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Should the content of the upcoming budget be about politics or the Country?

Updated on March 29, 2017

There have been some discussions in the news about the upcoming budget for the country and what is being suggested is not what should be included. I have one strong message for the Democrats in particular and others who want to keep some of the policies and funding initiatives which were part of the past administration. We have a new President and the policies of the past including some of the funding initiatives are going to change and if individuals want to fight the new approach to government functions and cause what some call a government shutdown it will not be on the shoulders of the party in power but on those who are being obstructionist to the will of the voters.

The comments being made involves the fact that some of the promises that have been made to voters may not make it to the final budget proposal. The reason for this situation has been said that Democrats will not vote for it if the examples identified and others are included in the next sentence. Two things in particular are the building of the wall on our southern border and an increased budget for the military among others. Another important initiative is a pro-business and job growth philosophy. There is much work to be done that has been ignored for too long and a budget that actually puts America first not political party philosophy has been needed far too long. A budget that hampers the need to secure our southern border and does not address the need to strengthen our military is the wrong budget.
It is true that different administrations have different philosophical objectives for their individual administrations but one thing is clear the changes being proposed in the function of the federal government are going to happen whether Democrats or others want them too. Much has been accomplished in the short time Trump has been our President and he did so through executive orders which has been used for years. It is time for Congress get on the agenda and put forth a budget proposal that is right for our country regardless of the threats being made or perceived. Efforts aimed at trying to keep some of the policies of the past administration are in fact ignoring the will of the people. Voters sent a loud message to the politicians and if they think that voters will forget come election time they had better look at the anger of the voters in the last election.

There will be another election in two years and individuals must ask themselves how they think the voters will react to their re-election efforts if they are deemed to have been obstructionist and putting political party philosophy ahead of the country. They should have received the message from the last election that voters are tired of the games political parties play disregarding the needs of the country.

The final budget content should provide for what our country needs and the promises that were made to the voters in the last election. This involves not only the agenda identified by our new President but also the promises made by Senators and Representatives to the voters that elected them. It is time that the party in power delivers on their promises once and for all and does what is right for our country. A budget that puts the country first not political philosophy is the right thing to do and if the Democrats and others want to vote against it the shutdown will be on their heads not the party in power. Another point to make is that there is no such thing as a government shutdown. Granted some individuals may be impacted but for the most part regardless of what some of the media say is that essential functions will be maintained and the checks will to out. The key is what is considered essential functions within the government that must be maintained. The definition of essential may differ from one individual to another but the security and safety of our country and the functions of the military are essential functions.

There is a new political philosophy by our new President that wants to put America first and his agenda is evidence of this philosophy. We need to secure our borders, strengthen our military, invest in our infrastructure which is badly needed and reduce funding to departments and agencies that have overstepped their purpose and perhaps are in conflict with the laws they are tasked to enforce. Regulations and in some cases definitions are contrary to common sense and are hurting our economy. A President can only do so much with the power he has under the Constitution it is time Congress support him in the efforts to make America great again. This does not mean that the agenda should be supported 100% of the time but if it is the right thing to do then the support should be there from the entire Congress not one political party.

One last point to make is that our new President has made the statement many times that he is a law and order President and if federal laws are not being honored such as immigration then those individuals or entities should have their funding eliminated. No city or state can legally ignore federal laws especially if it endangers the safety and security of our country. Individuals who are involved with these actions should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile imageAUTHOR

      Dennis AuBuchon 

      3 years ago from Ohio


      Thanks for your comments and I totally agree with you about the budget. It is time that a budget is passed that is right for the country not political agendas. There is much waste in the government and Trump's agenda to cut down the size of several departments by reducing their budget is a start. If a department does not have the funds to operate then only the essential activities will get accomplished. In addition cutting the number of regulations will cut the cost of government. When a regulation is generated it takes funds to manage and monitor it.

      We need to get our country back on the right path and Trump's promises will go a long way if they are accomplished but the first measure is a budget that focuses on his agenda. It is hoped he will stand his ground or get the legislature to understand his agenda and realize it is the right thing to do for our country.

      Thanks again

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      3 years ago from Florida

      The Problem with pointing your fingers at all of D.C. and saying the Swamp needs to be drained... is that you can't play nice with them and expect positive results after the fact.

      This is a critical error Trump has made, he ran on a platform that was ANTI-Establishment... ANTI-partisan politics (he blamed the entire lot of them for America's shortfalls which is accurate) he bashed the GOP and DNC equally, he was an EOE.

      Trump was an Equal Opportunity Eviscerator... he showed no loyalty to any side, and now those very people are playing politics, and using every trick in the book against him.

      He has tried to ally himself with the corporate collusionists like Ryan, he has marginalized and attacked the very conservative block in the Republican Party that would likely align with his interests in 'draining the swamp' and deal with him straight up, with the least amount of political two-facing of any block in Congress.

      He has no real plan for the budget, and probably few if any around him have a good grasp of it, and how it should be addressed.

      If he had a real plan, if he had real agendas for the Budget, he should stick to them, without compromise, and force Congress to include those cuts or additions as he wants them, or else no budget.

      If he wants a wall... then he makes sure they fund the wall, or no budget, its that simple. Same for anything else, he can save some money by cutting back on immigration welfare and support services, take away the free money, and people will be a lot less inclined to want to come here illegally.

      Trump declared war on D.C. on the corruption in Congress... and now he is trying to pivot and play nice with them... it doesn't work that way.

      They won the first major battle, the RINO's and politicians in the back pockets of the Insurance Companies, did his Obamacare agenda in. They sang him a song, and then stiffed him, letting him make himself look ineffectual and incompetent.

      Now he has the opportunity to regain leverage with the Budget, if he doesn't, if they get their way on this as well... he is done... he will be proving himself ill suited to play the game in D.C. and not savvy enough to get things done.

      Campaigning to become President was a game of Checkers... to outwit and outmaneuver the 'Establishment' and those that have been there for decades playing the game, you need to be a master at the game of Chess.


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