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Solutions and Opinions: Unimpeding Black America

Updated on July 16, 2022
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Politico-Socio issues stay ever with us. Gain perspective in deciding if "these" words resonate with your understanding and thinking.

Bill Cosby stood before a large audience of Black Americans once, stepping out of his character as the Jell-0 Pudding guy and into the unwanted role of Black critiquer. He stood lambasting the crowd of offended fans about things that were wrong with Black people. Surprisingly, his delivery was inappropriate. No one wanted to hear that side of Bill. Making people laugh, and not think is what people wanted. It is evident from the strained applause Mr. Cosby received when he made valid points.


As a comedian, Bill Cosby has great timing. As a public speaker and motivational advocate, he failed. The message he attempted to deliver was not received because of how he delivered it. People cried foul and missed how true and powerful it was, indeed.

Cosby was correct, however. A number of Black people blame the government or White people for their station in life; yet, people who are also Black come from other nations without being able to speak the English language and, within months, have carved out a piece of Americana. The Black community is destroying itself trying to be so separate from everybody else that it fails to see that being separate does not make a people exceptional.

No Islands in Race Relations

In this article, in support of the lives of Americans with documented discrimination against them for decades, exists solutions and opinions that will help Black communities begin a healing process that can only happen with the cooperation of all of society. There is no such thing as an isolated society of people in America that does not depend on another for support. The states are united because together we are stronger. People are not different in the need for support in this pluralistic society. The first step is listening.


Reality of Dads

Cosby pointed out in his famed "Pound Cake" speech that "No longer is a boy considered an embarrassment if he tries to run away from being the father of the unmarried child." When did that happen?

Black men, stop running away from responsibility just because you may not have had a daddy growing up. It is a sad tale for many Black people in the United States that the natural father is not in the home. Generations of people are raised to maturity by mothers who can not provide them with the full support they needed without a husband to help shoulder the responsibility. It is a horrible predicament for any family. Black men, stop running. Basketball, partying, sex, the club, the next high, and any other thing will not bring true happiness. Of course, this only applies to those who do it. Don't use the excuse that your dad was not there.

Be Your Baby's Daddy.

Give your child or children the guidance, support, and love you realize that you needed growing up. Think about what you wanted as a little boy in a father and be that for your sons and daughters. I have heard people say that they have turned out alright without that masculine support in their lives. Some may. Most will not turn out right. Most did not turn out right. A child needs commitment and the assurance that Daddy will be there during the hard times just like Mommy is there. It gives them a sense of self-worth and security. It teaches the child that he or she is so important that his or her parents went through tribulation to make sure he or she understood the worth of his or her soul.


Be the Husband of Your Baby's Mother.

Commit, men. Commit to more than a sexual encounter. Commit to more than self-gratification. Stop disrespecting these Black women, even if they disrespect themselves. 75% of Black families lack a father estimated. Be the right statistic and help to decrease that number.

You, Black men, are not thought of as responsible enough, even though there are so many out there who are! It is true that with such a high percentage of father absenteeism that you may be disadvantaged. However, love the woman first and foremost. You will love the kids that come AFTER marrying her.

Marching in the street and protesting the police means nothing if the very same people do not make the cultural commitment to be men who marry the women to make loving homes of stability for children. Black lives matter if Black people make them matter by being present and available.

Marriage. Isn't it about Time!

Go to Church

Black men and Black women, go to church. Go to Temple. Go to Meeting. Go to the Mosque. Religion is better than what people are having now in this country which is nothing. Spiritualism is not enough. It doesn't provide the moral structure and organized religion does. Church provides stability for the Black community. Why abandon it now? It is the common thread of Black heritage that binds the communities together as one. Go to church for the right reasons. If religion is there to improve your relationships with your spouse and children, it is good. Otherwise, be wary of it.

Live the teachings found in the Bible.

Go wherever you find God and actually serve Him or some moral code. I promote Christianity as the best moral code. Serve God. Going to church alone is not good enough. You must read the scriptures and follow the teachings found inside independent of church or a preacher.

The church is good, but it does not replace having a personal relationship with God. That is the most important way. The only thing that will save the Black Family is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

You can find an exception in every faith as to what does and what doesn't work. I would stake my life on the belief that in a family where the correct teachings of Jesus Christ are taught and lived you will find the happiest people. I stake my life on that truth.

Word of God

It is Simpler With God

For those of you who don't believe in God, you can still change your behavior and help the next generation by following a moral code based on love of family and obligations to family members and community.

It will be more difficult for you because you do not have the same psychological support that a church and a body of believers do. Human beings feel less strain on themselves when they work as though it all depends on them, but pray as if it depends on someone else. It gives people strength to continue in the face of opposition.

Police Officers Help Us

Police officers, find some Black people and be a good understanding friend. Right now you are in a position of power to help. This is a community effort that is only successful with your willingness to be open.

Police Officer Aubrey Gregory walks with Asia Ford as she participates in the Rodes
Police Officer Aubrey Gregory walks with Asia Ford as she participates in the Rodes | Source

Caring Starts Change

Officers, do not try to change the Black person into what you think he or she should be, but just get to know them as a human. It might make some of you who are racist and who do fear Blacks stop and think before you draw a weapon on an unarmed person.

It is hard to change. It takes courage and strength to change. By the time today's youngsters are parents this will be another sad tale in US history if we work together instead of it being current events.



This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2018 Rodric Anthony Johnson


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