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Solar-powered Cats Eyes

Updated on November 18, 2008

The latest generation of solar-powered cats eyes are being hailed as a major safety boost for cyclist.

Current cats eyes simply reflects headlight beam from approaching vehicles, but the new studs actually generate, store and emit their own illumination, so they are ten times brighter than current cats eyes. This stud stores solar energy during the day, then built-in light-emitting device (diodes) automatically illuminate from dusk to dawn, providing drivers with up to 900 metres of visibility.

These new studs rises in a smoothly profiled dome to less than 4mm above the road surface, motor cycles will hardly gets shaken when passing over them, For a cyclist or motor cyclist, particularly in slippery conditions, it removes a major risk of instability.

Besides, It doesn't require much imagination to guess the effects on a lighter motorcycle or a pedal cycle. Because these studs are ten time brighter then the retro-reflective road stud.

This new cats eyes are invented by a British company Astucia SolarLite, which are currently installed on roads in Lothian in Scotland, theVale of Glamorgan in Wales, in Essex, Buckinghamshire, Norfolk and Oxfordshire, where they have demonstrated a reduction in serious accident levels of almost three quarters.


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