

Al Amir Exotic
This is a more expensive and better quality version of Al Amir molasses. These are rich in flavour and will give big clouds of smoke quickly. I recommend Chocolate Strawberry or Berry Blast. The molasses are usually very wet and have a very mixed consistency.

Al Amir
This is a very good starting brand as it is fairly mid market. The quality is very good, but nothing to set your taste buds on fire. The price is fairly average so you won’t be pulling out $100 dollar bills for this stuff. I would put this brand fairly high up my list. Flavours I would recommend would be the Cantaloupe or the Pomegranate.

Al Fakher
This is today world round seen as the “Coca-Cola” of shisha molasses. The flavours are mid-range to premium in terms of quality and the price is fairly average. This is a great brand for beginners and experienced smokers. I would recommend all flavours from this brand as I have never found a bad one! My favourite mix would be Grape, Mint and Lemon.

Al Ouns
This is a fairly low end brand that is really not worth your time. The quality of flavour and the longevity of it is pretty pure. The flavours are very rich and smell nice before you smoke them but when you start smoking you will not enjoy it.

Al Sultan
This is a fairly low end brand that does have some interesting flavours. The smoke is often great in terms of quantity, quality and taste. I would recommend this brand if you are on a budget.

Al Waha
This is a good low to mid range tobacco which is great for short sessions or for budget smokers. I would recommend some of the unique flavours such as After 9 or 5 Stars.

El Rosha
This is a great Tobacco Free brand that is fairly cheap and cheerful. I would recommend flavours such as Blackberry, Mint, Strawberry and Watermelon. Smoke quality and taste are fairly average, but there is no tobacco!

This is a great middle range brand. Prices are not too steep. The smoke quality and flavours are great, and there is a huge range of flavours to explore. I would recommend to try the Pink Lemonade flavour.

Fumari is a great brand that is quickly getting more and more popular. It is mid to premium in terms of price and quality, and you will always find long lasting flavours and very thick smoke produced through this brand. I would recommend flavours such as Jello flavour, Blueberry Muffin and nectarine.

A great mid range brand that provides good smoke and great flavour, I would recommend flavours such as Guava Raspberry, Kiwi Strawberry and especially the nut flavour. The flavours have a unique strong taste, and the smoke is always plenty with this brand.

This is a cheaper but magnificent brand. The flavours from this brand are very strong and unique are defiantly not for beginners! This is a great brand for people who like to mix their flavours about.

Hydro Herbal
This is one of the only Non-Tobacco brands I trust. It tastes good, and no flavour has let us down. The prices are fairly reasonable and the quality always speaks for itself with this brand. I would recommend this brand if you don’t want to smoke something with tobacco in.

This is a range of fairly low end molasses in my opinion. Each flavour has a very strong unpleasant taste and smell alongside the expected tastes and smells. You will need a lot of charcoal to get these smoking away and it is really not worth your time and money.

JMs is primarily known for cigars, but they have come out with a good range of shisha flavours now. This is a good brand to try out but everyone will have different opinions with this brand. Some people love it, others hate it. It’s fairly average in terms of quality and price.

This is a great Middle Eastern brand that is reasonably priced and has a fairly high quality. These products provide well rounded flavour, and a rich creamy smoke. For more exotic flavours there is a more expensive brand known as Golden Layalina which have longer lasting flavours, and even better smoke quality.

This is an elite version of Nakhla tobacco. The flavours here bring all the great qualities of regular Nakhla tobacco but are even better! The flavours are even stronger and the smoke that pours out of lips will be great. This is slightly higher priced then Nakhla but the quality is worth it.

Nakhla is an Egyptian brand of Shisha which was the first ever brand to start mixing fruit flavourings with tobacco. It is considered a fairly cheap end brand bug it has a special unique flavour and is still loved by many a smoker’s world round. The Double Apple flavour and the mint flavours are particularly good.

This is a low to mid range brand but the product itself is great. The flavours are very strong and fruity and the smoke quality is good. I recommend you not to use too much coal on a head of this brand and you won’t go wrong. You will find that the packs of this brand will come with foil and charcoal so ready to receive the full package.

Romman is a great premium brand. This is defiantly one to try to I promise you won’t be disappointed. A head of this brand will last you hours and you will love the strong bold flavours. The price is a little high but its well worth it. I would recommend the Romman Mint.

Starbuzz is a high end brand that is made by an American company (but produced in the Middle East). This really is a brand has developed a very high premium name for themselves in a very short period of time. Personally I would rate this in the top five brands. Flavours not to be missed are Blue Mist, Pink and Pirates Cave.

This is a tobacco free brand of molasses from India. Unfortunately the flavour and taste of this brand does not compete very well with the others. I would try and avoid if possible.

Tangiers is a great American brand. Molasses from this company have a great longevity and will last a long time in a smoke. When using Tangiers it is advised to use a Phunnel Bowl. These are heads that have been designed specifically by Tangiers that help retain the juiciness of the flavours. I would recommend this brand to regular smokers, but avoid if you are a novice. The brand is a fairly middle price brand, but the quality is top notch.

A great mid-range to high end brand with fairly reasonable prices. Flavours a great, there aren’t too strong and overwhelming but with a clear distinctive flavour. The smoke quality is very good.

Zero Herbal
This is a premium brand. The taste quality and the smoke quality is great. There is no tobacco which is always a great plus.


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    • profile image

      Sean van der mabunda 5 years ago

      I would like to know,which of the best flavours I can get here in south africa,because I don't know well which flavour is the best to smoke it.

    • profile image

      Mike laith 5 years ago

      There is Nirvana Super Shisha ???? It's one of the best smokes out there

    • naeemebrahimjee profile image

      naeemebrahimjee 6 years ago from London

      If you want to start with some Starbuzz flavors I would recommend Blue Mist, Pink and Pirates Cave.

      Thanks for checking out my hub.

    • jpkl1021 profile image

      Sam Hammel 6 years ago

      I've been using Al Fakher Cherry, Berry, and Apple flavors, but the first time I smoked hookah was with star buzz, and I have been dying to get my hands on some for a while. What would be a great flavor to start with?

    • profile image

      Ali 6 years ago

      Personally I am a fan of Al Fakher or Romman. I would like to try Starbuzz though.