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Should the TALIBAN be paid off

Updated on April 1, 2013
The Taliban are a formidable force and are often hidden out of the grasps of our forces
The Taliban are a formidable force and are often hidden out of the grasps of our forces

Dollars for surrender...?

There has been much discussion lately about how the world should deal with the nasty regime the Taliban in war torn Afghanistan and on the border regions of Pakistan. Well the latest talk is of paying these brutal war criminals off. In sense there is countless arguments which go both ways depending on which way you look at them but first who are the Taliban. The Taliban are a Sunni Islamist political movement. They first emerged in the 1980s and when the soviets invaded the CIA (central intelligence agency) in America and Pakistan funded and gave arms to the Taliban although there is no evidence for this. Once the soviets left Afghanistan they took over the country and installed there brutal ideology which derives from the sharia containing pashtun tribal codes. The laws of this ideology banned the practice of kite flying, watching television, eating pork products or anything with pork oil in, also women had to be covered at all times, your not allowed to be human basically. Women were commonly brutalized and executed for not abiding by there laws. Not many people in the west new or even heard about the Taliban before the September 11 attacks. America decided to bomb parts off Afghanistan mainly the mountain regions where the terrorist group Al Qaeda were apparently hiding the group that got blamed for the atrocities of that terrible day. Troops were drafted in and then it went out of the limelight when America occupied Iraq and people started calling it the forgotten war. America and the UK recently upped the stakes and sending in more troops to fight the Taliban. There has been countless lives lost on both sides of the war including many civilians. When the Obama administration came into power 1000's more troops were shipped to Afghanistan to help the effort in ridding the world of the Taliban. Pakistan has been repeatedly blamed for not doing enough on their side and have joined America's fight in this war on the Taliban. Could this war be won by fighting on and on well not really as the Taliban fight for their religious belief's. Would the Taliban accept payment to give them selves up and stop fighting I cant see it apart from the odd few. Taliban will fight all the way to the death as its their ideology that keeps them fighting. The repercussions for the few that did give up the fighting would be almost instant death as the government and the Taliban are almost intertwined and there is mass corruption. Only time will tell but if you ask me I think America and the rest of the world are clutching at straws now and want to end this dirty war. Even getting rid of the Taliban with fierce fighting wont make the world any safer from terrorism . The sad thing is that the Afghan people have had years and years of war that the shock and aftermath will be felt for decades to come. A country never entirely gets over a war of this kind and magnitude. It is a lose, lose situation because if they were to pull out foreign troops the Taliban will almost certainly come back to power because of corruption. Maybe the Afghan people will have the tools and resources one day to be able to defend them selves. The first thing they need to do is get rid of corruption and feed the poor and win hearts and minds and earn trust in their own people and then they may start getting somewhere. Until then America and any other countries are not going to make the same mistake America made with Vietnam and let it all be in vain.

The bloody history of the afghans

What we all have to remember is Afghanistan has a very big and unforgiving history of war and the country has been invaded for hundreds of years and has been a important strategic location for invading countries for countless years. The land of Afghanistan has been a road to India used mainly for the silk road passage to the Mediterranean and china. Afghanistan is kinda like the central Asian round about as most roads come from the middle east. It was the Aryans from middle Asia who arrived in Afghanistan in the 20th century bringing with them there own culture. Empire after empire made Afghanistan built Afghanistan into a major medieval power and also turning it into a learning center. Afghanistan has managed to keep a grip on its sovereignty during the Anglo wars, the soviet war of the 1980s and the 2001 to present by the many people and tribes that live in theses lands including the pashtun s tajiks and turkmen although the pashtun s are the largest group by far thought to be ancient descendants of the Israelite's. The long history of Afghanistan would take me too long to delve into so i am just going to write about the most recent. in 1971 Afghanistan went through a serious drought and the economic situation was dire and at the same time the royal family were being accused of corruption and that's when the prime minister Mohammad khan went on to take control in a coup which was non bloody in 1973. The monarchy was abolished but success was short lived as prime minister khan was assassinated with all of his family in another but this time bloody coup. This new government was what was known as the saur revolution and the new president was declared and he was called taraki who then renamed the country the democratic republic of Afghanistan and this government went on to last up until 1992. In 1979 tariki was overthrown himself by a man named Amin who went on to kill tariki. Amin only knew brutality and a peace sharing agreement was signed He said that the afghan people only knew brutality and this turned into a dictatorship. Amin went on to declare an atheist state giving rights to women and carrying out land reforms, The soviet union was invited into the country to help the build roads and help with the infrastructure in turn letting them drill and dig for natural resources. The government were brutalizing thousands of people and murdering them thus making them very unpopular also being an atheist government did not go well with the afghan people who only understood there Islamic teachings. A lot of unrest started to ensue and then the U.S wanted a full withdrawal of soviet troops which the soviets were not too happy about. The C.I.A went on to train a new form of gorilla fighters in Afghanistan to fight the soviets this was the mujaheddin which is know the Taliban. In 1988 the soviets started to withdraw from the country after a 10 year bloody occupation leaving countless afghans dead. The U.S saw the withdrawal as a victory because of there backing of the mujaheddin. From 1992 to 1996 the country was a power share and lots of other middle eastern countries came over to help rebuild the army and country. Then in 1996 the Taliban declared war and started shelling Kabul who were getting help from the Pakistani government they were successful and in 1996 Kabul was in the hands of the Taliban. The Taliban went on to do mass killings and slaughtering innocent civilians or anybody who got in there way. Iranian diplomats were not immune and this nearly caused an all out war with Iran. Pakistan had a major role in helping the Taliban sending troops to help them. Around about this time AL Qaeda was invented by a man named osama bin laden who later went on to admit that he was responsible for 9/11 September attacks. America ask the Taliban to give up bin laden which they didn't so they decided to attack Afghanistan mainly from the air and with cruise missiles and then the decision to send boots on the ground was made and a new afghan government was formed the karzai administration the Taliban went on to flee in to the surrounding mountains on the border with Pakistan. The american administration went on to try to create an afghan army and help rebuild the country and million if not billions of dollars have been pumped into the war with the Taliban Not long after the war started against the Taliban however a new ideology of extremism started to come out and this was the suicide bomber and has hindered the progress of the new government.

The suicide bomber

The elusive and silent suicide bomber gets a taxi and says to the driver drive me to the police station where that day there is a crowd of people hoping to get a job with the police. The economic situation is quite grim in Afghanistan so any job being advertised draws big crowds of people and where there is big crowds it gives the Taliban a chance to pounce with one of there most formidable weapons they have the suicide bomber. The suicide bomber does not take victims either and is not fussy who he takes with him because to him and his ideology he is going to paradise. The taxi driver starts driving down the roads not knowing what he has picked up and the amount of death that is going to ensue when he gets to his destination. The taxi arrives at the police station and the suicide bomber opens hist vest says a few ideological Islamic thrase's and presses the button. Lets face it the taxi driver was not to know and he did not stand a chance either as the bomb went off. the devastation of the bomb killed 57 people and injured 19 all because one man had it in his mind that he would go to paradise if he blew himself up. And that's the reality of the suicide bomber. NOTE: this story is made up by myself and is not a real story

Bin laden
Bin laden

The demon of the west

Osama bin laden is a hero in many middle eastern countries for his role in attacking america and on his supposed war on the west ideology. Many Americans have hating this man who was born Saudi Arabia to a very rich family and later on bin laden inherited around 30 million dollars. Bin laden has always been a devout Muslim later going on to earn a degree in civil engineering in the united kingdom where he apparently was a big fan of arsenal F.C. Bin laden got married and then married another six wives in which he was supposedly rumored to have had around 26 children all of which most fled to other middle eastern countries after the September 11th attacks most notably Iran. According to some he was a mild mannered well spoken man. Bin laden's ideology was supposedly made because of the oppression of Muslims in the middle east and believed that the only way forward was sharia law. He has always had a strong disgust with the american way of life because as he says there gambling, fornication and homosexuality are immoral. He would then go on to say that not even women and children would be safe from his attacks. He is a big hater of the Jews in which he calls them Zionists. He later went on to say that him and his Muslim brothers in arms will never surrender.

The death of the demon

On may 2 2011 we all woke up to news reports of the death of osama bin laden. He was found in Pakistan and the order went out by barrack Obama to kill him on sight when the navy seals went into his compound. A lot of news channels went on to say that Pakistan was protecting him. Bin laden's body was dumped out at sea so no one could make a shrine. When the news of his death came out people on the street of new York cheered and celebrated. To this day the Pakistan government strongly deny harboring and protecting bin laden further straining the relationship america have with Pakistan.

Everyone opinions count poll

Should we pull out of Afghanistan know or should we stay until the job is finished

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Green on blue attacks

Your probably wandering what the title means but most recently the Taliban have upped there deadly game and its been nicknamed blue on green which would have puzzled most people about a year ago when the thrase started hitting the headlines but its something which we are all coming a little too familiar with. A green on blue attack is basically a deliberate attack on our forces and other international forces by afghan forces which we have been training for years know to get them ready for the anticipated take over of there own country. The attacks have seen quite a few British and american forces deliberately attacked and the thing is its invisible and ever growing. In the forces you have to gain trust with the people and your comrades and that trust is becoming ever so weakened by these cowardly attacks. The attacks are based on personal grievances, psychological distress and the most obvious infiltration by AL Qaeda but up to know there is no evidence of this being widespread. Time and patience is of the essence when training the afghan forces and close relationships are made with the coalition and afghan forces when they share there culture with each other. Every man in the U.S and British forces knows the dangers of the job and they are working together with the Afghan forces to make counter active measures against these all too common attacks. Any loss of life in a war is a tragedy and there is still much work to do before our forces can make a complete withdrawal from Afghanistan. The long process of withdrawal goes hand in hand with Afghanistan history and the even more deadly tactics that the Taliban are using every day to make this war as deadly and bloody as the previous day.


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    • Right Black profile image

      Right Black 

      8 years ago from Huntington Beach, California

      I think a better idea is to sell them drinking water. Yep, drinking water. Lace with a slow acting poison so that by the time they figured out what was up, it would be to late. Of course, we would never give this to the women and children. That would be left to the purchasers to do. Just think we might even get some of our money back. We would surely save American lives. Just kidding. Interesting hub but the taxpayers have given these murders enough money.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      8 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Paying the taliban off is just putting more money in their pockets for weapons and training ... it`s a donkeyish idea ...


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