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Some Self-Evident Truths

Updated on September 13, 2016


The preamble to the Declaration of Independence mentions "self-evident" truths. There are a few others that does not require any more explanation or be "caste in stone." They are just accepted by the mass majority of the people of a nation. Some have tried in recent years to change these truths. They need to be confronted and this hub will address them.

-October 2015

Some Truths...

  • America is founded as a Christian Nation.
  • English is the "official" language of the USA.
  • "Marriage" is between one man and one women.
  • The Sun is the source of all energy.
  • Water and Air are essential for life on earth.
  • Good and Evil exists.
  • Humans instinctively know between right and wrong.


Why do we have history? and why do we study history? The simple answer is that is how we progress as a nation and a civilization. Each generation builds on the success and learn from the failures of previous generations. Over time, certain "truths" are revealed that stands the test of time. This is true of science, economics, politics and other disciplines.

What defines a nation? A nation or country has some common features. They are a group of people who shares a common heritage, language, culture and a form of government. They are willing to defend this with their lives if necessary to preserve their way of life.


  • America founded as Christian Nation - Read the writings of our Founding Fathers. Read the lyrics of our National Anthem. Look at our currency. Look at our National buildings (Supreme Court). Our national Day of Prayer. Our holidays of Christmas and Thanksgiving. President State of the Union end their speeches with "God Bless America"...
  • English is our "official" language. The reason I put the word official in quotes is that we don't have an official language. It is common sense that all our businesses and government are conducted in English. That is our common bond. Without a common language, we don't have a nation. There is no need to write a law making English the official language.
  • Marriage - The Constitution did not define marriage because it was not necessary. Everyone knew the meaning of marriage. "self-evident".
  • Sun is source of all energy. Who can deny that?
  • Water and Air (Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide) are essential to life...
  • Good and Evil - Yin and Yang, Positive and Negative charges...
  • Right and Wrong - Humans unlike all animals have a conscience.

The Star Spangled Banner


It begs the question why someone will go out of their way to try and re-write our history. What is their thinking that wants to justify or change society to conform to their belief? I don't know for sure and I can't get inside someone's head. I can offer a few guesses.

  1. It is a form of rationalizing their behavior. Here is the thinking. A person have a belief that is the minority opinion. In order to convince the majority, he must attack the original source and disprove their original belief. Thus, they feel justified in their "enlightenment".
  2. Provoking a response. A second possibility is the need of some to provoke a confrontation. Instead of living out their own belief, they want to challenge others and poking fun or denigrate others for their beliefs so they can feel good.
  3. Insecurity. They are insecure in their belief and need confirmation from others to agree with them. Even though our Constitution offer protection for all minorities, these individuals feel they are discriminated against and demand equality in all aspects.


As a student of history, I value people with an open mind and open heart. I believe most people wants the best for their family and their country. They also have compassion for all people of all races and all nationalities. They want to help the disadvantaged and the defenseless. The disagreement is usually in the methods. What is the best way to help? That is very reasonable. What is unacceptable is trying to re-write history to create a new false narrative.


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    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      2 years ago from Yorktown NY

      Oztinato, many atheists also miss interpret our Constitution. The freedom of religion of the first amendment does not mean freedom from religion.

    • Oztinato profile image


      2 years ago from Australia

      Many atheists take a very casual "so what" attitude to TOTAL religious intolerance as if it is nothing to worry about. They "cant understand" why people object to this!! Freedom of religion is actually one of the foundations of civilsation.


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