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Some Things Just Don't Add Up

Updated on July 9, 2017
jackclee lm profile image

Jack is currently a volunteer at the Westchester County Archives. Jack has worked at IBM for over 28 years.


Ever so often, somethings come to light that sheds light on what is actually going on. I point to two items in the news which may seem unconnected but they are part of a pattern. Let me explore this a bit and see if you agree.

- May. 2016

Ben Rhodes

Some News Items...

1. White House advisor Ben Rhodes in an interview admitted that they had to create a false narrative to sell the Iran nuclear deal and they used some media folks to help promote their talking point.

2. Some former Facebook employees make the charge that FB tinker their trending items on their home page to spin it against conservatives.

Why are these revealing and why I think they are important to all of us?

Our Republic is founded on the premise that freedom and our rights comes from a higher power and that our government is formed to serve the people and that our Bill of Rights include a freedom of the press for the reason that they are the watch dog over our elected officials. Their honesty and objectivity is crucial to the success of this new experiment in self government.

In an ideal world, people like Ben Rhodes and Susan Rice, who have deliberately lied to the American people, should be indicted and sent to jail. Yet, they are praised by our Media and given celebrity status.

Some Events that Don't Seem to Make Sense

Here are a few examples of recent events that just don't add up.

1. The common media portrait of Senator Ted Cruz is that he is the most hated man in Washington. No body likes him. He is extreme and he looks creepy...Yet, he ran for the GOP presidential primaries and ended up beating 15 out of 17 candidates. How can that be?

2. The recent North Carolina law that limit use of public bathrooms to gender assigned at birth. The justice department came out to declare the law unconstitutional... The company Target made a big statement regarding it's restroom policy that won't discriminate against LGBT...

What is going on here? We survives over 200 years in this country with no debate on who should use what bathrooms and now in 2016, this has become a controversial topic? Last I heard, the LGBT community is only 3% at best of the population. Why is this thrusted upon us at this point? Who is pushing this? and for what end?

3. The Trump campaign from the beginning of his announcement has been underestimated by the media and the professional pundits. They have made all sorts of predictions that didn't come true and in fact outright wrong. The polls have also been all over the place. He was portrayed as a bigot and a misogynist and a clown...

I am not a Trump supporter but I have to recognize that something is just off here. Who is doing the spinning here? and why?

4. Polls and who conducts them and what they show or don't show. Recently, Gallup shows that President Obama's job approval rating is above 50%. How is this possible? If that was the case, we should have people dancing in the streets...Yet, every where we see, economy in the dumps, foreign policy failing, race relations at an all time low, people mad at Washington, country heading in the wrong direction...

5. Interest Rate at near 0% for 7 years. This is the most telling in my opinion. How is this a viable policy coming from the Federal Reserve? No where in the history of our country has interest rate been so artificially controlled as today.

6. How is Bernie Sanders, a socialist, able to compete with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic ticket? and succeeding to some extent with the millennials. Do they not know what socialist is? This is not a hypothetical. There are plenty of evidence from world history that socialism does not work. Yet, why supposedly college educated millennials, don't know that? What have they been taught?

7. For many years, we have been told by experts that oil production is near it's peak. That prices will skyrocket due to supply and demand. Guess what, price of oil is down to near $40 per barrel. No experts predicted this a few years ago. What happened? Fracking and global recession. Oh by the way, we have plenty of oil, enough for the next 200 years.

8. Healthcare and ACA. After passage of the ACA, we now found out courtesy of Jonathan Grubber, that they lied to us in order to push this bill through against the will of the American people. It was suppose to reduce cost and increase coverage. Wrong on all counts.

9. The unemployment rate according the the Department of Labor is currently at 5%. Wow, that is great news. The problem is, who believe this? The actual U6 number is over 10%.

10. Climate Change and EPA - the IPCC has issued report after report about the dangers of climate change and global warming and that we humans are the main culprit.They and climate scientists and Al Gore has made extreme dire predictions about what would happen. Yet, the problem is, none has come true. They have exaggerated the human contribution in order to force an extreme environmental agenda using the power of the EPA. This has lead to the demise of the coal industry as recent coal companies declaring bankruptcies.

11. OCW and BLM movements - Both of these movements are anarchist protesting something they don't even understand. They may have some basis for the original offense, but to let them be hijacked by groups like Soros and used as a tool to disrupt and destroy property and obstruct justice is wrong.

12. Illegal Immigration - something that has been debated for over 30 years. Yet, our elected officials seems to have no clue or inclination to solve this problem. By all indication, Americans are compassionate and want to help people in need. However, illegal immigration is a serious drain on all of us and our infrastructure. No other countries in the world have a more liberal immigration policy. We don't hear that in the news. We hear about bigots like Trump who denigrate Mexicans and wants to build a wall that divides us...

13. The IRS scandal - prior to the 2012 election, the TEA party groups were targeted by the IRS and selectively singled out for harsh treatment when applying for tax exempt status. The IRS is not suppose to be a political entity. I remember the outrage of President Obama when this news first came to light. Yet, over the next few month, it was quietly disposed of. What happened?

Do you really think if these were progressive groups being treated the say way in a GOP Administration, that the results would be the same? Would the NYT stay quiet or would they have front page articles day in and day out? Would they call for investigation and independent prosecutors...

There are many more examples I can cite but I will stop here.

Why Is This Happening?

I don't have a crystal ball and I can't get into some people's heads but I can venture a guess. There are some in government and in industry that are elitists. They think they are smarter than everyone else. They have a certain beliefs and they think they are right and just and the common people are just too stupid to grasp them. Instead of taking the time to educate or debate or convince the majority to go along, they want to force it by hook or by crook. The end justify the means come to mind. Where have we heard that argument before?

People like Zuckerberg and Obama and Clinton thinks they know how to create the perfect and just society and re-distribute income in a way that is fair. That is the case with Obama with ACA. He truly believes that a universal healthcare system run by our government is the best way forward. If he had to lie a little to convince Congress and the Supreme Court to go along, so be it.

A Warning...

Facebook is just one example. There are many other companies that uses their resources to push an agenda. Google is another that gives me pause. Try do a search on Google the following keywords. Capitalism, Socialism, Communism. Notice the differences in the result pages.

Imagine a world where a private company can control what is being viewed and read by you and your kids. Perhaps they are doing research on a paper for school. Will they get the UN-biased truth or some distortion? This warning apply to all sides. As a conservative, I am just as outraged by liberal outfits and conservative outfits trying to spin data. I know the damage is the same.

I recently returned from a trip to China. There, I learned first hand that Google search is blocked. But you know what is worst than a search engine being blocked? A search engine that delivers biased results.

Screen Capture of Google Search

A New Revelation...

Here is a new book that was written by an anonymous sitting member of Congress exposing the corruption at the seat of power in the US Capitol.

The Confessions of Congressman X.

Do we need any more evidence that things are not adding up?


Why is this important to a free society? In order for society to work, we need a free exchange of information. We cannot have any group or individual or segment of the government pick and choose what is acceptable. The problem is always who is to decide? Ideas should be presented openly and debated and voted on. That is the only fair and equitable way. In order for this to happen, our Founding Fathers put into our Constitution several key points. One of which is the Bill of Rights and the other is the Amendment process by which changes can be made going forward.

They are fully aware of human nature and the opium of power and how money and power will corrupt absolutely. They put into our Constitution a check and balance to make sure no one person can rule by fiat. In addition, a freedom of the press so that they can keep an eye on the ruling class. Finally, a second Amendment to protect individuals and to protect our freedom from an over reaching tyrannical government. That is the reason that our Republic has survived over 200 years.

With the recent revelations, I can now make some sense of what's been happening. Not that I believe or buy into some conspiracy theories, I do see what the collective effects of groups and government and Industry can and will do to control us.

It makes perfect sense to pit one group against another, liberal against conservative, male vs. female, white vs. black, rich vs. poor and in that way, keep us away from the events that are actually taking place. While we fight among ourselves, and vote election after election, nothing seems to change for the better. Why is that? Who is profiting from the chaos? Who has the most to gain? Interesting to ponder?

© 2016 Jack Lee


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    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      2 years ago from Yorktown NY

      suraj, I would not go that far. What is needed is for people to be aware of the bias in the news and on the web. Use your intellect to discern what is truth and what is spin and what is lie. Over time, you will develop the antenna to spot them. Good luck.

    • suraj punjabi profile image

      suraj punjabi 

      2 years ago from jakarta

      Problem is even when we want educate ourselves, we cannot rely on the source of our knowledge as they might be biased. Hardly is a source objective nowadays. Objectivity is an art form. and no one will tell it like it is. Everyone has their own agenda to push, and everyone is trying to distort the fact. If we do want to educate ourselves, we will probably try to google stuff, but problem is that even Google has their own agenda.

      Eventually we will realize that we cannot find truths outside, we only find partial and distorted truths. The only truth we can find is within ourselves and be our true selves. Don't pay any attention to these distortion. Do not get to into the media coverage and politics. They are as fictional or perhaps more than a reality tv show. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING is true.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      2 years ago

      Anyone who believes we still have freedom of speech and freedom of the press must have been out of the country for a long time. I believe we are experiencing deliberate chaos fostered by global elitists who wish to control all the little "sheep" for their own good. Hillary is definitely one of them, and she is in "good" company. All the stuff about the LGBT community is deliberate, as well. The left is experimenting with u, trying to see just how far they can push us. It has never been easy to uncover the truth, but these days it is almost impossible.

    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      2 years ago from Yorktown NY

      Old Poolman, you got it. I just hope others will get it too.

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 

      2 years ago

      News that is not reported can be as damaging and misleading as news that is incorrectly reported. When facts are discovered that could cause great harm to certain Politicians, it is not reported on every network. Some touch on it briefly and then move on to important matters like which restroom we should use to pee.

      When a single company owns controlling interest in several networks they do control what is reported, and the manner in which it is covered. This is a form of censorship in itself.

    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      2 years ago from Yorktown NY

      Ron, You are making my point with this article. We have a dishonest press that taints everything we read or don't read. The bottom line for me is do you think the Iran deal is a good one or not? Why are we the people kept in the dark? Why is Congress not involved since they have the primary duty under the Constitution of passing foreign treaties.

      Ben Rhodes, in case you don't know was also the point man in the Benghazi affair. He claims to not be involved with the talking points but later was proven that he was the key person in the White House creating the false talking points that Susan Rice went in front of 5 news programs and sold to the American people.

      As I said in my hub, we just can't have these type of activities going on. It undermines our credibility and nothing good can come of it.

      So, a Google search were able to convince you that my sources are biased...

    • RonElFran profile image

      Ronald E Franklin 

      2 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

      Jack, to my mind your very first point, alleging that White House advisor Ben Rhodes admitted to creating a false narrative to fool the public into accepting the Iran deal, illustrates the danger of uncritically accepting "reports" from media that have reason to slant their accounts to fit their ideology.

      Not having heard about this incident, I did a Google search. It immediately became apparent that almost all the outlets casting it in the terms you use were arrayed firmly on the conservative, anti-Iran deal side. In other words, the characterization of Rhodes as celebrating having deceived the American people is not objective reality, but a conservative slant on the issue.

      Apparently all this is based on a New York Times Magazine article by David Samuels. A Media Matters analysis is headlined "David Samuels Falsely Attacks President Obama And Ben Rhodes, Fails To Disclose Conflict Of Interest." It goes on to refute Samuels' major claims, and quotes a Politico Magazine article saying that "Samuels’ thesis that Obama was ‘actively misleading’ the public about Iran … falls apart under scrutiny.” It also notes that Samuels did not disclose that in 2009 he was advocating for Israel to bomb Iran, and in 2015 participated in a panel arguing against the Iran deal. In other words, Samuels is hardly an objective source on this issue.

      My point is not about anything Rhodes or Samuels may have said. Rather, it is that only readers who already believe pretty much as you do will accept such unproven claims as fact. For those who don’t already accept those claims, there appears to be little common ground on which an objective discussion of the issue at hand can be based.


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