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Society is a Paradox, Its Time to Flush Out the Noise.

Updated on July 28, 2016

Society is a community or sum of people living in a certain area. When people live around each other they are bound to socialize. Aristotle said it " Man is social animal". But each and every constituent of the society sees the world from different perspective, that perspective being define by their personality, their education, their life style and their upbringing. Like the very features of human species, these traits, for every human are somewhat different from one another. Out of the basic senses that human has, the sight plays the foremost role in perception. what they perceive from the surrounding becomes the fundamental unit for their reaction.

And we the human species really really care about how people react to any action of ours. That i why society has trends and taboos. We follow a certain path that the society has created for us, and push ourselves into liking the path, because being taboo or in-adaptable simply means weakness and rejection which we can not simply handle.

Whenever we decide to do something, we always keep in mind of the reaction. Most of the people's sole purpose for acting is to gain compliments from their fellow being thus the Facebook and Instagram etc. The admiration and praise feeds us with the rush that gives us a feeling of euphoria. Constant need to please the society has became addictive, some of the people don't even realize it. For some of us it has compressed the unique ability that God has gifted us, it has taken the freedom of expressing personal opinion without offending anyone.

Its time to realize that we do not have any ability whatsoever to neither change the society nor our feelings towards it but what we can do is to realize that there is always gonna be people who are not going to like what we do, sometimes even all the people but at least believe in ourselves and our God gifted conscience to do what we want. Society is a paradox, it wants everything at the same time which humanly is impossible. It does not like change until some one shows them that its okay to move forward. Be that someone. Embrace the humanity and step up. Block out all the non sense, see the glass half full, define your own worth and let nobody label you into anything.


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