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Socialism Is Not to Be Feared!

Updated on March 4, 2019
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I have been voting and working as a volunteer and social activist since 1984. I have worked for Republicans, Democrats and the Green Party.

Free once again...

Yes this is me 2 months after I escaped from America and moved directly to COLOMBIA.  Straight up Pablo Excobar territory.Taken in the heart of El Poblado in Medellin. BEST MOVE I ever made!  Now I live in Ecuador. Enjoying life & politics from AFAR!
Yes this is me 2 months after I escaped from America and moved directly to COLOMBIA. Straight up Pablo Excobar territory.Taken in the heart of El Poblado in Medellin. BEST MOVE I ever made! Now I live in Ecuador. Enjoying life & politics from AFAR! | Source

Socialism and Alexandria Somebody

Hey Everyone,

I was recently contacted by a man that wanted to stop a potential crises for the financial future of "America".

He was terrified that a Socialist by the name of Alexandria would bring a Socialist agenda to the table.

God forbid she should want to give real and true equal rights to everyone!

This "monster" in high heels wants to bring about free education! (Oh the HORROR!). She also wants everyone to have equal and free access to MEDICAL CARE!

My God! What has this topsy turvy world coming to that they would allow a human being with a HEART into politics!

He backed up his fear mongering with a statistic that states 57% of all Democrats are in favor of Socialism over Capitalism (47%). Where DID he get those numbers? And HOW can he be unhappy with free and fair education, when he himself cannot ADD? (47 plus 57 equals 104%!)

I won't tell you who he is because first of all, I am not out to embarrass the old chap and second of all, most likely he hired a writer like me to write the article to sell a product and it was most likely a typo. I like to give my fellow writers slack in these matters!

I think that in a free and open society, everyone should be able to pursue higher education, regardless of how their parents failed to get rich or how they might have lost a house in a recently (possibly government caused?) house fire. Or series of house fires. Sorry I am a little bitter over that one. My former town of Paradise, California is gone and 40,000 people are newly homeless.

God forbid that the kids in those houses should be given a leg up after being taken several pegs down. Sorry, I love to mix and match my metaphors the way an artist will wear purple and orange on the same day or a homeless, jobless person could give a flying fig less about wearing white after labor day.

I am sorry but it makes me angry that people that are poor, struggling and coming from nothing do not have the means in which to become educated in the world's first "superpower" of the United States of America.

People in Argentina have access to a free undergrad degree. Actually, YOU TOO have access to this exact opportunity and the government of Argentina will allow you in to their Universities to do just that! They do not believe in discrimination that way. (HINT HINT: BIG WIDE OPEN GOOD HEART ALERT!)

What a crying shame that the old crony fat cats with the Harvard Degrees would prefer to stay ahead of everyone else to puff themselves up and pretend that they still matter to the rest of humanity. Sorry, Mr. Harvard and Mr. Princeton! You are only relevant to your east coast buddies in your ever tightening, shrinking, disrespectful circle of jerks. Sorry to say! There is the rest of the world and the rest of the people to consider here. Not just Muffy and Buffy and their cousin Biff. Of the New Hampshire Biffs, I am sure.

I have nothing against these fine institutions. But I will forever hold everything against the self entitled dickheads (that most likely attended your schools) that want to be in charge of the whole damned world. And deny the poorer masses the God Given right to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS that goes hand in hand with a GREAT HIGHER EDUCATION!

I mean, if you don't agree with me go ahead and vote for the Cheesy Potato man again. The jokes have been HILARIOUS! Just like his hair/rug/orangutan butt decoration on his head. I could use 4 more years of hilarious laughs. Let the Repubs get it all out of their system, being proud of a misogynistic racist homophobe who loves to pretend to drive a "big people" truck. (Honk honk! I am pretending to drive!)

Because, my friends, BACKLASH is a Bitch and She is coming HARD for your ass! We will have 8 years of possibly the biggest Socialist there is following a re-election of this Narcissistic Cheddar Puff.

Well, this is the letter I sent back to him. Not that he will ever read it or even care.

Dear (Sir),

I am so happy to see that the world is changing!
Thank you for letting me know!

I have lived in a socialist country for the past 16 months and I LOVE IT! The people are happy and friendly and money is not the ONLY thing that is important.

FAMILY is important here.

Money isn't everything. LOVE IS. Caring about others is the most important thing.Money is white and green paper that won't save you if the super volcano explodes. Your family can't save you in that event either, but when you are questioned by God in the end, would you be proud of your answers?

Or, what if the USA power grid goes down because of polar vortex like happenings.Ha ha. Your family will at least share a blanket with you.

Socialism is not the hard and fast slippery slope into former Communist Russia that everyone believes. I am afraid of that too, believe me!

It is just a kinder, gentler way to look at a situation that includes everyone, not just the 4 people and cat and dog that lives under your roof.

Just my two cents and it didn't cost you a dime!

Peace, Love, Joy an the HIGH VIBES of the HOLY FIFTH DIMENSION!

Ascension Blessings,

Reverend Alanna Fox Starks, D.D.

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