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Socialized Medicine or Just a Label

Updated on September 4, 2011

Educated but Not Smart Here

In our country, we are struggling to keep all our citizens counted among those who have the ways and means to seek medical care. We have some who have the money to buy health insurance, and then for those at the other end of the spectrum, we have free clinics. If only there was a way to get the care we have the same for everyone, for one might get the feeling that the insurance pays for better care than one might receive at a free clinic.

In Mexico, everyone gets equal treatment, and free treatment and here is how that works out for them.

When a man in the family decides he wants health care for his family, he signs up and completes a mandatory six months of free labor for the government. This may be something as hard as digging ditches, making roads, or as easy as working as a bus driver, but whatever the tasks he is given during that six months he must complete. When he is finished, this allows him and every family member he has to go to a social security hospital, as they are all called there. It does not matter if a surgery is required or a simple band-aid. It is provided, free of charge.

In England, a country we have in our history fashioned a lot of our governments and politics after, they simply have a health care tax. Paying this tax is like we pay property taxes, and it allows the family to go to a doctor of their choice, and for free.

When anything close to this kind of a program is suggested here, everyone gets excited and upset, protests, and it is called social medicine. When I Googled socialized medicine it was defined like this:

Socialized medicine is a term used primarily in the United States, and often pejoratively, to refer to publicly-funded health care.[1] The term is used most frequently in the U.S. political debate concerning health care.[2][3][4][5][6] The term was first widely used in the United States by advocates of the American Medical Association in opposition to President Harry S. Truman's 1947 health-care initiative.[7][8][9]

You must take note of the first line as it reads--"is a term used primarily in the United States..."

Are we so afraid of the Communists that we are willing to cut off our noses to spite our own faces America? Almost every single other country in the world has its government involved in its health care. We cannot get past that one word enough to allow a simple, logical and otherwise smart and workable system just because we are so afraid of being labeled communists.

I really do not have anything further to say on this topic, except to implore you all, not to be stubborn, and please allow a workable system to come into play that will care for us and our children, before a lot of people have to die.


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    Howard Schneider 

    7 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

    It is unfortunate that our Healthcare system has developed mostly from World War II on as an employer based system. It was used by companies to lure workers since there was a wage freeze in effect due to the war. This expanded after the war resulting in what we have now. It is completely unfair. I wrote a Hub that included this information. The Republicans and Far Right have demagogued this issue with terms such as socialized medicine. The new Healthcare Reform law is a small step away from this with state run healthcare exchanges. This was all that could be passed in this current political environment. Hopefully this works and will spread into a true reform plan. Thank you for this excellent and caring Hub.


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