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Sir Keir More Popular Than Boris.

Updated on May 13, 2020
Sir Keir Starmer.
Sir Keir Starmer.
Boris Johnson.
Boris Johnson.

Sir Keir Starmer, for the second time, has faced Boris Johnson, at Prime Ministers, Question Time. Keir Starmer has been noted for his almost forensic approach, when questioning, the Prime Minister.

True to his legal training, as a former, legal eagle, Sir Keir always refers, to his notes, when posing questions. Boris has been put on the spot, both in the first Prime Ministers Question Time and this one, today. Boris, to be fair, did seem to be more on key when it came to answering Sir Keir's questions. Never the less, Boris, didn't always clearly answer the questions, right away.

Jeremy Corbyn, despite being popular among the far left and some young people, did the party, no electoral favours. In the end, like those far-left leaders before him like Michael Foot and Neil Kinnock, made the party, flounder in elections. Jeremy Corbyn did scare the Tories to death, in the 2017 general election. Although Mr Corbyn did not win that election, he left the May administration clinging onto power by a thread. Consequently, May had to cobble together a coalition deal with the Northern Irish, DUP. Back then, Mr Corbyn seemed to be the peoples champion appearing on stage at Glastonbury and being there for the people of Grenfell. However, when it came to the 2019 general election, Mr Corbyn up against Boris Johnson, lost out. Why did Mr Corbyn, lose out, because of his confused and then neutral stance, on Brexit. Looking back on Mr Corbyn's election, ultimately it was Brexit that did for him, as a friend (to Mr Corbyn) and Shadow Labour Chancellor (at the time), John McDonnell, later admitted.

Sir Keir Starmer, at the time of Labours fourth general election defeat, was the Shadow Brexit Secretary. When it came to the leadership election, despite Rebecca Long-Bailey, being Corbyn's anointed successor, being popular, also Lisa Nandy, Sir Keir romped home, clear winner. To the far-left Momentum members of the Labour party (Momentum came into being to support Corbyn), Starmer will be a return to the 'Blairite' right (although Sir Keir, describes himself as, 'soft left). It seems since Mr Starmer has been Labour leader, the far-left, haven't raised their heads, (yet!).

It appears, however, among the general public (perhaps, even Brexit Labour voters, who left Corbyn for Boris) are liking Sir Keir. In 'The Independent' there is an article reporting that a 'You Gov' poll, gives Keir a 1% lead in popularity over Boris. In the poll, Sir Keir has a + 23 popularity lead over Boris' + 22 in the survey.

40% said Sir Keir was doing "very well", while, 17% thought he was doing "Badly". Earlier on, many thought Boris was better at 51%, as a politician, as opposed to Sir Keir, on 36%. How the fortunes of politicians, when it comes, to popularity, change.

Whether this surge (slightly) in Sir Keir's popularity will alarm Boris' lackeys at No 10, cannot be known. However, you can bet, that Boris' equivalent to Alistair Campbell, (Blair's spin doctor), Dominic Cummings, will be taking note of this 'You Gov' poll. Polls come and go, of course, however, it was 'You Gov' that correctly predicted that Boris would win the 2019 general election, and so it turned out, so make of that accuracy, what you will.

So it would appear, if the 'You Gov' poll is correct, Labour is back and perhaps on course, to win the 2024 general election, under Sir Keir. However, while Boris may appear to be a bumbling clown, one should never underestimate Boris or his tomfoolery. Boris will still be popular, to many in the general public, and indeed, Sir Keir, himself has admitted, that in order, for Labour, to get back into power, they have indeed "a mountain to climb".


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