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Sinking The Donald's Presidency

Updated on June 17, 2016
RJ Schwartz profile image

I'm on the right side of politics and enjoy a good debate on government, the economy, common sense, and the rights of the people.

At the end of the day on November 8th, 2016, Donald Trump, the billionaire New York businessman will be the winner of the Presidential race, and the entire world will begin a period of holding their collective breath for his inauguration. The American media will find themselves scratching their heads in unison, wondering how their barrage of constant hit pieces, attack ads, slander, and outright ridiculing of Mr. Trump failed. The world media, which is heavily controlled by similar personalities will begin printing the avalanche of gloom and doom stories about nuclear war being on the horizon, support for the global warming cause surrendered, and how America is going in the wrong direction based on their measuring scale. The American Democratic Party will find themselves out of power for the first time in eight years and any legacy that President Obama may have envisioned will be snuffed out. Tensions among supporters of President Trump will be cheering while the sore-loser class will be plotting a systematic destruction of America, worse than under President Obama, just to prove that a political outsider “has no reason running for office.”

Obama under the Microscope

President Obama has already set the stage for a chain of events that will unfold over a very short time period to hammer home the point of Trump, or any other non-insider, being unfit for duty as commander in chief. President Obama and his policies being summarily rejected by voters will have a stinging effect on his legacy. The headlines the White House would like Obama remembered by would read like this, “This President has led America for the last eight years, bringing the nation out of the darkness and into a sustained period of economic success after the disastrous years of President Bush and his warmongering; the country is nearing full employment, the stock market is near all-time highs, corporate profits have shattered records, universal health care is working and affordable, gas prices are low, and the federal deficit has shrunk.” It’s a nice piece of fiction, but in reality things are almost totally opposite to this narrative, in fact many things Obama claims as successes are clinging to life and he will do everything in his power to keep them afloat before he leaves office; that way the media and his cronies can blame the Republicans as usual for any problems in America.

An Unemployment line in Missouri
An Unemployment line in Missouri

The Economy

The American Economy has been in trouble since President Obama took office; real unemployment including those who are no longer looking for work or underemployed is still hovering around 10%, not the figures Washington insiders like to use for propaganda. This figure has been steady for the entire time President Obama has been in office. Job creation is anemic, wages are flat, and the one fact that the administration so conveniently likes to dress up or completely hide is that the economy is slowing.; First quarter 2016 growth is projected to be less than 1%. America has historically seen 3% growth per year all the way back to 1969. Capital investment in plants and equipment is the largest indicator that things are off-track and those who see this happening are directing the blame at the toxic regulatory environment of the Obama Presidency. Others blame the media and Social Justice Warriors relentless assault on corporate profits and accumulated wealth. The middle class has become the paycheck-to-paycheck class, entrepreneurs are on the sidelines, small businesses have been gutted from Obamacare regulations, and depression has a firm hold on many citizens.

Debt of America
Debt of America

The National Debt

The National Debt, a number used for decades as a measuring tool for success or failure of a President is at an all-time high, with President Obama adding over half of the $19 Trillion in his term in office. His overspending has seen the debt-to-GDP ratio climb to a terrifying 75%, an increase of 27% since he was elected. For those making comparisons, Bush increased it 15%, mainly on costs connected to the Wars in Iraq. Median Household income has fallen steadily under Obama, just as they did under Bush. Politicians spend countless wasted hours discussing the deficit, a meaningless number in the bigger pictures. To those who are confused by the terminology, the federal deficit is the amount by which the government’s total budget expenditures exceed its total receipts for a fiscal year. The reason this figure gets so much attention is that it’s much smaller than the debt and can be used to hoodwink people into thinking the President has spending under control. The United States government did not always run a deficit; typically only during wartime or during financial crises. In the 20th century the US ran a deficit during World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, and in almost all years since 1960, during peace and war. Since then every President except for President Clinton has run a deficit. Here is where things get strange and unfortunately most taxpayers do not understand how this part of the equation works. The federal debt actually increases each year by MORE than the deficit. For example in FY 2016 the federal budget estimates that the federal debt will increase by about $1 trillion, which is $250 billion more than the deficit. This difference is added from other government-sponsored enterprise and there the implied deficit comes from unfunded liabilities like Social Security and Medicare.

Government Shenannigans

The government has a budgeting problem, they are bloated, there is too much waste, and they do not manage the “people’s money” properly. Both Parties are guilty, and despite the efforts of former President Clinton, the debt is still rising. The rise in social programs under President Obama has skyrocketed. The poor have been getting poorer while the rich have been getting richer, under Obama, a Democrat. The same person that was on the stump in 2008 decrying the Wall Street crowd and championing the middle class has done the opposite. The top ten percent of Americans have been growing their wealth at double digit pace. The DOW has hovered as record highs for extended periods of time, under Obama, a Democrat. The stock market has been allowed to prosper under what is called “quantitative easing” (simply put - money creation) by the Federal Reserve. Quantitate Easing was intended to make it easier for small businesses to have access to capital or credit during the recession by driving down the costs involved by banks to make loans. The banks simply pocketed the savings and added them to their bottom lines. These same banks also reaped huge capital gains on the rising values of their securities holdings plus fat commissions from brokering most of the Federal Reserve Quantitative Easing transactions; basically the Obama Administration created another profit center for the banks unbeknownst to most people. And to ice the cake, Wall Street investment banks also get from federal loan guarantees what amounts to nearly a $100 billion subsidy; it’s the equivalent of giving banks 3% of all tax dollars collected, free and clear.

Banking CEO's meeting with Obama
Banking CEO's meeting with Obama

The Great Charade

Hillary Clinton is expected to continue these programs started under President Obama if elected; now it’s a lot easier to understand why Wall Street was paying her so much for those speeches. For decades, Republicans have been demonized as being too cozy with big-money, when in fact it’s the Democrats who are the ones in bed with the banks and Wall Street. It’s hypocritical too since both of them speak out about the “1%” when they are the ones feeding that group and in large portions. Regular Americans are being fed the “redistribution” line by the media, but it’s only a distraction. The real Democratic Party platform is about enriching the insiders; insiders who invest in green energy programs that get billions of dollars in subsidies before quietly disappearing, but not before the investors get rich and the taxpayers fleeced again. Insiders who invest in fictitious markets like carbon exchanges, which are meaningless but, with the right amount of regulation by the government create huge profit centers. President Obama is a champion at redistribution to his fellow millionaire insiders, but he’s even better at making common citizens think it’s a Republican issue.

Welfare and Assistance

Welfare and public assistance figures are at an all-time high. The exact numbers are hidden and even extensive internet searches lead to old data and muddy facts. At least 20% of the population is on Federal Assistance under President Obama – some claim it to be higher, but 20% is a number all agree on for a minimum. This number grew significantly during President Obama’s terms. The anemic job market has forced people to gravitate to these programs. These programs are unsustainable, but create a problem for the next President who will be forced to sustain them, at least for the short term. Add that to the growing burden of the failing Obamacare program and it becomes difficult to see just how large the financial burden on America has become. The Obama Administration is actively doing everything they can possibly do to add people to the rolls, including refugees to bring the system near a breaking point. If Hillary Clinton gets elected, then she’ll do more of the same, continuing to push the system to the breaking point and defer the actual break until a Republican scapegoat takes over.

Hillary will Lose...America will Win

But Hillary Clinton will not win the election for multiple reasons that are obvious to most people. She still has been unable to shake the e-mail scandal which makes her untrustworthy, she is an insider in an era where insiders are all collectively part of the perceived problem, she unaccomplished, she’s too influenced by foreign money, and she has real health issues she is trying to hide. Since the Democrats and many of the sore-loser Republicans from the establishment won’t be getting their turn at the public trough, they will collectively work together to make Trump pay for igniting the voice of the people. It will start with the Stock Market which is in a major league bubble right now. Trump knows it, and if it doesn’t burst before he’s in office, then you can be certain it will afterwards, most likely with help from the likes of George Soros and other fund managers who have no love for Trump.

Traps Laid

The economy is only one area where Trump is being set up for a fall, there’s Healthcare, Immigration, and foreign relations to deal with also. Each has their own set of traps waiting to snare the future President and each has an army of devoted employees who will not give up their places at the government trough without a fight. Obamacare is a failure. Simply put, costs are skyrocketing and coverage levels are plummeting. President Obama keeps doubling down and adding more resources but it’s like trying to fix the Titanic with silly putty. His attempt to hijack a major part of our economy and reward his insider friends from the insurance and drug sectors is on public view for all to see. In this case, the insurance companies are backing out because the Federal Spending, as great as it is, isn’t enough to cover their losses. Democrats will try to blame Trump when he finally pulls the plug and demonize him for taking coverage away from people. It was a flawed plan that was forced through from the beginning and had failure written all over it, but Obama needs to have it continue or lose what he considers his hallmark while in office. Hillary Clinton would also see the impact of the failures and may not even be able to cover for Obama on this one as it is too big of a failure to keep funding.

What's Really Behind Immigration

Hillary Clinton would also continue a weak program on immigration enforcement. Trump on the other hand will be strong; it’s the center of his platform and a must for America. There have been figures posted in the Washington insider circles of the short-term costs on our economy if Trump enforced the immigration laws, some as high as $500 billion. But bigger picture thinking will demonstrate that this isn’t the case. When Trump is elected, real expectations are that many illegals will begin to self-deport before facing capture and deportation. With all hopes of achieving amnesty gone, they have no reason to remain here. I expect Trump will sign multiple Executive Actions that strengthen the Border Patrol’s powers plus add new and harsh punishments for companies hiring illegals. Some industries, like agriculture will feel a short term hurt, but expect technology to step in and help. Companies that have built their businesses on illegal immigrants will certainly be hurt. But when it comes down to it, this will have a real positive impact on American Wages and American Employment. The amount of violence and rage at Trump’s policies now demonstrates that this isn’t about the economy as much as it’s about keeping a cheap labor force which the 1% can exploit readily available.

Trump versus the Establishment

So the traps are set, but if Hillary gets the nod, they can be put on a timer to go off down the road. Of course America will be a different country by then, with gun laws stripped away, due process a thing of the past, English will be a minority language, and our culture smashed into oblivion. The insiders will reap the profits off the backs of the working poor who will keep getting poorer. Luckily for us that won’t happen. Trump will be able to put enough Supreme Court Justices on the bench to keep the Constitution intact for decades to come. What could save Trump on some of the other front? Well the same companies that benefitted financially under Obama are sitting on mountains of cash. If Trump can effectively lower corporate tax burdens and open up opportunities for growth by removing cumbersome regulations, this cash can be converted into investment in America as opposed to sitting in funds. Yes, the amount of revenue might seem like it would drop by this action, but the additional employment levels would balance it out. The fear mongering by the sore-loser crowd is mostly for their own benefit – they don’t really care about America, only what they can squeeze from it.

Government is a Business - Let's Run it that Way

The biggest key is controlling spending and consolidating the government into a well-run business, something he has expertise at doing. He will run this nation like a CEO and will surround himself with a staff that is like-minded. All spending will be analyzed for an ROI, there will not be any “investments” into losing projects to help out cronies, and duality will be eliminated. Trump will upgrade technology to insure we are running efficient. And despite what everyone says about trade, Trump knows that America is a market that no nation will walk away from. Our spending power and wealth will allow Trump to make better deals – the Chinese won’t dump our bonds because we could simply close our ports to them and destroy their entire economy. Sure, the pundits can kick and scream, but the realists like Trump know how to bargain with their high cards. America is the highest card in all of the decks. If American companies try to take their cash and leave, Trump will make them suffer for it financially. It’s this Robin Hood mentality that has so many people behind Trump and the reason why Bernie Sanders voters are coming over to join the cause. Trump will navigate the traps, restore the Republic, and give the wealth back to the people who produced it.

Follow the Money

As the months pass, pay attention to the money, nothing else. When you see a protest by Illegal immigrants calling Trump a racist, ask yourself why? Who is funding them? Who is organizing them? What makes illegals so bold that they openly protest unless someone is protecting them? When Wall Street tells every financial news site about the upcoming destruction our economy is about to endure, ask who will be hurt? Mainstream America is already broke- we have no money in the market except for our 401K accounts. When they say jobs will be lost – are they American jobs? How can healthcare get any worse? Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and Obama keeps trying to take one of them for himself. Why is it that Washington insiders are living like kings while regular people are forced to shop at the dollar store just to make ends meet? If the people in Washington are so smart and efficient, then why are so many things broken? Hope and Change became Worse and more of the same. Ask yourself why so much money is being spent by both Parties to keep Mr. Trump form getting into the Oval Office? The answer is to follow the money, nothing else. Those getting it want to keep it, those who thought they were in line to get it are angry they were bumped, those who support those who get it want to keep getting their cut. Don’t take my word for it, do your own research, your own homework, find your own fact sources and make you own decisions on who to vote for. Just remember that the future of your nation and your rights are up for grabs in this election. Personally I’m not a big fan of Statism, but maybe some people are.


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