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So Nurse Hickok Can Treat Ebola Patients In West Africa - But She Can't Give Us 21 Days Without Suing...?

Updated on November 9, 2014

So Nurse Hickok Can Treat Ebola Patients In West Africa - But She Can't Give Us 21 Days Without Suing...?

Nurse Kaci Hickok was recently let out of forced quarantine after she threatened to sue New Jersey's Governor Christie who allegedly ordered her said quarantine. I for one is not going to disparage the humanitarian work that Nurse Hickok did in the Ebola stricken West Africa... but I found it 'telling' that her act of courage is fodder for some Democrats and the ACLU lawyers. No doubts that Nurse Hickok's sympathetic story of volunteering to go into the heart of the pandemic and her subsequent quarantine and the optics of her isolation, in what look like the proverbial 'bubble,' caused Governor Christie to relent and ordered Nurse Hickok's release. The question that begs itself - and is not part of the reportage by the Liberal Media - is why Nurse Hickok can give her services, supposedly, borne out of philanthropy to West Africa, but she cannot volunteer and give her fellow 'New Jerseyans' and these United States twenty-one days to rule out her not being infected with Ebola!?

Nurse Hickok's vociferous disagreement with Governor Christie comes off as carping, especially when she is associating/fraternizing with the lawyers of the ACLU, who has made our cherished Constitution into a suicidal document.... I wonder how much money it would take to redress Governor Christie's quarantine of Nurse Hickok? Let us ask the question, did not Governor Christie had cause to err on the side of caution... placing Nurse Hickok in quarantine, in light of the fact that he could not trust her in doing so herself - did not a doctor (Craig Spencer) from neighboring Brooklyn, New York, who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in Guinea and who leisurely, routinely went around New York exposing himself to others and, who, then subsequently came down with Ebola and is now currently isolated in a New York hospital ward? Those of us who still have a modicum of objectivity and void of bias and the political fodder that can be had in criticizing Governor Christie... and coupled with what happened in Texas and now New York, know that it was prudent and civic minded for Governor Christie to isolate the good Nurse Hickok.

We are living in era where there is tyranny carried out by our 'Minorities' and the latter's assassins are the ACLU lawyers working in perverted tandem with 'Activist' judges; and, so it is that a governor's prudent decision to protect the 'Majority' is being threatened by what is tantamount to potential greed disguised as a Constitutional Civil Liberties protest. Perhaps, we could let out the Ebola-stricken New York doctor's friends and girlfriend out of isolation before the twenty-one days are up and hope that they are not infected... and if she is not infected, I thank the Lord Jesus - but suppose that she is? Is it not prudent that all who the New York Ebola-stricken doctor surrounded himself with when he returned from Guinea are now quarantined? Maybe they too can petition the ACLU to sue New York's Governor Cuomo - oops, it is unlikely that this will happen, because, lest I forget, the governor is a Liberal Democrat, and, moreover, so is the New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio.

I hope that Nurse Hickok changes her mind about bringing suit against Governor Christie/State of New Jersey because one can tell one's motives by the company he or she keeps. Nurse Hickok's ACLU champions, who once did the Lord's work in their valiant fight against Southern injustice and securing the Franchise for Blacks, are now the propaganda mouthpieces for the 'tyrants' that make up the Minority. Recent cases from the tyrannical chronicles include what is currently taking place down in Houston, Texas, where a lesbian Mayor is demanding the sermons of preachers who morally think that homosexuality is a Sinful trespass; or a Constitution that was perversely interpreted, allowing doctors to murder babies under the auspices of Abortion... carving out a murderous exception to the once vaunted Hippocratic Oath, which commands... do no harm!

Why is that the Nigerians can isolate or prevent Ebola stricken patients from entering its borders to protect its majority - but we cannot? And it must be noted that the Nigerians method of combatting Ebola is much, much more draconian than what Governor Christie, apparently, sanctioned in New Jersey. At this juncture, I can hear my Far-Left-Liberal brothers and sisters invoking the personal Liberty clauses in our Constitution, and here again, I must resort to my refrain for this situation by opining that our Constitution is not suicidal. Incidentally, many of the nurses who are employed at the hospital where the New York doctor is isolated have been calling off from the job, notwithstanding the Political Correct lip service given by its purveyors on how we should behave and act in addressing Ebola and its dire consequences....

I end by invoking one of my favorite movies, Star Trek, the Wrath of Khan, where Leonard Nimoy, playing Mr. Spock, uttered the iconic, selfless words that are apt to the theme of this writing and anathema to the ACLU's lawyers and I hope not to nurse Hickok: "The needs of many (New Jerseyans) outweighs the needs of the few (ACLU's Lawyers) or the one (Nurse Hickok);" moreover, the Christ gave His life, a ransom for many, on Calvary's Cross.


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