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Some light at the end of the tunnel

Updated on September 4, 2017

The position of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea, and its refugees

Because Southern Italy is very close to the coast of Africa a lot of refugees choose Italy as the gateway to enter Europe, this creates a lot of problems to the Italian government. So, the refugees need to be stopped, before they come to Italy.
Because Southern Italy is very close to the coast of Africa a lot of refugees choose Italy as the gateway to enter Europe, this creates a lot of problems to the Italian government. So, the refugees need to be stopped, before they come to Italy.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Welcome to our article (77), some light at the end of the tunnel

Dear readers, I have called this article, (Some) light at the end of the tunnel, because after a long time, it seems to me that something is being started in the right direction, which could give good result if taken seriously, and therefore, there could be light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. Anyhow, this is what I have heard, I have heard that they want to try to stop the refugees to leave their native countries. Now, let us hope they can do that, because this could be the best way to stop them.

You see, the Italians and the European Union leaders have somehow realized that they cannot solve the refugees’ problem, by doing what they have been doing for years; which is that they would go out to save the refugees from drowning, then they would try to resettle them in Europe somewhere. We should say that on humanitarian grounds that is what needs to be done, people need to help and save other people when they are in danger. But at the same time this letting the refuges in Europe in large number, is not what the world wants or need, because it creates problems to Italy and the European communities, as we have witnessed many times already, when these refugees become terrorist and kill those people that have helped them survive in the first place; now that is horrible, to say the least.

You see, some of us are bound to see these things in a bad way, because it is so unnatural when you help somebody to survive, then that same person will turn around and kill you, this cannot make sense, but it is happening many times these days anyhow; so, what should we think about these violent events? Nobody seems to know.

In the very old times, when somebody saved somebody else from dying, the saved person would feel that he owed the saviour his life, therefore he would do anything to repay his saviour. But today these people that are being saved from drowning, they don’t feel anything like that, in fact, they behave in a horrible way, they turn around and kill the person that has saved them, which is shocking.

But, let us leave behind this dilemma, of how these people behave for the time being, because it is not helping to solve the problem, in fact, it makes things worse, so, let us start looking from another point of view and talk about what could be done. Or what today leaders think of doing, to increase the chances for a good outcome. You see, it is what they start doing that gives us hope for a better outcome, so, let us hope they succeed.


Why they want to solve the refugees’ problem

The refugees’ problem needs to be solved soon, because there are too many refugees arriving in Italy and Europe, so, they create many social problems, which the countries that receive the refugees cannot cope with any longer. Now, let us start with what is really happening. In this case, let us start with the refugees’ problem in Italy, because the Italians have more problems than other people. Apart that the Italian have most refugees from overseas, which they save from drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, or let them disembark on the Italian territory, where they arrive by any sort of boats, the Italians have also many native Italian refugees that they need to help, which by right are supposed to be helped before the overseas refugees, but they cannot concentrate to do that, because of the great number of refugees arriving in Italy every day.

Now let me give you a short description of what we know is happening right now, because things seem to be getting worse, you see, today, while I started writing this article, another earthquake has struck Italy again, this time is the island of Ischia, which is an island near Naples that many tourists visit each year, two women have died and a few dozen injured, which is not as bad as last year. Here I need to point out that, I cannot help thinking that just one year ago, there was an earthquake in central Italy, which caused about three hundred victims and thousands of Italians are now still homeless from this earthquake.

The Italian government is doing what they can, at least they are trying to do what they can, but it is a slow progress, there are just too many things to do, so, it is going to take a while before they can sort that out. Anyhow they are trying to fix what they can, even if it is going to take a few years, before they are back to normal.

The other problem that Italy has, is that the central government is not very stable, they change the prime minister many times, because there are too many political parties, and they are very quick at blaming each other, in the hope to have an advantage at the next elections. Sometimes I wonder how they can keep governing somehow, when there is no real firm government. Because of this lack of a stable government, they don’t have firm policies about emigrants, since each political party, has its own ways of looking at this emigrant problem. Anyhow, I think that at last they have come to a decision that this cannot go on forever, so together with the European Union, they are going to try to do something about the refugees.

So, let me say what I understand they want to do, to stop or at least minimize the refugees migrating to Europe, which is something that they should have done already years ago, well at least this is my personal point of view.

What they want to do about the refugees

After so many years, the European Union including Italy have realized that they cannot go on like this. You see, they cannot continue to take in this large number of refugees from Africa, because of the many problems that they bring with them. Some of these refugees are not real refugees, because they are not in danger of being killed if they stay where they are, in fact most of them are refugees, because they want to find a better life for themselves.

Okay, we can say that there is nothing wrong if you want to find a better life for yourself, but if you do that and make other people suffer, then what you are doing is wrong and it should be stopped.

Now what can be done to stop that is not easy, because we need first to work out where is the best place to stop these refugees and how. We have reasons to believe that those refugees that are not real refugees, but they become refugees, because they believe that the country they are living in, it is not a good country to live in; so, they see everybody else better off than themselves, so, off they go in search of their ideal way of life, that most times does not even exist.

Of course, there are some countries better off than they are, but to achieve that the people of that country have worked hard, and above all, they are well organized people, that is why they have succeeded in reaching this high standard of living. But these would-be refugees don’t’ see it this way, they think to move in these better off countries and rip them off, by living using their welfare programs, which they have not contributed even a cent. What hurts most is that when they don’t receive what they want they could become violent and do all sorts of nasty things. For this reason, they should be stopped to emigrate to another country, so, the European Union should find a way how to do that, if they do that, then there is some hope.

In fact, I believe that this is what they want to do, they want to help these people stay in their native countries, and they are going to help them to achieve that. Personally, I feel that if that can be done, then there could be light at the end of the tunnel.

I believe that I have said enough in this article, so, see you next time when I feel that I have something else to say.


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