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Should Women Rule The World? You Decide!

Updated on November 25, 2009

Before You Vote...

These three polls are the same, but have been split up into three separate polls for women, men and men who wear women's clothing. The idea is to see how different groups approach the issue of women in power. Vote according to your gender, orientation and conscience!

Poll For Women

Should Women Rule The World?

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Poll For Manly Men

Should Women Rule The World?

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Poll For Men Who Wear Women's Clothes

Should Women Rule The World?

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Men are often blamed for all the problems in the world, and some people say that if women were in charge, the world would be a better place. But this this true? I don't know if there is really any independent, scientific sort of way to find this out, but we can certainly discuss our opinions on the matter if nothing else.

Women have a reputation for being softer, kinder, less likely to send troops to die in foreign countries. But women who come to power often behave in quite masculine ways, effectively subverting the whole idea of having women in power in the first place. Do women have to behave in masculine ways to get ahead in the world? Or is there room for delicate femininity in the halls of power?

On the other hand, is ruling something better left to a man anyway? Are men simply better prepared for leadership? They are certainly generally more prepared for hunting elk with spears and opening jars, and, as Brooke Hogan once pointed out, they are not prey to the hormonal influences and mood swings that women must endure on a monthly basis.

It is said that in ancient days, many tribal societies were matriarchies, not patriarchies. However, with modernity has come a highly patriarchal society, one which was famously challenged by the women's rights movement. Though women have made incredible progress in terms of equality since, say, the 1940's, some feminists still believe that women are discriminated against and held back in career and political progression.

Should women rule? Are women even capable of doing so?

In the name of opinion discovery and box making I have prepared three polls today. One is for men who identify as being manly to the core. One is for men who like to wear women's clothing, and the other is for women. Why have I split this single poll into three separate polls? For vague science, of course!

Depending on whether you're a man who identifies with the traditional male role, a man who years for the feminine, or a woman, feel free to place your answer to this puzzler in the appropriate poll. When and if enough people vote, we won't just be able to see if the general population thinks that women would be better off in charge, we'll also get to see how various groups feel on the issue. Who knows, maybe men will be more in favor of women being in charge than women themselves are? Maybe manly men will live up to their horrific misogynist stereotype. Or maybe lemming trolls will skew the data. Who knows!


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      If Darkproxy is commenting on my comment, I wish he would be more specific about what statement(s) I made about women that he thinks is "crap." It seems to me that I made the following three statements specifically about women. (1) In the future, the average woman will be better educated than the average man. In my comments I'm thinking of the U.S. and in the U.S. she already is. (2) The average woman seems to desire power less than the average man, based on the long run of patriarchical rule. I grant I could be wrong about this. (3) Women will dominate the educational fields. As for who SHOULD rule I make it clear that "the best individuals should rule." As for who most of the ruling individuals WILL be in terms of gender, I don't commit but offer some pros and cons about both genders.

    • Darkproxy profile image


      5 years ago from Ohio

      Give me some of the pot you were on when you thought this crap up about women.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The best individuals should rule. The next question is, "Are the best individuals likely to be women or men." Given current trends in education, the average woman will be better educated that the average man in the future. Thus, it seems likely that most of the ruling individuals will be women. However, becoming a ruler or leader of any kind (whether in the home, in business, in the professions, or in government)seems to be more a matter of desire and ambition than ability. If this is true, then given that patriarchy became the standard, it would seem that men desire power more than women. Thus, it seems that most of the ruling individuals will be men. Now the question is, "How much of this purported gender difference in desire for power is due to nature and how much to nurture." If the latter, society through the educational system can change males to desire power no more the females, just as in the days of women's liberation, women were educated to be more assertive and to want careers more. At this point, we might consider that women will comprise the overwhelming majority of K-12 teachers, principals, and school board members and the professors of education in colleges and university.

    • Chris_S profile image


      9 years ago from Texas

      I believe in voting for the person best qualified to do the job. Male or female doesn't matter to me. There are many women who are in charge and make great decisions. I would say that the gap between men and women obtaining high-paying positions is narrowing. I'm not sure of the reasons for this. Is it because women will do the same job for less $$$? Is it to fulfill some kind of government quoata? Or is it because they are better suited for the job, plain and simple? I don't know the answer. The company my father used to work for changed out all their male managers for female managers. According to conversations he's had with his male friends who still work there, productivity has dropped and employee retention has gone into the toilet. I'm not making an argument here one way or the other, this is just information I've received.

      I'm in the middle on the whole subject. I'm under the category of Men who wear Women's clothing and I consider my self to be able to identify with women better than men. I can see both sides of the situation.

    • Tomgeekery profile image


      9 years ago

      I said I'd come back with some scientificcy (nothing like making up a word to sound clever) results.

      First I'll say that I approximated each survey into 3 seperate surveys each with a yes, no answer so I could treat the results as binomial. I will also emphasize that there are likely biases in this article even when seperated into multiple survey's. This applies primarily to Hope's readership, with some additionals from the general hubpages readership.

      So, now that I've explained my method, here are the results with 95% confidence intervals.


      Yes - 0.1634 to 0.6771

      Equal - 0.2127 to 0.7341

      No - 0.0166 to 0.4046

      Manly Men

      Yes - 0.1629 to 0.6164

      Equal - 0.2445 to 0.7114

      No - 0.0338 to 0.3958

      Men in Women's clothes

      Yes - 0.3166 to 0.6213

      Equal - 0.3370 to 0.6423

      No - 0.0054 to 0.1515

      You can take what you like from that, but what I see is that the difference between the different groups is pretty insignificant.

    • profile image

      Wynter Storm 

      9 years ago

      I had the somewhat unique experience of having my mother as the higher wage earner in my family. I think this predisposes me to see the two genders as equally capable.

      Also, I heard an interview with Gloria Steinam a month or two ago and she made a statement on this subject that will stick with me to the end of my days.

      Essentially, the statement that women shouldn't be in charge because they get emotional when they are on their period is a fallacy. At the low point of their cycle, women have a MINIMUM of female hormones--therefore, at this point in their cycle they are endocrinologically (having to do with hormones) closest to male.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      condoleza rice? there was a black american woman in charge of americas african affairs who said americas involvement in africa was about american interests not human rights.

      madeline albright said that the 800,000 dead due to sanctions in iraq including 500,000 children was worth it.

      she was also part of the team that vetoed the possibility of stopping the Rwanda genocide with a UN force.

      women could only rule if men let them and for that to happen men would have to stop being men. on the other hand a more balanced distribution of power between the sexes would result in a more balanced exercise of power i would have thought, over all. female aggression comes out in petty bitchiness, sorry to say, i am unsure of the idea that women are more compassionate and caring, i think it is more media/hollywoodisation of our minds than reality.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Well, there are many women who hold various positions in government in several countries. Whats to say women couldnt run a country just as good if not better than a man? Being a man doesnt make you more qualified than a woman and vice versa. Same goes for color by the way. Anyway, if theres a woman running for office that can fix things and do a better job than a man can, you bet Id vote for her.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I don't think sex matters. But i do think men are a little more prone to seeking such leadership position, but for the people who do attain such power i don't believe sex matters.

      In response to GirlPower:

      Hillary Clinton was pretty much a one issue politician and also, that issue was healthcare. and as i recall the fight between Obama and Clinton was the longest and closest primary in a LONG time so many people were voting for her otherwise Obama would have been named the nominee much earlier.

      also the women making .75 for every dollar men make is a very misleading figure. It actually means the female workforce brings in 75% of the male. but men generally choose professions with a larger average pay (regardless of sex) so it makes sense that the male work force makes more. if it is narrowed down by profession, women and men make the same amount appropriate to their experience and work history.

    • femguy14 profile image


      9 years ago

      I definetly agree that women would be better rulers, and im not just saying that cuz im a femguy either. Women throughout mankind have been closer to the divines therefore enables them to make more morall decisionsm women have always men able to use communications as a way to solve a problem rather then force. women have been known to be more loving thus a higher potential for world peace will enncur. Women have that motherly nature about them so she will be more hesitant about going to war. Women for centuries have not nearly have done the atrocities that men have done while in power. There will never be and women who did what hitler or stalin did. Women are generally more educated. Women are just better leaders then men are thats just it.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      The gender of the politician doesn't matter to me. I vote them for their politics not because of their gender.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      You know, I love it when you point out things like societies all over the world have, or have had, some type of queen or female figurehead and people still complain about men ruling the world for the past two thousand years. It reminds me of how well people grasp the things they read (if they read it at all). I personally have no problem with women taking charge, my wife asked me not to work so i stay at the house and she "brings home the bacon." I think an underlying issue with this topic relates to almost everything else in the world. People get hung up on male vs female when they could instead base things off of someone's personality and what they're capable of doing for said situation rather than drawing, often incorrect, conclusions based on what version of anatomical construction their chromosomes bestowed upon them.

      And Girlpower, men are subject to sexual objectification, probably just as much as women, it just comes at us in different forms and we don't burn our underwear on television (we like our bras and panties) to let the world know we're not happy with the way things are.

    • Tomgeekery profile image


      9 years ago

      Interesting results already given that so far only 26 people have voted across the 3 polls.

      I'll come back later to work out confidence intervals. Just for fun.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      of course girlpower wants to have more women be in charge, she does not blame men but the women who vote like men, the women who want to remain the victim, remain taken care of, remain silent but passively aggressive. Next election those women should vote for who they really think would make a better politician, but unfortunately they perpetuate the whole macho man rule. Men have been ruling for over 2000 years, why cant women have their chance. Hillary Clinton was a great example of how women would not vote for her, that they beleived having a black man for president is better than a woman. It is still a mans world, women make 76 cents on the dollar that men do. That is an outrage and yet women still remain rather passive about that, as soon as women believe it possible men will continue to win in elections, feminism should be rising not declining it is moe important now than ever, I burned my bra in 1975 but its taken 35 years to get it off my chest. What would your grandmother want, what would your mother want, women can change the world. Stop expecting men to support you and get real and get out into the real big girl world where women can make their own money and their own decisions. Stop perpetuating women as victim or sexual objects, havent we had enough of that? Women need to get behind other women in business, and in life, women need to be better friends to each other.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Are women inherently more "nurturing" or "compassionate?" I submit not. Two words: Margaret.Thatcher

      Two more? Sarah.Palin

      Ewwwww! Now my mind's eye's burning!


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