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Social Commentary - Homeland Security

Updated on March 13, 2010

It is a time of uncertainty and rebellion, with insurrections leveling everything in its paths and a constant barrage of violence affecting none more so than the American family. There are a multitude of fears which confront many in our post modern America. We are especially susceptible to those endeavors which would seek to destroy the culture of our society. Because of liberties which our constitution grants, we have become a target not so much for our resources but for our blessings. The stability of the American family is the target with its idealism firmly in view of those who would seek to destroy it.

This has placed certain challenges to our open society and its customs while the events of the world surround the United States with circumstances beyond control. One must observe that it is within the American society were the changes are to be found among the populace. Those domestic terrorists who hide well behind respectability and pose as citizens, are a cancer ever lurking, changing and growing, until ready to overtake, hunting all the while, and killing bit by bit.

.It wasn’t long ago that most Americans could claim a sense of peace in a world seemingly gone mad, but no more. The more our country meddles with other governments, the more it is at risk of the changes the world imposes and effects the families of our society. The illusions of peace that so many politicians offer us are nothing but a mask to the realities of national and international events, and define them as accomplices to the disease and confuse ones ability to grasp the changes evolving around them. The speed at which these changes happen imperils families and arrives too fast to comprehend. Families deal with it by slowing down mentally, as if to possibly control it and thus seek out the perpetrators but they remain hidden by design; as undiscovered tumefactions.

The American family is directly in the line of fire. The events and people overtaking them are no match. The present activities of the country provide a distraction which allows families to drift away from constitutional government and good institutions; moorings which had held firm for many years. Americans are all too willing to try the un-chartered waters of foreign ideas, trying to reason with others who do not care or understand the mentality of the American vision. Families have allowed themselves to become as persuaded as their adversaries, who are within their own ranks. In doing so have cast themselves away from the attachments of the forefathers, and become victims of manipulation.

The results are obvious. In a short span of years, Americans went from independence to dependence and servitude while around them their government engaged in security schemes that promised a future of peace and contentment. They got debasement instead. No one is able to discern the level of coercion they are subjected to; they live within it but are unable to see it.

The foundation of the family has vanished as if some great tide had come in, overtaking it, so that what appeared as a calming ideology was in reality a leap into foreign ideologies. The forward movement of the progressives among the population was one in which they had been warned to look out for, to have done otherwise was to be stoic, even un-American. The American people abandoned the ropes that held them to the anchors of security and safety of the past.

The American family was placed into an antiquated philosophy devised by those who concluded amongst themselves that the traditional affairs would have to make way for the new, modern and more intelligent ways of establishing freedoms. That was to say, abandon the wisdom of the past for the future creations of knowledge as security. This they sought to do and in their own imagination, their conceit overruled their thinking. The imagined security found a home for itself within the deviances that were created for the American family; the homeland had changed and resembled nothing of its former self. Some even dared to call it security.

The fruits of their labor have been spent to make the new order. Though hints of the old ways lingered, they were quickly outnumbered by their replacements. A superfluous attitude pervades the government, it is the future and Americans embraced it as if the appetite needed that kind of confirmation. When a people secures for themselves the means by which safety can be assured through manipulation, it is not too far to guarantee it, even if the means to do so remain in question. Thinking to secure liberty, Americans gave up the stability of the nation by purchasing freedom. It was no longer profitable to buy liberty; for them it was a thing of the past.

The new security was in education. The currency of knowledge is a taskmaster who demands loyalties to the state and guards them with an insult and ambition that can not be broken. Any (rugged) individuality or morality was forbidden and even given a title, “hate”.

With that thinking, the American government and its people charged into the future. Security is found with the public but dependent on a system of gratuities and political ingratiation, backed by the whole of higher and higher education implanted within the population. No one can advance without it. Progression is the new morality with its attendant poverty, distinguishing the haves from the have not`s and classifying groups into a caste of super-educated versus the just barely-educated; those who posses relativism versus they who claimed title to past philosophies. The chains of the state now surround the family and have become a substitute for the continuity of the American culture, and some would call it security.

It is a convenient kind of fealty that manifests itself in illusion and mediocrity, as terse as it can be. It appears to grant peace, yet no one has it. It appears to solve disputes but nothing is ever settled. It appears to make contracts, but nothing is for certain; neither the government nor the people are able to find the liberties by which most have defined their lives in the past. When the families changed, the security they provided changed and with it the peace and safety of the institution becomes meaningless. Its new terms and philosophy are completely useless to the old family, but necessary. It maintains the illusion, but its sustainability remains difficult. The American Judeo Christian society had been stripped bare and is in the process of being rebuilt without its citizens aware of it. The state is now the father. If motherhood still exists, it is in the myriad of laws that surmounted the constitution and pretends to nurture at the teat of government. Liberty is a forgotten principle which no one can recall. The children of our families are now the ruling class and the past is to them so distant that one must look to the history books to see it. To be able to grasp it would be to do the impossible as it is a visage` of its former self.

It is in modern America that the family has become a relic of its past. Like so many beggars on a street, Americans find themselves grasping at something that  no longer exists; redefined without our knowledge. The generosity of liberty granted by our forefathers and guaranteed by the past is a relic. The homeland is in peril. It is in disarray and hopeless.

The security of its most fragile institution, the family, is confined to a time past. Viewed as irrelevant to the modern nation, the homeland is unsecured because its families remain vulnerable to the future, instead of guaranteed by it.


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    • MFB III profile image

      MFB III 

      8 years ago from United States

      Homeland security, but with skewed checkpoints showing up at almost any airport, a wall between Mexico and the U.S. that Mexicans as well as possible terrorist can scramble over daily, a wide open Canadian border by water in the dead of night....even White House security can be breached.

      Then there is the problems of schools and their being held hostage by homicidal maniacs. We need tasers in every teachers desk and at various locations around the schools

      to stop the horrendous killing of kids. at the first gunshot, a teacher or administrator can launch a taser and disbable the gunman. Sadly there is little protection from planes hitting us, as shown at the IRS bldg. recently.

      Then there are germs and biological warfare that can walk right through our customs checkpoints at our far too open borders. Then there are the shipping carton woes, thousands

      come into our harbor daily, how many are thoroughly inspected. Most anything can be made into a weapon...even fertilizer...remember do we live in constant fear, or accept the facts that we are vulnerable and that there is only so much our human protectors can do to save us.

      Using cameras to ticket speeders and cameras in schools to catch petty hijinks, do not serve us as well as putting them where the dangers might slip past our borders.You write a very informative article. Our American and worldwide family has eroded because kids have unlimited acsess to information and filth that we never knew as children. Our closest contact with porno was a National Geographic magazine or a Sears and Roebuck catalogue, lingerie section. Kids today can find every level of perverstiy on the web, the telelvison, the radio, and so many other avenues. Innocence has been pushed back to the age of 4 or five, and then technology takes over. We may never see the age of innocence we knew return, but we quite well might realize a world where there are no longer any children...just littel over stimulated adults.`Great Hub~~MFB III

    • christalluna1124 profile image


      8 years ago from Dallas Texas


      How excellently well written. I am in total agreement with you. as a former corrections officer I am afriad when I think the children of today are our tomorrow. Our country once a great nation ( no disrespect meant) is almost in ruins for intruding where the concerns are not ours. I really enjoyed this piece and hope to read ore like it.

      warmest regards,



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