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Small Town election but big time trouble

Updated on January 22, 2012
from the White to the poor House
from the White to the poor House
Is this the way our ancestors meant it all to be about.
Is this the way our ancestors meant it all to be about. | Source
Politics without the towns people involved is only management and not a shared belief
Politics without the towns people involved is only management and not a shared belief | Source

It's been a while sense I have sat down at the keyboard to write a little. Sense my rehabilitation from Kidney surgery and the onslaught of various viruses attempting to put my lights out I have neglected to keep my friends informed on the local level.

It's election year again here at home as well for everyone else. This year seems to be a lot more serious than ever due to fact that our way of life is in pearl. My father as well as many other other men and woman fought to keep there way of life just to be changed completely by a president with totally different views on America.

Election years in the past have always been a little hateful to all, but this time around it's really about the Hatfield's and McCoys in real life. The taring apart of the families and neighbors alike over different beliefs on how this country should be run.

Our forefathers laid out a plan and built laws to enshrine these beliefs so no man alone could tear them apart. It seems that here lately nothing is good enough for the party on the left and the party on the right continues to argue on who may lead our country back to prosperity once again. This is such a critical decision on the future of All Americans that one slip up could send our known way of life back 500 years.

Religion is not the base of our Government but the right of those who live and work here to practice at will. We all are being spoon fed from the left about how to raise our own children, what to drive, what to eat and even how to live. This is all by design that started back before some of the young go getter's even wet the bed for the first time.

The wonderful part of living in our country of America is the ability to move to another state if we choose to, once all the states have the same personality whats the sense in traveling or visiting any other parts of the country. The Constitution gave the states the right to govern themselves accordingly with laws not to supersede the federal government. I can live with that and I'm sure a lot of my friends would say the same, however once there is no more incentive to stay in one place because you just jell with the people and the history then the making of history stops and we only have a continuum of time where everything is the same.

Every part of this country has had a significant part to play in the building of this great country which becomes a story line to hand down to our children. We are all not the same we do not all like the same things. This gives us all a special reason to love the area in which we live and enforce the history of our own little town and its people as well. The next time you walk down the street in my town and see several kids in their teens all standing around an old pick up truck spiting tobacco and talking smack we have a right to do this. As long as we all stay within the laws of the land we can assemble and say whatever our hearts want as long as we are non threatening to law enforcement or local officials even if we don,t like what they may have done in the past that's why we have this little process called free election.

My friends we are not hard wired the same so let's keep it that way, this year let's get through the election of officers county,state and federal without blood shed to our selves or others and remember our rights are only as good as we respect the rights of others.

Not everyone is made to be in government but we all have a piece of the action its called a single vote. If you don't like someone I hope its because of their personal views on issues and not because the way a person looks or dresses and please leave the religion out of the equation as well. This is one of our personal rights that government has no right of telling us how or where to practice. Lets not bring it into question as a prerequisite of a qualified person for any political appointment as well.

This weather is probably not by design nor does the Government have its finger on global warming button either, it sucks but its a good thing we have all this rain so we can send it down stream to Florida to save some stupid Snell or something, have a great day my friends and lets all stay just that, friends.


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