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Sir Keir Starmer: Terrifies the Tories!

Updated on January 10, 2020

Sir Keir Starmer: Possible Replacement for Jeremy Corbyn.

Rebecca Long-Bailey is the Corbynistas favourite to succeed Jeremy Corbyn. It would appear, Mr Corbyn, the outgoing Labour leader, has appointed Ms Long-Bailey as his successor, to carry forward, Corbynism (if such a philosophy exists).

Emily Thornberry, Lisa Nandy, Clive Lewis, Angela Rayner amongst others are also standing in the leadership contest. Many of these candidates have been or are currently in the Labour shadow cabinet.

One darling of the right beloved of the Blairites is Sir Keir Starmer, an ex-human rights lawyer. Starmer is the current Shadow Brexit Secretary, Starmer himself being a Remainer, but with the UK leaving the EU, by 31st January, that won't matter now.

Keir Starmer seems to be the candidate who will unite the right and left of the party. According to a recent poll, it is Keir Starmer, who, if he became leader, would scare the Tories.

Labour members and others, think Starmer broadly competent compared to Jeremy Corbyn. Although Mr Corbyn was popular in 2017, many (not on the left) in the Labour party and outside, however, questioned his competence for the job as Labour leader and Prime Minister.

The Labour leadership contest will run until March when we will know who has succeeded Jeremy Corbyn. In any runoff between Rebecca Long-Bailey and Sir Keir Starmer, Starmer according to another poll, would beat Long-Bailey, 61% to 31.

Of course, a Starmer victory may not happen and is just speculation. Long-Bailey may triumph or another candidate. However, if Starmer, triumphs, it proves that Labour, as with Blair, seems to be more electable when in the middle ground or mild right.

The left of Labour as with the 'For the many, not the few' manifesto, has and had many good policies, but this time, at the 2019 general election, it did not connect with the leaver electorate including Labour ones.

The advantage any Labour leader who wins (the leadership contest) has a potential five years to get their act and the parties act together.

If that leader, can unite all wings of the party and be a strong leader against Boris and the Tories, maybe then, they will form the next government.

Conservatives most afraid that Keir Starmer would be biggest threat to Boris.
Conservatives most afraid that Keir Starmer would be biggest threat to Boris.
Corbyns chosen successor, Rebecca Long-Bailey.
Corbyns chosen successor, Rebecca Long-Bailey.
Outgoing Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.
Outgoing Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

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