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"To Russia With Love"

Updated on June 5, 2017

How To Stop Time: The Russian Invasion

(Terms of the Agreement to reinstate or rescind Executive Orders, To Russia with love, Raising Well rounded Children. The End of the Banking System: How to reverse Computer meltdown)

The twenty five Million as promised by the clown,delivered by the clown cashiers check or checque, I'lll of course organize and disperse funds to my own charitable organization. "'Christmas Wishes" once legally established.

The keepers of the Galaxy has the information they are afterall my Heritage, however, I've instructed them not to give that information. My Grandson will be paid as a top adviser I believe the going rate is $8.000 Monthly. In trust of course.

The Banking System especially will be most interested in this Information.

1. Reinstatement of all income loss through or by Computer Hacking

2. An Extension on Russian Invasion

3. The President must research the cost, the effects on the General Population as Well as the global economy.

4. Being Black In America the unfair Judiciary is of vital importance to National Security.

5. Health factors needs Consideration for the sake of our future generations.

Meditation is Important and is a solitary activity as is maintaining Health.

6. Living in the Simpsons house is not good for Health and Wellbeing mentally,emotionally or Physically. and it Must end.

7. Love without respect is not love it's manipulation. Love means never saying you are sorry. What it actually means is you must never cause through harm, knowingly the Person you claim to love to suffer, humiliation, Physical or Mental or emotional harm. Karma has long reaching implications for Generations to come.

8.Truth, seeks to inform it is not boastful, and does not create disharmony. Apologize and be on your way. I'll not forgive this time, nor will tears shed, for 'tis a pointless emotion.

9. Defining a Man of Character -Dan Rather is tired, but must pass the torch by training future Journalist's. Trust must also follow truth no matter the consequences, or outcome even if it does not reflect a sterling Character. Truth is truth.

My fingers hurt, my eyes are bloodshot, and my brain is steadily creeping towards operation meltdown, and just when I think "Trumpgate" couldn't get any worse it does. If my Conservative Friends perhaps thought I would quit standing for Justice and fairness they were incorrect. There comes a time in Life when one has to put aside Fear and stand for truth and Justice for all People.

Much like his pronouncement " It's gonna be Uge" (there is an "H" there somewhere), his Policy for the American People, his Tax return, and business asset disclosure; are missing.

Donald Trump while Presiding over the United States is according to Experts is in violation of the Emolument Clause as it governs any and all Federal Employees.

Merriam-Webster Definition Of Emolument: “The Returns Arising From Office Or Employment Usually In The Form Of Compensation Or Perquisites.” [Merriam Webster, accessed 1/19/17.

Legal Ethics Experts: “The Best Reading Of The Clause Covers Even Ordinary, Fair Market Value Transactions That Result In Any Economic Profit Or Benefit To The Federal Officeholder.” The clause does not just cover “sweetheart deal[s]” because “emoluments are properly defined as including ‘profit’ from any employment, as well as ‘salary,” meaning “it is clear that even remuneration fairly earned in commerce can qualify,” according to an analysis published by the Brookings Institution. It was authored by legal ethics experts Norman Eisen, a former Obama administration ethics attorney and current chair of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington; Richard Painter, a former Bush administration ethics attorney and current vice chair of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington; and Laurence Tribe, a leading expert on constitutional law and professor at Harvard University Law School. [Brookings Institution, 12/16/16.

Violating The Emoluments Clause Is An Impeachable Offense. During the 1788 Virginia Ratifying Convention, Virginia Gov. Edmund Jennings Randolph, who later served as the United States’ first attorney general, said of a president who violates the clause, “If discovered he may be impeached”: -Timothy Matthews, "Media Matters".

I'm very proud of all the People who are able to stand, march, and be vociferous in their protest Globally. It is a far better idea we practice; to be in service to each other, than to be in service to one's self.

Where Do I Begin

Black Gold, Earth's honey, America has it, Russia and the greedy Politician's who would see to U.S. destruction want to tap into the available resources, not for any other reason but greed. "Drill baby drill", our quest for oil, will be the downfall of our Society. Donald trump has no intention of keeping his promise to the American People, he will not bring back coal mines, which I might add is just as dangerous to our health and to the well-being of the Earth as is the drilling for oil. Donald Trump's has at the heart of things his own self-interest. After all what use would we have for coal if we can harness the oil that flows freely under American soil?

I am paranoid, (not delusional, however) so hence I tend to see Conspiracy in every corner of the Republican agenda. I now theorized that the empty-headed Sarah Palin, gave a nod of acknowledgment to the Donald and others like him that Russia was basically ready to make a deal. Hence the enthusiasm with which she riled up the crowd with "drill baby drill", and that nonsensical statement about being able to "see Russia from my back yard", ok so her exact words were " You can actually see Russia from Land here in Alaska".

"Sarah kicked off her year of destiny on January 4, 2008, by choosing a foreign company, TransCanada, based in Calgary, to partner with the state in building a natural gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay. Unfortunately, TransCanada had no gas to flow through the lines, nor access to any. AGIA (the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act) was smoke and mirrors and pipe dreams, except for Alaska's obligation to repay TransCanada for the first $500 million it committed to the project during the third week of January".

"The Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA) had not brought about the largest private-sector infrastructure project in North American history, and that construction had not begun on a nearly $40 billion natural gas pipeline to help lead America to energy independence. She was asked her views on the 2008 presidential election. In early February, she said she'd like to support John McCain, but could not because of his opposition to opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to exploitation by oil companies. After meeting privately with McCain in Washington the late February, Sarah stopped saying that could not support him" The Rogue, by Joe McGinniss, p.251-252, Sep 20, 2011

I can see Russia from my back yard

500 Billion reasons to sleep with Putin

It is my opinion and that of Millions of American's that as it concerned the Palin-McCain ticket we dodged a bullet. Russian President took office December 1999, and was re-elected in 2004 and has maintained his reign since. Within Months of being elected, Putin saw to the arrest and started jailing of executives of Oil companies leaving the way open for Exxon to have a monopoly, becoming one of the largest Capitalist for Oil distribution.

According to Joe Romm Think Progress, "our democracy and our children have a new axis to worry about: Putin, Trump, and Exxon Mobil, whose CEO Rex Tillerson — an extreme Russophile and long-time director of a US-Russian oil company is Trump’s puzzling choice for Secretary of State. I say “puzzling” because the long-serving Exxon employee (from age 23!) has no qualifications to be secretary of state — other than a history negotiating major oil deals with countries like Putin’s Russia, which in any sane world would actually disqualify him or at least force a recusal from all State Department dealings with Russia.

It is widely reported news that Director James Comey admitted to Russia's involvement in helping Trump to win the Election his timing a bit late. Affirmation comes from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Although the report does not suggest any direct tampering, it is for the security and integrity of our Intelligence unit to not give direct relationship. However as thinking rational beings we know there are limited ways to tamper and that is to ensure that either vote was not counted, or that votes were direct to the Trumpster.

"U.S. intelligence agencies’ conclusion that Russia tried to influence the election by hacking people and institutions, including Democratic Party bodies, has angered President-elect Trump, who says he won the Nov. 8 vote fairly. Russian officials have denied accusations of interference in the U.S. election". (Huffington post)

I'll maintain objectivity as it relates to Comey, as there are times when things aren't always what they appear to the general Public. He has been accused of act's that would in most cases result in his removal from office, and his arrest. There are unanswered questions, and on this issue, I will wait and try not to cast aspersions.

A nod to Russia

While many compare her attire to that of the confederacy. Which has it's long-standing ties to Hitler and the belief in race superiority. I see it as a nod to Russia, Kellyanne Conway pretends ignorance her blatant disrespect and disregard for the U.S.A. as she panders to and helps to incite fear in America's most vulnerable, is neither laughable nor is it acceptable. At one point in History, such outright pandering and showboating of a Russian influence would have seen to her removal or imprisonment, under the guise of a Treasonous act. Conway should keep in mind that after Trump's appointment ends she may need to seek employment as other than Trump's lackey.

After Donald Trump aide Kellyanne Conway referred to outright lies as “alternative facts,” #AlternativeFacts is now a top trending hashtag on Twitter.

"Conway, who is President Trump’s top legal counsel, is the top subject of ridicule for Twitter users across the country, after insisting to Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press that White House Press Secretary wasn’t telling lies about Trump’s inauguration crowd, but instead presenting "alternative facts." Conway is now being universally mocked by Twitter users, who pointed out that they would not have as much success using “alternative facts” in situations like classrooms, courtrooms, workplaces, tax returns, or architecture". Zach Cartwright U.S. Uncut January 22, 2017

Maybe what Trump believes is that we have become too Civil too willing to sit back and do nothing while we wait for the next 4 Years to drag on (#Alternative reality non-withstanding). We have elected a Man who neither gave us his agenda for the Country nor enlightened us on how he intended to move the economy forward. Based solely on his ability to mumble incoherently, the color of his skin, and his perceived wealth he was elected to the highest Military rank in the U.S.A., Commander, and Chief.

His ties to Russia ignored until what we now have are People with no idea of how this new administration will work for the People who need it the most. As for Kellyanne Conway, and Trump's other minion's, 4 Years may drag, but some of you will not make it past 2018, the next election cycle, you will be seeking new employment, the only consolation being I'm reminded of the proverb " He who laughs last laughs Longest/ best".( The Play Christmas Prince)

Trumps Cozy Relationship with Russia

"Classified documents presented last week to President Obama and President-elect Trump included allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump, multiple US officials with direct knowledge of the briefings tell CNN

The allegations were presented in a two-page synopsis that was appended to a report on Russian interference in the 2016 election. The allegations came, in part, from memos compiled by a former British intelligence operative, whose past work US intelligence officials consider credible. The FBI is investigating the credibility and accuracy of these allegations, which are based primarily on information from Russian sources, but has not confirmed many essential details in the memos about Mr. Trump The two-page synopsis also included allegations that there was a continuing exchange of information during the campaign between Trump surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government, according to two national security officials". -CNN Politics-

“Trump has sought and received funding from Russian investors for his business ventures, especially after most American banks stopped lending to him following his multiple bankruptcies.” Max Booth Los Angeles Times

America What Have you done

Senator Bernie Sanders calls for the removal of Donald Trumps latest Wingnut

The Senator representing Vermont who grabbed the heart of many this past election has been very vocal as it relates to the newly appointed NSC National Security Council pick Steve Bannon. Bannon who replaced the Director of National Intelligence came as a shock to many his Alt right ideology makes him unfit to have access to top secret information.

Senator Sanders is quoted as saying "Steve Bannon sitting on the National Security Council is dangerous and unprecedented. He must be removed. We need experienced People who will protect our country on the National Security Council, not an extreme right-wing political operative".

Sentiments echoed by Susan Rice and Senator John McCain the Senator representing Arizona.

"Rice perhaps comes closest to echoing my thoughts" This is stone cold crazy. After a week of crazy. Who needs military advice or intel to make policy on ISIL, Syria, Afghanistan, DPRK. since Trump's executive order bans 7 Middle Eastern Countries from entering the US what would Bannon hope to accomplish?

Donald Trump has done more (during peace time) in one Week than any President in History, unfortunately, none of it for the good of America. " Security decisions should be informed by objective risk management, not by Political ideologies. Trump's decision to replace the Director of National Intelligence... shows a disregard for his fundamental principles. At the end of the Day, whether they are liberal or conservative, we need an expert on the NSC who knows how to keep Americans safe." Marisa Manfredo

  1. Maybe as Civilians, you are not aware that as Commander and Chief, Trump now has the ability to command our Military, our CIA, Secret service, and other intelligence Officials.

The Unraveling of a Morally Corrupt President

In light of the recent death of EX KGB Chief responsible for compiling the dossier on Donald trump, there are speculations of a deeper cover up as it relates to what damaging information Russia has on Donald Trump. We have been privy to speculations regarding Prostitutes however damaging and disturbing really carries little weight. When looking and comparing the past indiscretions of Former Presidents. Although it damages the reputation of the Man now in Office, it would diminish in time in the minds of Americans, possibly chuckled over. Trump is used to being in the spotlight, his seemingly close relationship with his Daughter Ivanka has been the butt of jokes for Years. Speculations aplenty, so no one should mind if I add one more. There are two instances when a Man would likely bargain his soul with the devil 1. Maintaining the integrity, and standing of his spouse to avoid Public humiliation and 2. hiding Financial impropriety.

There is an assumed privacy as well as a Legal obligation to preserving the privacy as related to any Social Media site. Personal posting should be protected, clicking on a site or reading and sharing articles of interest does not give the creators of Social Media the right to sell, distribute or allow for the sale of or distribution of personal thoughts. Nor do postings define an Individuals character, Computer generated searches only pick at keywords. We have become a Country silenced by technology when technology should be an aide for connecting the World without the fear of retribution or loss of some level of privacy.

As it relates to Facebook and other Social Media sites, when creating a page or logging onto the site it does in many cases question is this your intellectual property? By accessing a page that does not meet that qualification you can be held liable for the illegal sale of or profiteering from intellectual property theft for all current and future earning potential lost as a result.

The American People rely on Politicians and hold them to a higher standard. We elect them into Office to represent the People with dignity and character defining a Political figure as indicated in the Constitution. Any candidate for Office who does not reflect that which is best for the American People should not be in Politics.

Life is not a game. The President of the United States chose his cabinet pick based on association and should have ensured they had character-defining People who possess the knowledge and capabilities for running the Country. While they may have great business acumen, although that isn't a certainty as we have yet to see the Tax return for all current cabinet pick as well as the Presidents returns.

As it relates to my position as a private Citizen, not having the experience nor being knowledgeable regarding (SOP) Standard Operating Policies I would never undertake a position without first ensuring my staff is the best fit for the Country. I certainly would never choose Family members who are unqualified, or that have their own agenda, not consistent with the needs of all Citizens.

Although trust in Family as it relates to care and providing some level of emotional support is assumed. Most would not meet the qualifications to hold Office.

The current Administration is flying blind. Alternative reality drives him to make mistakes and issue orders that are not in the best interest of the People. Had he perhaps taken the time to drain the swamp ridding himself of the undesirables, and electing qualified ethical staff who are able to see to the needs of the Democratic and Republican Constituents equally or more favorable, there would be no need for a Conspiracy Theory, nor the displeasure and disregard the American People are articulating and protesting.

Some would argue that Anyone should be able to become a Politician, however, as Society changes and become more advanced connected, it is imperative that the Commander and chief be knowledgeable regarding not only Policies as it involves America, but also World affairs.

No, the President is not the Commander and Chief for the World, but he has an obligation to seeing to the continued alliance with other World leaders who meet and are defined by a more Democratic principles Society, or a Society whose principle matches closely that of a Democracy. I don't necessarily believe that America should always bear the financial brunt of War, or that War is necessarily the first and/or only option. All Countries have an obligation to design and implement Policies based on a Humanitarian outlook.

The Russian Agenda!

Copyright clause: As it pertains to all written work Copyright Laws and plagiarism Laws applies cannot be copied or used in part or totality without giving credence to the Author as it stands under intellectual property laws. All pictures in my article to include Family and Friends pictures were uploaded under the free usage Laws at the time the Articles were posted to Hubpages. And as such are subject to free usage Laws. Unless otherwise indicated as far as privacy Laws were indicated. Loss of "source" information due to computer failure or transfer of articles does not negate guilt. Free upload laws apply.

I do not own the rights to artist's depictions of the character's used nor any royalties gained from outside sales, sales not generated from my writing through depiction or creative interpretation.

I hereby Intend to hold all those accountable for the Loss Of My Civil Liberties Through and by the use of Technology.

2018 Election

The 2018 United States House of Representatives elections will be held on November 6, 2018. Elections will be held to elect representatives from all 435 congressional districts across each of the 50 U.S. states. Republicans have held a House majority since the 2010 elections, although they lost six seats in the 2016 elections.

Elections for the U.S. Senate will be on November 6, 2018, of the 100 seats now occupied 33 will be up for re-election 8 of which represent the Republican Party (GOP)

All 435 seats in the House of Representatives will be up for reelection.

Some Governors and Legislative branches will also be vying to hold onto their job's.

Avail yourselves of the information for when elections will be held for these positions in your area. Judges, Police Chiefs, Attorney General.

Copyright clause: As it pertains to all written work Copyright Laws and plagiarism Laws applies cannot be copied or used in part or totality without giving credence to the Author as it stands under intellectual property laws.


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